Sunday, November 30, 2014


British Nationality Act 1948
Ireland Act 1949
Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962
Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1968
Immigration Act 1971
British Nationality Act 1981
British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1990
Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002
Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006
UK Borders Act 2007
Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Act 2009

With all this legislation how has mass immigration happened against the will of the majority?

Someone somewhere needs to be shot (I am talking about state sanctioned judicial execution, not freelance activity).

Zoe Williams article about immigration

Note the flawed logic in this Zoe Williams article about immigration for the Guardian:

"The immigrant of David Cameron’s imagination, who roams the continent looking for the taxpayers who will most generously fund his idleness, doesn’t exist" says Ms Williams.

Therefore it follows that we can abolish entirely any right to any benefits by immigrants.

And not just for a piffling four years, but for all time.

It will have no consequence.

As Zoe Williams tells us, the immigrants are not looking for benefits.

Therefore abolishing any right to benefits is entirely benign.

Problem solved.
Extremely provocative article on immigration and how it is intended by the left to destroy the United Kingdom:

This is what all lefty internationalists think.

Trenton Oldfield is at least telling it like it is.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last week the Yes movement entered its imperial phase

This is a view from Scotland you do not often see:

"...last week the Yes movement entered its imperial phase..."

Owen Jones got a good kicking on Dateline London

Guardian journalist Owen Jones got a good kicking on Dateline London earlier today

When he tried to blame Margaret Thatcher for reinforcing the class divide in British society both John Fisher Burns and Bernard Burrell (neither of whom can be called right wing) shouted him down.

They were right to do so.

When in power Margaret Thatcher was opposed by public school wets (Ian Gilmour, Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler, Jim Prior, Michael Heseltine, Francis Pym, Lord Carrington etc).

She was derided as "the grocer's daughter".

In response she promoted Jewish MPs into her Cabinet - at one time she was criticised as having more right-wing Jews in her government than Likud did.

This may be an apocryphal story, but when asked why she promoted so many Jewish people she said she could be sure of their loyalty - they were outsiders like herself, and no other clique in the Tory party would have them.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Richard Garner in the Independent on poverty

This article by Richard Garner in the Independent on poverty is a cause for concern:

So much for lefty internationalism!

James Bloodworth says "our welfare state is primarily for those who’ve paid into it – it isn’t a global pot".

So much for lefty internationalism!

And "too often multiculturalism has been used as an excuse for the creation of monocultural ghettos based on a lack of integration".

When Labourites start attacking multiculturalism we know we are making progress.

"The rental market is overheating in many areas because not enough houses are being built. Immigration is exacerbating the problem" - well that is a welcome admission of reality.

And this is astonishing:  "Britain no longer feels like Britain when they can’t have a conversation with their neighbours and when they travel on a bus or a train and everybody is speaking in a foreign language".

This is a big step forward. 

"We do feel the Prime Minister needs to go further"

On Daily Politics this lunchtime Shadow Home Secretary Rachel Reeves was interviewed on the subject of immigration and told us:  "We do feel the Prime Minister needs to go further".

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Immigration on Newsnight just now

Davd Goodhart very sensible when talking about immigration on Newsnight just now.

Jonathan Portes is mistaken in thinking that immigration is good for the economy.  He omits to consider the depressing influence immigration has on public morale.  If the majority is worried and fearful and experiences feelings of hopelessness and lack of control the "feel good factor" will be depressed and the economy will perform less well than it might.

What is the Obama definition of "native"?

Obama:  "If you look at the history of immigration in this country, each successive wave there have been periods where the folks who were already here have said, 'Well I don't want those folks,'" he said. "Even though the only people who have the right to say that are some Native Americans."

What is the Obama definition of "native"?

Presumably pre-1492.

Therefore according to the Obama assessment the people in the United Kingdom descended from the pre-1492 population (in other words most of us) have a right to say we don't want immigrants.

99.9% white English.

All those lefties who claim "the NHS would collapse without immigrants" need to explain how the NHS functioned in the years following 1948 when the personnel was 99.9% white English.

You are not allowed to say Enoch Powell was right about these people

"A total of 13 men, all of Somali origin, have been found guilty of the systematic sexual abuse of vulnerable schoolgirls and teenagers in Bristol."

But of course you are not allowed to say Enoch Powell was right about these people.

Why should the media help Jon Trickett MP stick his snout even further into the swill trough

Jon Trickett's reasoning is faulty here:

The media must not be bounced by vested interests.

If for instance Tesco were to offer their customers extra Clubcard points if they Tweet the hashtag #TescosFinestPaella and it "trended" for five days does Jon Trickett think the media should report it?

So why is #CameronMustGo any different?

It is being tweeted by people who hope to gain (not least financially in the case of Mr Trickett) by the Conservatives losing the next election.

Therefore why should the media help Jon Trickett MP stick his snout even further into the swill trough?

What do they need Holyrood for?

The logical symmetry to English Votes For English Laws is that the Scottish MPs at Westminster should vote on Scottish Only laws.

So what do they need Holyrood for?

If a future non-SNP administration in Scotland were to promise a windfall payment to all Scottish voters by reducing unnecessary layers of government how long would Holyrood last?

We know that the votes of Scottish people can be influenced by monetary considerations as low as £500.

What happens if Scotland goes bankrupt?

Apropos the Smith Commission Report, what happens if Scotland goes bankrupt?

This is not so improbable - Liverpool effectively went bankrupt in the 1980s.

All the people likely to hold positions of power in the Scottish Executive are committed to big public spending.

Going bust can only be a matter of time.

A direct service Boston to London

If the government is serious about helping east coast towns can they please require Stagecoach and Virgin to run a direct service Boston to London with at least two trains a day in each direction.

An anti-social act

Extremely interesting and radical attack on divorce in the Spectator:

Divorce is fundamentally a selfish act.

An anti-social act.

Why on earth are we letting so many South Africans in?

The immigration figures are ridiculously high:


Jonathan Portes has produced these useful charts.

Why on earth are we letting so many South Africans in?

Can we have a drive please to reduce the number of South Africans in the country, including telling Matthew Paris and Peter Hain to piss off.

And please don't tell me they have a "right" to be here - take the fucking rights away.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Glorious front cover to The Sun

Glorious front cover to The Sun today - David Mellor's words thrown back in his own face.

David Mellor is a sort of male Emily Thornberry - just as fat, just as arrogant, just as smug.

And please don't tell me he's a Tory.  He's no more a Tory than Heseltine or Major or any of that group of self-serving second-rate turncoats who brought down Margaret.  Treachery with a smile on its face.

Back to basics indeed!

Yes of course we know who you are Mr Mellor.  You are the hypocrite who paraded your family at the garden gate to try and convince us you were a wholesome father and husband and son-in-law.  Instead of a disgusting cheat and hypocrite.

It is not really an attack on private education it is a paean to it

In today's Guardian the Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt throws the left some red meat by attacking private schools:

But look carefully!  It is not really an attack on private education it is a paean to it.  The state sector is to be subsumed by the private sector through "running", "sponsorship" and "assisting" (these are all code words for an attack on the bog standard comprehensives).

And what does he mean by "professional exchange"?

Is this code for lazy sub-standard unionised teachers needing to be colonised by hoity-toity la-di-da public school teachers who will show them how to teach properly?

And does this not confirm what we have always suspected - state school teachers are useless.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Dispatches on Channel 4 How to break into Britain

Appalled by Dispatches on Channel 4 How to break into Britain.

When the illegal immigrant they were following arrived here he was given 5 years leave to remain!

What civil servant took this decision, and on what grounds?

And can we please have to do-gooder people trafficker arrested and put away.

And I think we need to specify lorries that are designed not to have parts people can hang on to.

Michael Crick posing as a White Van Man

On Channel 4 News Michael Crick posing as a White Van Man drove to Watford to ask people about immigration.

On the whole the answers he got were predictable ("All we seem to get over here is the rubbish").

The left has stopped believing in itself

Read this Sarah Ditum article in the New Statesman carefully:

Ostensibly she is talking about clown-bigot Emily Thornberry.

However notice the little freudian slips:

Labour are terrible...
Miliband’s Labour has managed to be abject, craven and totally unsuccessful...
Labour failed...

The left has stopped believing in itself.

To win elections politicians need to transfer their enthusiasm to the voter so that the voter is motivated to vote in their favour.

If the politicians do not believe in their party they will never feel enthusiastic, and if they do not feel enthusiastic they will have no enthusiasm to transfer.

That is why Labour is going to lose.

No-one wants to see those people back again

According to the Labour History Group there are still nine members of Tony Blair's Cabinet intending to stand at the next General Election.

This is why they will not win.

No-one wants to see those people back again, including a majority of Labour supporters.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Michele Bachmann talks a lot of sense:

Jonathan Freedland about nationalism and "culture war"

Interesting article by Jonathan Freedland about nationalism and "culture war":

Not sure I entirely agree with it - the United Kingdom is not America.

And if there is to be a culture war in this country there is no question about which side has got the numbers and who is going to win.

No taxpayer is going to want to pay

Although I agree with Tom King that higher education should be free (and free maintenance grants, and unlimited number of years you can stay at university), I am appalled at some of the behaviour on this demonstration:

"Somewhere amid the ‘black bloc’ of masked, balaclava-wearing anarchists, a red smoke bomb was let off and minutes later a small group had charged at the barriers fencing off the green at the centre of Parliament Square and torn them down.  A throng of people flooded in, dancing and chanting with a samba band, while the remaining demonstrators marched on to the rally, as planned. As student activists and politicians addressed the assembled crowd, a few dozen broke away to converge on the offices of the Department for Business, Industry and Skills, which is responsible for universities, and paint was thrown at its glass façade.  It was among this minority of breakaways that arrests took place in running scuffles with the police."

No taxpayer is going to want to pay to educate people like this.

South Sudan

Welcome to my readers in France!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Emily chav-hate Thornberry

The real damage done by Emily chav-hate Thornberry is that she has handed the media a narrative they can return to again and again (and narratives sell newspapers).

And it is no use Ed Miliband trying to distance himself:

The Thornberry suspicion will fall upon the whole party, and Labour candidates are now going to be subjected to a humiliating white van test, one that most of them are doomed to fail since we all know they do not like the demographic.

The moment Labour lost all chance of winning

The Labour Party is at war with itself:

This is the Guardian talking.

The Emily Thornberry tweet may have been the moment Labour lost all chance of winning the General Election.

And is it not typical of the arrogance of the woman that she thinks she can stand in 2015 as if nothing had happened.

He indulges in name calling

"For years now, I and others have been waiting for Miliband to launch a sustained attack on Ukip..." says Nick Cohen in the Observer.

And yet he writes a thousand-word article in which he makes no attempt to engage with UKIP policy:

Instead he indulges in name calling.

“…rabble-rouser and a coward”

“He plays with racism…”

“…pockets the money of the hardworking taxpayers"

“…an alliance of the septic and the geriatric…”

“…a movement of the empty-headed led by the foul-minded.”

“…a foul stain in national life.”

This is the language of the student union circa 1978.

Friday, November 21, 2014

I am looking forward to Newsnight this evening - Michael Gove will be talking about prejudice against White Van Man.

In this context Emily Thornberry is the "bigoted woman" to use a phase made famous by Gordon Brown.

Labour and the working class

This article in the New Statesman by James Bloodworth on Labour and the working class is very good:

“…it isn’t representative of working class opinion in the sense it once was.”

“…the values of the traditional working class are increasingly at odds with those of the liberal or 'progressive' left.”

“…migration is all too often interpreted as meaning stiffer competition for wages and the loss of the sense of community in the places where one grew up.”

“…white working class men, however much they are struggling financially, absurdly register as 'privileged' on the identity politics totem due to their whiteness and what is between their legs.”

“…thanks to identity politics, many progressives appear willing to dismiss the white working class as socially backwards and not worth listening to…”

“…the left is comfortable becoming a movement of upper middle class liberals and ethnic minorities (no shame in that of course).”
One must congratulate UKIP for their victory last night.

And although I am not a UKIP member I am glad Mark Reckless is back in the House of Commons.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fuck off Emily Thornberry

She always was an unpleasant waste of space:

Fuck off Emily Thornberry.

You had it coming.

Enoch Powell was right about these people.

When I heard about the "beheading plot" I immediately thought:  Enoch Powell was right about these people.

And I hope Mark Reckless is elected MP for Rochester and Strood this evening as he is not afraid to talk about immigration.

The stupid woman is so out of touch

Labour MP Emily Thornberry seems to think that a house in Rochester displaying England flags is somehow worthy of note:

The stupid woman is so out of touch she did not realise England beat Scotland at football on Tuesday and thousands of houses around the country have left their flags up to celebrate.

Quote:  Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, suggested it was “derogatory and dismissive of the people”.
Interesting article by John Denham MP on LabourList:

Note:  "there is no reason why immigration should not be approached with the same Labour values we apply to other issues.... we are asked to accept that migration is an unqualified boon, even if all the benefits go to middle class Londoners and all the costs fall on provincial working class communities."

Even as a joke, is it permissible for Nick Cohen (Observer) to talk about carrying out medical experiments on people against their will?

Where will this sort of attitude lead?

What sort of permission does this give to others?

Curbing immigrant access to benefits

It is clever of Jon Trickett MP to dress up curbing immigrant access to benefits (for two years after arrival) as a measure designed to help immigrants (by making their employment by unscrupulous employers uneconomic).

This is a masterly example of Orwellian doublethink and doublespeak.

By rebranding access to in-work benefits as a subsidy to employers he is making it palatable for lefties to bash immigrants.

Mark Ferguson looking at the UKIP effect upon Labour

This is a fascinating article on LabourList - Mark Ferguson looking at the UKIP effect upon Labour:

However he rather spoils things by the blinkered (one could almost say bigoted) phrase "...many preferring to plump for the backwards anti-politics of UKIP".

This not only insults the electorate (which is never wise, even in the obscurity of LabourList).

It fails to understand UKIP - and if you do not understand your enemies you stand little chance of defeating them (I speak of course as a Conservative). 

The Athenian golden age

I don't wish to appear pedantic, but on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning James Naughtie said that the Athenian golden age was in the 4th century BC.

I always thought it was the 5th century.

Grounds for impeachment

If Obama exceeds his authority in imposing a new immigration law surely it would be grounds for impeachment?

Gerald Ford in 1970:   "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nicola Sturgeon, newly appointed First Minister

In her speech earlier today Nicola Sturgeon, newly appointed First Minister of the Scottish Executive, quoted an English saint, St Julian of Norwich:

Indeed, she contradicted Lady Julian who told English people in 1413 "All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well".

Ms Sturgeon rather apocalyptically told Scottish people "It is not the case that all manner of things shall be well".

Enoch Powell was right about these people

When I heard on the PM programme (BBC Radio 4) this evening about gangs of Asians attacking children in the city I was more convinced than ever that Enoch Powell was right about these people.

On Channel 4 News a smart-alec lawyer called Iqbal Singh Kang was trying to make out that the Asians were the victims ("'s completely outrageous these people have been named").

All the lefty outrage over Mark Reckless today

This is of course tendentious, and entirely at variance with what Sundar Katwala (British Future) told us on Newsnight last night:

But it does chime with my experience of unprompted and unmediated vox populi on the subject of immigration.

Note the comment “Asians and Africans are causing most of the problems, not the EU ones” - perhaps this should be brought to Mr Katwala's attention.

It would be ironic if all the lefty outrage over Mark Reckless today should actually lead to more people contemplating UKIP as an option in elections.

The only sensible answer to the problem we are in is:  Stop new immigration > Integrate completely immigrant communities that are here > Assimilate completely individuals from post-war immigrant communities so that they effectively "disappear".

But to do this would mean Labour giving up its rotten-borough scam of tame elder-led immigrant communities voting as a bloc in return for community bribes.

And I can't see that happening anytime soon - they are too dependent on the bloc votes.

Anoosh Chakelian (staff writer at the New Statesman) is obviously confused

In this article for the New Statesman Anoosh Chakelian (staff writer at the New Statesman) is obviously confused: ("As the Labour party promises 1,000 new border guards, and more benefits curbs for migrants, is it entering a race to “toughen” up on EU migrants?"),

The 1,000 new border guards promised by Yvette Cooper are not intended to stop EU migrants (as everyone points out, EU migrants can't be stopped without treaty change or leaving the EU).

The 1,000 new border guards must be intended for the illegal migrants currently pouring into the country.

Please make an effort to get things right Ms Chakelian, and perhaps the New Statesman could employ some fact checkers.

A mainstream politician is talking about repatriation

At last a mainstream politician is talking about repatriation:

Is it such an unreasonable proposal?

Are the pro-immigration lobby seriously telling us that no mistakes have been made in the post-war period and nothing needs reversing?

And was it not a key aspect of Labour's whoopie cushion rollercoaster anything-goes style of government 1997-2010 that there were no sacred cows, that everything was up for "modernisation" (which is code for a government trashing institutions and conventions).

Let's "modernise" immigration, so that it is no longer a one-way process.

In any case, the implied threat of repatriation is a massive bargaining advantage in negotiations with the EU.

If countries such as Poland do not adopt a conciliatory attitude towards the United Kingdom they will have the prospect of millions of unemployed people returning in the event of Britain leaving the EU.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Yvette Cooper's idea for 1,000 more border control staff is the first practical policy on immigration Labour have come up with.

An increasingly second rate society

Interesting article about Scottish Labour by Eric Shaw (Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Stirling)

I think however he overlooks how migration from Scotland has drained the region of political leadership leaving the SNP unchallenged.

Most people of talent and ability in Scotland vote with their feet and leave.

By default over decades it has become an increasingly second rate society (this is not meant as a slur - if the first rate segment of a population is continually siphoned off the second rate will increasingly predominate, which is why the banal SNP with its amateur policies is successful).

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm looking forward to Yvette Cooper's speech on immigration.

Wishy washy more of the same is my prediction.
On Daily Politics just now David Lammy MP has just condemned Ken Livingstone's incitement to harass government commissioners by making their private lives (at their homes) "intolerable".

Presumably the conspiracy laws can be used against Mr Livingstone.

Under the Human Rights Act the commissioners will have a right to a family life.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The boys

The boys on this First World War postcards do not look more than 19 or 20 years old.

The crumpled state indicate they were kept in pockets.

Sentimental in tone - the texts talk of mothers, sweethearts and angels.

But presumably the sentimentality was welcome, as they have obviously been sent.

No trace here of the Anthem for Doomed Youth.

Gallery of Japanese artifacts

On the top floor of the British Museum, up the staircase at the back (by the Elgin Marbles), is a gallery of Japanese artifacts.

Where I found this amazing portable altar containing thirty deities, one for each day of the month.

Late seventeenth century, wood and laquer.

The deities are personifications of geographical regions - much like our counties (before you laugh, I know many people who worship Lincolnshire, Norfolk, and Rutland).

If ever there was a bastard in British politics it is you

Very predictable appearance by John Major on the Andrew Marr programme this morning (I watched it before going to Sung Eucharist - today Peter Nardone Mass of St Cedd; Felix Mendelssohn Verleih uns Frieden; Camille Saint-Saens Prelude and Fugue in E flat).

The ex-Prime Minister told Andrew Marr we only need a little reduction in immigration, then the doors can be flung wide open again.  What he means is that it will be possible to do a Harold Wilson style fix and fool the electorate to vote for it.  No thank you John Major.

As the Americans say:  fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

You are a lying toad Mr Major.

If ever there was a bastard in British politics it is you.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Frank Borin video for Union J (You Got It All)

The new Frank Borin video for Union J (You Got It All was filmed in London but he has made it look a completely modern city.

Which is an achievement.

The band are placed in Claudian compositions, but with Canary Wharf architecture instead of ancient Roman ruins.

Subliminally I suppose he is saying London has got it all (it's got rather too much of some things).

I am looking forward to seeing the Constructing Worlds exhibition at the Barbican
On Dateline London earlier today Michael Goldfarb, several times wringing his hands, said apropos Syria "The US is in no position to do anything".

Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the SNP conference

This afternoon I watched Nicola Sturgeon's speech to the SNP conference:

The personal style of a politician should not matter, but it does.  Looking at Ms Sturgeon, her hair was lacquered into immobility, she wore a jacket that was riding up at the back so that she looked round-shouldered, her face registered little expression.  Throughout the speech she kept looking down, as if she was afraid to make eye contact.

On the whole the performance reminded me of an Oscar acceptance speech, with excessive amounts of thanking and tributing. 

Referring to the 60 thousand new SNP members she said "To all of you from all of us" reprising a Bay City Rollers chorus.

Often the SNP leader talked of power, without really explaining what she wanted to do with that power.  As Mikhail Bakunin helpfully pointed out in the 19th century, all state power ultimately depends upon force and the threat of force.  "Stronger... louder..." Ms Sturgeon yelled, making one apprehensive for anyone in that land who disagrees with her party.

She attacked Labour as a "barrier to progress".

She cast the Tories and UKIP in the collective role of Emmanuel Goldstein, conveniently forgetting that in the 2010 general election the Conservatives and SNP were more or less level, and in the Euro election UKIP won one of the MSP constituencies.

Passing reference to "wealth creation" but most of what she said, insofar as she said anything on policy, was to do with spending other people's money - on education, land reform, and gender inequality (which in a macho society like Scotland might be a challenge).

It was probably a mistake to announce a few more pounds to 117 cleaners as a major step forward in eradicating low pay.

However I was genuinely shocked that one million people in Scotland are living in poverty.  How on earth has that happened in a tiny population where the average spending per head (due to the Barnett formula) is greater than anywhere else in the United Kingdom.  No wonder that is such an unhappy society.

The speech ended with lacklustre imagery about a journey.

The conference itself ended with a hairy band wearing kilts, singing feudal war songs while the middle class audience sang along in a Mull of Kintyre sort of way.

Friday, November 14, 2014

James Shaw just repeated Alex Salmond's gags

Abysmal report on SNP Conference on the PM programme (BBC Radio 4) this evening.

James Shaw just repeated Alex Salmond's gags.

No analysis, no conference scoops, no interpretation - he might as well be reading out an SNP press release.

Alex Salmond's speech to the SNP Conference in Perth

Having watched Alex Salmond's speech to the SNP Conference in Perth, what a sneering sniping performance combined with Spend Spend Spend rhetoric (the NHS, university tuition fees, the Scottish Youth Theatre etc).

Eventually they will run out of money and presumably go the way of Liverpool.

"We will hold Westminster's feet to the fire" yelled Mr Salmond to fanatical whooping.  It would be useful for someone to go through the speeches of the SNP leaders and record the violent imagery that is being used.  There is no doubt that people are being inflamed.

Rise in SNP membership is going to make them much more volatile

The sudden rise in SNP membership is going to make them much more volatile as a party.

Indeed with a 400% increase in membership it is safe to say that the old SNP that campaigned in the referendum in September is now dead - and a new party has taken its place.

It is not tenable to say that the new party is the same as the old - it cannot be.

The old party had fixers and old-timers and wise grizzled grandees.

It had backstairs plotters and rising stars and bitter-enders.

It had procedures and conventions and accepted ways of doing things.

Above all it had buggins-turners waiting to step into dead mens shoes.

All that is still in place as a facade, but behind the scenes things must inevitably change.  No organisation can change at such a rate and remain integrated.  Among the rush of new members are going to be revolutionaries and oddball fanatics and out-for-themselves carpetbaggers.

The SNP may already be experiencing a form of nemesis.
Why is Daily Politics not covering the SNP conference?

The reason these tricksters are getting away with so much is because they are not coming under proper scrutiny from the media.


On 14th November 1940 Coventry was bombed by the Germans and the cathedral destroyed.

It used to be a wonderful city.

Perhaps it is time to put it back the way it was?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Labour upping their game in the social media war"

"Labour upping their game in the social media war" says lefty Owen Jones.

And this is what is wrong with the left.

They confuse Twitter with meeting real people.

They think all they have to do is rate highly on trendy websites and the election is won.

This over-reliance by Labour on social media led to disaster in the Bradford West by-election in March 2012.

All the warning signs were there back in 2011, highlighted by Ms Stratton

"It isn't quite enough" said Allegra Stratton reporting on the Ed Miliband speech earlier today.

"You're being ridiculous now" said a patronising and tetchy Chuka Umunna, trying to brush off Laura Kuenssberg's questions about the speech on Newsnight.

"How to philosophize with a hammer" is the devastating verdict of Philip Collins in The Times:  

It is not as if the warning signs were not apparent long ago.

Today I have been rereading Allegra Stratton's article in the Guardian Thursday 16th June 2011, in which yet another American guru is attempting to teach Ed Miliband to walk and chew gum:

All the warning signs were there back in 2011, highlighted by Ms Stratton.

"...his speeches were seminar contributions not interventions in the national debate..."

"...the kind of wonkathon policy reviews Miliband graduated from..."

"The leader has got to lead now, he's been in there long enough" (this was in 2011!).
This made me laugh:

All that money Labour spent on David Axelrod, and all he does is make them look ridiculous.
On Newsnight this evening Chuka Umunna will be talking about Ed Miliband.

We need a body language expert to watch this.
Nigel Farage was clever when interviewed on Channel 4 News this evening.

I thought Cathy Newman had cornered him at one point (when asking about her own worth) but he was able to reply very convincingly.

I once asked a UKIP supporter why Nigel Farage was so popular and he said it was because he always answers the question.

Analysis of the Ed Miliband speech by Jon Rentoul in The Independent

Very cynical and a little cruel (but also accurate) analysis of the Ed Miliband speech by Jon Rentoul in The Independent:

"The speech has gone off course" indeed!

"Anyone hoping for details gets slogans, rhetoric and guff followed by lists of micro-policies" - my goodness!

"...if that is the best he can do, all it means is that he might lose with a bit of dignity" - the dolorous blow at the end.

Anoosh Chakelian analysing the Ed Miliband speech for the New Statesman

"It wasn’t a particularly exciting performance" says Anoosh Chakelian analysing the Ed Miliband speech for the New Statesman:

The demise of the Labour Party

Very perceptive and timely essay by Ross McKibbin (emeritus research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford) in the London Review of Books about the demise of the Labour Party:

Note the paragraphs on immigration:  "There is little doubt that Labour (privately) would prefer an all-white Britain in which class and party loyalty trumped everything else."

Labour activists were beginning to bask in the glow of Ed Miliband's speech earlier today

Just as Labour activists were beginning to bask in the glow of Ed Miliband's speech earlier today Ed Jacobs at Left Foot Forward draws attention to yesterday's polling in Scotland that shows the Labour vote collapsing:

Labour are now more or less level with the Tories, and a whopping 45% behind the SNP.

Labour win in 2015?

Not on these figures.

Of course, what has happened is that all the nationalist venom and intimidation that the SNP formerly directed at the Scottish Tories (with tacit Labour support)  has now been turned on Scottish Labour.

A political cringe has developed in Scotland - you cannot now voice support for any party other than SNP without the implied threat of window smashing, poster defacing, spitting in the street, shouting down in public meetings, jostling on pavements, besieging in pubs etc.

It was the left that pioneered this "no platform" style of politics (see the YouTube clips of eggs thrown at Sir Keith Joseph in the 1970s).

Now they don't like it up 'em.
Ed Miliband: “We’ve got to bear down on low-skilled migration.  I’ve said that many times but what I’m not going to do is make false promises”

Sport represents a social ‘field’

Following the publication of a report that claims children from immigrant communities in London are "better" than white English children in London, this might be an opportune moment to revisit another spurious claim for BME supremacy - the 2012 London Olympics.

If you recall, BME athletes holding British citizenship out-performed white English athletes.

We were encouraged to think this was a "natural" outcome of diversity, which is claimed to be in all circumstances good for the United Kingdom.

However this "accident" of performance stretches credulity, and it is probable in my opinion that this scenario (lots of BME medal winners) was engineered by the Blair government for ideological and political reasons.

Many commentators will say it doesn't matter how the champions were produced - a gold medal is a gold medal.

This overlooks the fact that for every high-performing athlete who gets significant development funding there are many equally capable athletes who do not (and who statistically will be white English).  This is an injustice.  A society built on injustice is corrupt and cannot hold together in the long run.

Unpicking what happened under the Blair years is both tedious and appalling.

Among the influential documents circulating at the start of the second Blair government is British Asians, Sport and Diasporic National Identities by Daniel Burdsey (Sociology February 2006   vol. 40  no. 1  11-28 ) - Daniel Burdsey is a senior lecturer in Sociology of Sport and Leisure, University of Brighton.

Did the arguments of this document find their way into covert government policy and ultimately (via the influence of "gatekeepers, i.e. those actors with control over key sources and avenues of opportunity") decided who got to represent Great Britain in the 2012 London Olympics?

And does this have implications for a culture war over sport in the years to come (indeed, has that war already started?).

Some quotes from the article (but it is worth reading in its entirety):

The context for the analysis is sport, which acts as a prominent arena in which these variables are contested and, indeed, embodies the complexities of national affiliations and identities.

... in the spring and summer of 2001, a number of towns and cities in northern England witnessed extensive outbreaks of urban unrest, as local tensions between British Asian and white communities – exacerbated by the insidious presence of far right activists – erupted into violent street confrontations. is a particularly useful sociological site for examining the changing context and content of contemporary British racisms, as it articulates the complex interplay of “race”, nation, culture and identity in very public and direct ways’. Of considerable sociological significance in this regard are those teams that are selected to represent ‘the nation’ – or, as is it popularly conceived, ‘the people’...

...the symbolism that these teams possess is so powerful that they often become the main outlets for popular articulations of nationalist sentiment.

...the processes of selection, affiliation and fandom that operate in relation to such teams can sustain, as well as challenge, structures and patterns of inclusion/exclusion, discrimination and prejudice in the wider society

emphasize the permanency of South Asian settlement in Britain.

The fact that the majority of the black population living in England had either a large degree of ambivalence towards England or openly supported ‘anyone but England’ underscores the points being made that the form of national identity produced failed to be inclusive and actually alienated large sections of the nation...

...despite their diverse histories, migration trajectories and experiences, this relationship between sport and national identity may be of significant analytical value in examining other second- and third-generation migrant identities.

British ‘Asianness’... is used to denote a social condition rather than as a descriptive term...

...supporting the national team acts as an arena where the permanency of settlement, and the associated implications for the construction of identity, can be emphasized.

it is pertinent to reflect on another sport, boxing, and in particular the imagery surrounding the silver medal won by Amir Khan at the 2004 Olympic Games: a Bolton-born British Asian boxer, proudly sporting a British boxing vest and a gum-shield bearing the green and white of the Pakistan national flag, juxtaposed against the cultural bricolage of England football shirts, Pakistan cricket jerseys and Union flags exhibited by his family and friends (Burdsley, 2005).

It is extremely ironic, yet hugely significant, that the symbol being used by many young British Asians to celebrate their British citizenship, the England national football team, is one that has not only been used for similar purposes by young whites, but has also been one of the main outlets for overt racism and xenophobia by this latter group. In many ways sport represents a social ‘field’
(Bourdieu, 1990), a structured space of positions that impose specific determinations on those who enter it. It also operates as an arena of contestation where individuals and institutions can maintain – or, indeed, challenge – the existing distribution of power and capital. However, involvement and attainment in a ‘field’ are based on a combination of one’s habitus and cultural capital and those groups that possess the most capital can dictate the legitimate means of access to the ‘field’.

See also Burdsey, D. (2005) ‘“Role with the Punches”: “Race”, Representation and the Construction of Amir Khan as a Role Model for Multiethnic Britain’, Paper presented at Lost in Transl-Asian? British Asians, Sport, Leisure and Popular Culturestudy workshop, University of Brighton.

London schools news item:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Is Chuka Umunna going to be a stalking horse?

As Dorothy Parker would say, what fresh hell is this

"...a gathering Blairite plot to put the shadow business secretary, Chuka Umunna, in the... Labour leadership".

Is Chuka Umunna going to be a stalking horse?

Or has Labour already given up on 2015 and this is the start of the inevitable manoeuvring for Ed Miliband's replacement?

And is it possible that the anti-ideology of Blairism could experience a revival?

Be careful Professor Hills with all your clever-dick posturing

Although I am (broadly) in favour of the welfare state I am absolutely opposed to the way it has been hi-jacked, colonised and appropriated by the Left as if it is their sole property.

Given the choice between having nothing or having a welfare state used as a fiefdom by the Left I would always choose nothing.

That is why John Hills (Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics) needs to be careful with his glibly dishonest misrepresentation of the facts:

If it is true that we broadly get out of the system what we pay into the system ("most of us get back something at least close to what we pay in towards the welfare state") then what do we need all the administrative apparatus of the welfare state for?  We might just as well keep the money and use it as we need it.  Or for the cautious, take out insurance.

Vast sums could be saved by cutting out the state middle men, and we would be spared all those unctuous lefty know-it-alls telling us how wonderful the state sector is.

So be careful Professor Hills with all your clever-dick posturing.

You might argue the welfare system out of existence.

Mark Ferguson talks about his frustrations with the Labour party

In this article for LabourList Mark Ferguson talks about his frustrations with the Labour party:

The putsch against Ed Miliband has failed (“The attempted coup is over”).

The Leader of the Party has re-established his authority (“Ed Miliband’s leadership of the party is no longer under question”).

BUT things are far from rosy: 

The leadership is not ruthless enough over communicating a single message (“Ed Miliband has been known to say that Labour under his leadership has sacrificed clarity for unity”).

The leader is out of touch (“He needs to find out the unvarnished truth about what people are saying on the doorstep, and get out there himself – meet voters, unannounced”).

Mr Ferguson is contemptuous about the louche MPs at Westminster (“Frankly, there are too many MPs - some shadow ministers are amongst the worst offenders - sitting around in Westminster drinking coffee and moping about…”).

Labour is in denial about UKIP (“…how many more wake up calls to the UKIP threat does Miliband need?”).

Labour morale has collapsed (“Labour activists and members... there isn’t the swaggering confidence you’d hope for six months before the election, because those activists know better than anyone the challenge we face. They are the people who knock on doors and have them slammed in their faces. They know that the British people are not running towards us with open arms.”).

The Labour Conference was a flop (“Poor morale was one of the major problems with conference this year – it deflated activists and MPs for a month afterwards and led in no small part to the current leadership questions”).

Mr Ferguson is scornful of top-down one-way communication (“…please Ed, stop using speeches as a single transferable blunt implement for message delivery”).

Mr Ferguson is openly contemptuous of Labour’s communications strategy (“A string of speeches and announcements doesn’t add up to a coherent narrative… I honestly can’t remember what Labour’s conference slogan was now, and I forgot Miliband’s 10 year plan for Britain before I’d left Manchester”).

Personally I am sorry the uprising against Ed has failed.  At least it provided some kind of story-line for the Labour party against which we could all position ourselves.  Now it has no story-line, no narrative, nothing except a void where the leadership should be.

Nasty racist trash by Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics Bristol University)

In this article by Simon Burgess on London schools the argument is advanced that migrants do better than white pupils because they are more motivated:

This is nasty racist trash by Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics Bristol University) - who as a recipient of public money has a legal duty under Equalities legislation to put a positive spin on "diversity".

The main element on whether a child does well at school is self-esteem.

High self-esteem and the child will do well.

Low self-esteem and the child will do badly.

Why then should migrant children have high self-esteem and white English children have low self-esteem?

Is it because EVERYONE involved in state education in London (politicians, teachers, volunteers) is telling migrant BME children how wonderful they are and white English children how rubbish they are.

Oh of course they do not do it in an overt way.

They are far too clever for that.

But white English children in London are getting the treatment and told they don't matter.

The people doing this are evil beyond belief and should be cursed by the entire country.
If one is considering the freeloading done by migrants one has to factor in access to the NHS without any questions being asked.

What is this free heathcare worth to migrants in financial terms (if they had to buy equivalent health care insurance in the United Kingdom what would it cost them)?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The boys did win that war

Always it is the extreme youth of the First World War soldiers that I find most striking.  They were boys mostly.  It is important we remember them as they often had no children to remember them (they were children themselves).

Complex iconography in this stained glass window commemorating the end of the First World War.  But notice the two archangels - on the left proclaiming Peace, on the right proclaiming Victory.  The boys did win that war, whatever the current revisionists might tell you.

He is not a credible witness.

To quote Harry Patch's comments on the First World War after eighty or so years of aging is anachronistic and bad history.

His words in 1916, if any have been recorded, need to be quoted.

What evidence would be accepted in court after eighty years of silence?

He is not a credible witness.

And in any case, the views of a 109-year-old on all sorts of subjects are going to be very different from those  of their teenage self. 

Is this what the goons around Ed have insisted you go public with?

What are we to make of Alan Johnson’s rambling article in the Guardian today in which he attempts to calm down all the frenzied Labour MPs (including twenty Shadow Ministers reportedly) who want to dis-embowel Ed Miliband?

In his 1008-word article Mr Johnson goes on about the hated Tories for the first half and only in the last 527 words does he talk about Mr Miliband.  Perhaps there was not very much he wanted to say about his party leader?  Or perhaps he felt things had degenerated to such an extent he had to use half of the available space in an Orwellian hate-fest before he would have his readers’ attention?

Let us examine some of his key points – Mr Johnson’s words are in red, my thoughts are in black.

Ed Miliband is entitled to expect our loyalty.
Why?  What has Ed Miliband done that gives him an entitlement to faithfulness and devotion?  In any case, the Labour party is not an organisation that gives unthinking allegiance to a person.

Miliband’s courage in standing up to vested interests has been remarkable, and his analysis of the issues at stake – in what will truly be a watershed election – has been astute.
I completely agree with Mr Johnson here.  Ed Miliband is an analyst, and he is working on the ideas that will make Labour credible in 2020.  Unfortunately he is hampered in this work by all the careerists who want power in 2015 (and whose greed for power may well stymie any thought of a Labour government until 2025).

Nowadays it seems to be rather unfashionable to focus on ideas and values in a world that is obsessed by celebrity and personality.
And there you have the problem.  Ed Miliband is a John Smith when the elected party wants a Tony Blair.  He is an Ed Miliband when the elected party wants a David Miliband.

He is the only political leader who can stop a retreat from the consensus of decency that has traditionally characterised Britain’s role in the world.
This is a horrid thing to say.  David Cameron has more decency than the entire Shadow Cabinet put together.  What could be more indecent than the Labour party’s betrayal of everything it ever claimed to believe in?

I never envisaged that in my lifetime any mainstream British political party would contemplate pulling out of the European convention on human rights, a treaty that this country helped to formulate in the wake of the second world war.
This is dishonest of Mr Johnson.  He knows that it was the implementation of unworkable parts of the Human Rights Convention by the last Labour government that led to absurdities and injustices and brought the concept of “human rights” into ridicule in the United Kingdom.  It is not enough to mean well Mr Johnson, you have to be competent as well.

And never did I think that the Liberal Democrats would ever collude in mounting such a vicious attack on the most vulnerable people in our society as they have done with the bedroom tax.
The Bedroom Tax was a Labour invention Mr Johnson – you need to accept paternity for the bastard child you helped spawn. 

On Europe and immigration Labour must stand by its principles.
And what principles would they be?

Miliband as prime minister would be far more capable of forming the alliances with other European governments necessary to resolve these matters in the British interest.
As Mr Miliband seems to be incapable of forming alliances even within the parliamentary Labour party this is a rather hollow claim.

Leaving the European Union would hinder rather than help our ability to control immigration.
You are standing truth on its head here Mr Johnson.

At the beginning of this parliament the Labour party lost precious months conducting an overlong leadership campaign… we in Labour examined our collective navel.
And what would the Labour party have done in those “precious” months?  I remember the leadership campaign well – a thorough examination of all the candidates and then it was fixed by the unions.  It is the system that is rotten, not the people who complain about it.

The question of the leadership was settled then. It must not be re-opened.
This is a bit undemocratic is it not?  The Labour party is not Joanna Southcott’s Box that requires the presence of all the bishops before it can be opened.  If the current leadership is not performing it needs to be challenged.

It was my decision to walk away from frontline politics, not Ed’s.
You sacked Ed, he didn’t sack you?  Is that what you are saying here?  This is the politics of a JoJo song (Get out, right now, it’s the end for you and me…)  

I have never stood for the leadership of my party – and for the avoidance of doubt, regardless of the circumstances, I never will.
Have you taken up over a thousand words just to get to this one sentence?  Is this what the goons around Ed have insisted you go public with?  How humiliating for you.  Everyone KNOWS you have given up.  Otherwise you would not have parked your backside on the sofa in Andrew Neil’s This Week studio (which has effectively become a retirement home for failed leadership wannabes).  How degrading for you now to have to make the exhausting effort of shooing away those hysterical Mary Shelley’s in the PLP who want to apply electrodes to your political corpse and bring you back to life.

Monday, November 10, 2014

I am suspicious about the activity of Wildfire Television:

Is it not the case that they are covertly producing pro-immigration leftist propaganda masquerading as impartial history documentaries?

Which makes one ask who is funding them?  Who is commissioning these programmes?  It would be useful to follow the money.

My hunch is that it will be public money laundered by lefty civil servants into pet diversity-awareness schemes.

Contemptible and wrong

On Daily Politics Labour MP Ben Bradshaw attempted to close down debate on the EU by saying we are marking the one hundredth anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War this very week.

Not only is he contemptible for using the First World War as political debating point.

He is also factually wrong - the outbreak of the First World War was on 4th August earlier this week.

Contemptible and wrong - rather sums up the Labour Party.
All movememnt of people for work within the EU must be related to Factor Price Equalisation - with the government taxing the difference (for instance, Polish people in the United Kingdom must be paid the equivalent of what they would get in Poland with the British government taking the rest in tax).

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Shrine to the fallen

The side altar was a shrine to the fallen of the Great War.

On the wall nearby was a composite picture of the village war dead.

Walford Davies:  Solemn Melody
Ralph Vaughan Williams:  Let us Now Praise Famous Men
JS Bach:  St Anne fugue
Hylton Stewart:  Magnificat in C
Sir George Dyson:  Prelude on God Moves in mysterious ways
National Anthem

Ed bashing never seems to stop

The Ed bashing never seems to stop:

"...there were laughs on one BBC discussion show I joined at the weekend when a fellow guest said Miliband was being outshone in the charisma stakes by the Liberal Democrat leader" - when a politician is openly laughed at the game is really up.

"...too much of a north London intellectual, too wonkish, and too left-wing to fully reveal himself to the electorate..."

"...a sharp rise in numbers who view Miliband as weak, ill-defined politically and not up to the job of prime minister."

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Old Etonian MP for Stoke on Trent

Oh dear, oh dear.

We are literally seeing the Labour Party self-destructing before our eyes.

Does Tristram Hunt seriously think the British people would tolerate TWO Old Etonian Prime Ministers in a row?

And who is he to call Ed Miliband absurd?

What can be more absurd than an Old Etonian MP for Stoke on Trent?

He knows Labour never stood any chance of winning

Daniel Boffey (see article) rather misinterprets Ed Miliband's strategy.

He KNOWS Labour will not win in 2015.

He knows Labour never stood any chance of winning.

He realises that if by some fluke Labour did win it would be wrong for the Labour party and wrong for the country.

Ed Miliband is working for Labour victory in 2020.  He is putting in place the policies and processes that will make that possible.  He is selflessly sacrificing his chance for glory and power and working for the good of others who will inherit his work.

Oh if only WE had someone as selfless back in 1992, we could have been spared the Major years that did such damage (to everyone) and coasted back into power in 1997 (and the country would have been spared Blair!).
TWENTY Shadow Ministers want Ed Miliband gone? see -


On This Week Diane Abbott said it was all got up by the press.

On Dateline London Ian Birrell said everyone would forget about it.

Fat lot they know.
This is why we don't want immigrants in the United Kingdom:

Sooner or later they betray us.

James McClean if you are so loyal to your people (as you put it) why don't you do us all a favour and fuck off back there.
Eighteen weeks is not long enough for a crime of this kind - he will be out within two months and mollycoddled by social workers:

Friday, November 07, 2014

How they saw their son

Died of wounds in France aged 24 in 1918.

The text from Scripture on the Order of Service says "Called and chosen and faithful".  It is a quotation from the Book of Revelation and the full quote is "They shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful". It is an indication of the apocalyptic terms in which many people saw the terrible conflict - the Germans are identified with the forces of evil and the British are the chosen of the Lamb of God.

Presumably the order of service is from a memorial service arranged by his parents, and they selected the text.

This is how they saw their son.

"Crisis? What crisis?"

Almost every commentator yesterday was referring to Ed Miliband being in a "bunker".

In the Independent senior Labour figures draw attention to the crisis by saying there is no crisis:

Peter Hain draws attention to the mutterers by condemning the mutterers.

The shade of James Callaghan walks through the corridors of Westminster asking "Crisis? What crisis?"

There is no need for a state of emergency

Thursday, November 06, 2014


Almost every village in the county has an exhibition on the First World War.

It is alarming how young many of the soldiers were - boys.

The letter home is very literate - from a farm-hand who just went to a village school.

Missing in action, presumed dead.
Melanie Phillips will be on Question Time this evening, so worth switching over from Newsnight.

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian writes about Ed Miliband's difficulties

Et tu Brutus...

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian writes about Ed Miliband's difficulties:

"...a growing fear that Miliband does not have the ability to connect with voters."

"...the reshuffle undertaken on Wednesday had been prompted by the possibility that he was about to receive a letter from backbenchers calling on him to stand down."

"...a fear that Labour’s already declining support could be hit even further during the election campaign."

"Damian McBride said Labour was whistling in the wind if it thought it could make Miliband more popular by putting him out on the doorstep."

"...the paranoia that comes out of the Miliband camp is so rank that they will invent plots even when there are none."

"Since party conference the mood has got blacker and these are wild times.”

Of course, there is one policy area where Labour could still out-flank the Tories and even UKIP.

It would immediately connect with the ordinary people.

A complete five-year moratorium on immigration - defying the EU on the subject.

There would be howls of rage from activists, threats from the EU Commission, a great deal of flouncing from Diane Abbott.

But the election would be in the bag.

On "poppy fascism" John Walsh rather misses the point:

In this Independent article on "poppy fascism" John Walsh rather misses the point:

Ordinary people are not approached in the streets and told to wear poppies as he implies.

There is a world of difference between ordinary people choosing to wear a poppy or not according to their conscience and a public figure such as Jon Snow deliberately choosing to offend people via his behaviour in a news broadcast, knowing full well in advance that he was going to offend them.

Would we tolerate Jon Snow delivering the news naked?

Would we tolerate Jon Snow doing the quenelle salute?

It's not as if there is no-one else who can deliver Channel 4 News.  If Jon Snow objects to wearing a poppy why not shift him into the back room for the first two weeks of November?  Cathy Newman can present the programme just as competently - perhaps more competently.

And what on earth does John Walsh mean by writing:  "It’s like those wartime British women who confronted men in the street, demanded to know why they weren’t in uniform and gave them a white feather – another floral emblem of war...".  What is floral about a feather?  When I read this howler I'm afraid I began to suspect John Walsh was a self-important idiot.

Jeremy Paxman is writing about the death of Lord Kitchener in the Financial Times on Saturday.

Polly Toynbee in the Guardian

"The number of people on the minimum wage has doubled since 1999: it is becoming the norm not the floor" says Polly Toynbee in the Guardian:

And was this not inevitable given the irresponsible expansion of the labour force in the United Kingdom?  If you treat labour as a commodity and allow millions of extra labour units into the country was it not inevitable that the price of labour would fall?  Does Ms Toynbee doubt that if the import of labour units was absolutely stopped the price of labour would immediately start to rise with employers competing (as they did in the 1980s) to attract workers with higher wages, non-contributory final salary pensions, more holidays, free lunch vouchers and canteens, interest-free or completely free season tickets, company cars etc ?

Polly Toynbee tells us the answer to the problem is a statutory incomes policy (the "living wage").  This is not credible without an associated prices policy.  It is possible that recent advances in digital technology make a prices and incomes policy possible now when it farcically failed in the 1970s, but I doubt it.

The answer is to stop immigration, but Labour is unable to admit this.