Saturday, October 31, 2015

Seamus Milne is more of a toff than anyone in David Cameron's Cabinet

My goodness, this is Kate Godfrey (unsuccessful Labour candidate for Stafford in May earlier this year) laying into Seamus Milne, advisor to Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn: 

In an open letter to Jeremy Corbyn posted last week, she wrote: "You say that you want to listen to us, the people; and then you pick Seumas Milne – the one journalist who always knows better than the people who were there. You pick a man who never heard an opinion that he didn't filter; a truth that he didn't dismiss as an orthodoxy, or a story of pain on which he didn't have superior information". She concluded: "The decision to appoint Seumas Milne devalues everything that Labour stands for, and everything that Labour is. It is morally and ethically wrong."

Did you know that Seamus Milne is more of a toff than anyone in David Cameron's Cabinet?

He easily out-toffs Boris Johnson.

Friday, October 30, 2015

"We know what you're up to..."

Red Labour facing down the Blairites:

"We know what you're up to.  First it's Andrew.  Then it's Seumas.  Then it's John.  Then it's Jeremy."

Who are these bullying Blairites?  Is it Chuka who is putting the boot in?  Or Tristram?

Or, dare I say it, Deputy Leader Tom Watson?

"I know what's going on..." said Harold Wilson responding to the plotters of the 1960s "...I'M going on".

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"The unelected helping the unelectable"

Hilarious exchange at Prime Minister's Questions.

"The unelected helping the unelectable" scoffed David Cameron at the hapless Jeremy Corbyn.

Oh how we laughed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Two odiously smug "experts" on Newsnight just now, glibly announcing that the police service will have to change.

Do I really have to point out to these two the bleedin' obvious - if I as a taxpayer am paying for a full police service I expect to get a full police service.

Otherwise, you can't have my taxes.

The idea that people in areas of low crime (the countryside) will have less police protection than people in areas of high crime ("vibrantly diverse" urban centres where crime is a cultural way of life) is not acceptable.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015

"It's hard not to see parallels with the migrant crisis"

One felt that Andrew Marr was egging-on his guest into self-parody in the luvvie slot of the Andrew Marr Show this morning:

Discussing with Simon Armitage his new play The Odyssey, Missing Presumed Dead Mr Marr with faux innocence said "It's hard not to see parallels with the migrant crisis".

I almost spat out the coffee I was drinking, so hysterical was the moment.

"I dramatised the Illiad" indeed! - as if the Illiad needs any dramatisation.

Is "transform ourselves" code for getting rid of Corbyn?

"Labour lost in 2010 and again in 2015 and now we face political irrelevance unless we can transform ourselves" says Jon Cruddas:

Is "transform ourselves" code for getting rid of Corbyn?

Because I thought the Labour Party had transformed itself.

We saw the transformation in the John McDonnell interview on the Andrew Marr Show this morning.

How on earth can steel be described as "yesterday's industry"

Michael Heseltine is obviously entering a geriatric phase of stupidly incontinent remarks:

I am shocked by his callous comments and as a Conservative I completely disassociate myself from them.

How on earth can steel be described as "yesterday's industry" !

Heseltine is one of those pro-EU fanatics who would rather see whole British industries decimated than admit the EU was antithetical to British interests.

At the age of 82 it is time he shuffled off the stage, no-one is listening anymore.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Simon Danczuk MP will be a stalking horse against Jeremy Corbyn

Intriguing cover of tomorrow's Independent on Sunday - Lisa Markwell tells us that Simon Danczuk MP will be a stalking horse against Jeremy Corbyn.

Is this wise?

It will just lead to a stabbed-in-the-back myth that will poison relations in the Labour party for decades.

Jeremy Corbyn needs to lead Labour into the 2020 election - only then can MPs act against him (assuming he loses).

Voter registration reform

Labour are campaigning against voter registration reform because they can see their bloc votes among immigrant communities under threat:

No longer will "heads of household" (what an outdated phrase that sounds) be able to control family votes and no longer will Labour be able to manipulate elections in the rotten boroughs where there are high immigrant concentrations.

Women will be free of patriarchy, young family members will be free of patriarchy, even (dare I say it) closet BME Conservatives will be free of patriarchy.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Lord Grabiner

Sam Coates (The Times):  Lord Grabiner, the leading barrister, has quit Labour in the Lords over Corbyn... Lord Grabiner told The Times: “I have nothing in common whatever with Mr Corbyn - and I don’t believe we are ever going to win an election.”  Lord Grabiner says John McDonnell's proposals and views “are terribly damaging and there is no effective opposition” to the Conservatives.

Is this an isolated incident?  Is Lord Grabiner acting on his own?  Or is it part of a planned sequence, a death by a thousand cuts rebellion against Jeremy Corbyn (since open revolt is impossible given the scale of his election victory)?

The fragmentation and atomisation of the Labour Party

This is a useful guide to the fragmentation and atomisation of the Labour Party:

I had never heard of Labour for the Common Good and Labour Together, and only had a hazy awareness of Labour First.

And note that Momentum is included in the article (by Anoosh Chakelion in the New Statesman) as if it is an entirely respectable organisation.

No Tribune Mr Chakelian?

No Fabian Society?  No Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class)?  No Demos?  

No Labour Relaxed (championing the Filthy Rich since 1997)?

No Granita Group (advocating an entirely pragmatic system of allocating positions of power using the highly respected Buggins Turn formula)?

No Axelrod Axis (putting PR at the heart of Labour, where it has always belonged).

Thursday, October 22, 2015

English Laws

The SNP claims they will be second class MPs if English Votes for English Laws goes ahead:

And yet is it not the case that English MPs are second class MPs as they cannot vote on laws affecting Scotland?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tom Watson you are a disgusting person

Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson has apologised for smearing the name of the late Lord Brittan.

Labour has form on this - not so long ago Labour activists including Sally Bercow smeared the name of Lord McAlpine.

And all the time they hide and obfuscate and pretend there is nothing special about their own Lord Kaufman.

Truly they are disgusting people.

There is no other word for it.

Tom Watson you are a disgusting person.

Hypocritical does not even begin to describe the Labour party.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"They had better watch out" said Lord Warner

Lord Warner, who resigned last night from the Labour Party (he was a former Labour Health Minister) has just appeared on the Daily Politics:

"They had better watch out" said Lord Warner, warning that moderate Labour MPs are likely to face deselection by the pro-Corbyn faction.

"They should examine their consciences" said Lord Warner, referring to those moderate Labour MPs who have accepted posts in the Shadow Cabinet.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The only way in which labour will be valued is if labour is scarce

A case-study on Channel 4 News this evening on how globalisation is driving wages and conditions in the United Kingdom down to third world levels:

The only way in which labour will be valued is if labour is scarce.

The only way labour will become scarce is to close the borders to the cheap (indeed, almost free) labour that is pouring in.

It will also be necessary to leave the EU.

And when we have left the EU and closed the borders we will realise what a silly trick we have been playing on ourselves these last thirty years or so.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

"It's a very left-leaning play" said Mr Carvel

On the Andrew Marr Show this morning luvvie actor Bertie Carvel was interviewed:

"It's a very left-leaning play" said Mr Carvel.

Quelle surprise!

These slots are unintentionally hilarious.

A celebrity such as Tina Barrett (to pick a singer at random) will talk about shopping, her latest solo single and the trauma surrounding the breakup of S Club Seven while Andrew Marr tries to coax her into unguarded statements about the international situation or the validity of endogenous growth theory.

Making Tory activists such as myself redundant

The Labour party is increasingly making Tory activists such as myself redundant.

When Labour MPs (Labour MPs pronounced with a Kinnock edge of hysteria) say that their party is like a comedy franchise, what is there left for me to say?

The Mount

I think everyone who cares about the work of Edith Wharton owes a debt of gratitude to the 35 individuals who helped save The Mount:

You can also donate:

Friday, October 16, 2015

Momentum is a reaction against "entrenched Blairism"

Interesting and candid explanation of Momentum:

As I understand it from this article by Martin Thomas, Momentum is a reaction against "entrenched Blairism" which is thought to be planning a coup against Corbyn.

Momentum represents the deep party element in Labour.  Perhaps one could call them the dark party in Labour.  Activists who will wage implacable war against entrenched Blairism while the leadership denies all knowledge and serenely appears to be above all the in-fighting.

Conservatives have also had to grapple with entrenched Blairism (which has taken over leading charity Save The Children for instance, and instead of saving children pumps out anti-Conservative propaganda) so the Momentum obsession with the Blairites is more than just paranoia.

Purge the Labour party of all dissenters

It's started!

Momentum is being used to ideologically purge the Labour party of all dissenters.

To be fair, New Labour did a considerable amount of purging in their time.

But why is Chuka Umuna not on the list for ideological liquidation?

The sort of scrutiny that the SNP needs to come under

On Daily Politics earlier today Andrew Neil interviewed the SNP's Stewart Hosie:

This is the sort of scrutiny that the SNP needs to come under.

I felt that democracy was advanced by the interview.

It cannot be in the interests of voters that Scotland becomes a one-party state.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Arrogant clerical bully Giles Fraser

There is a fundamental problem with this proposal by the arrogant clerical bully Giles Fraser to close down thousands of parish churches:

The Church of England does not own the parish churches of England - they are owned by the ordinary people of the parish in which they are located.

And the Church of England is not supposed to be run by the current self-perpetuating stiff-necked self-righteous clique - it is supposed to be run by bishops appointed by the Crown on the advice of the Prime Minister of the day, so that there is some degree of democratic control and legitimacy.

The Church of England is one of the last institutions in this country to resist democracy (the carefully manipulated pseudo-democracy of the "synod" does not count, indeed is an affront).

ALL the inhabitants of a parish should be able to vote what happens to THEIR parish church, and also what kind of clergy they want rather than having lefties imposed on them all the time (with their messy church and their liturgical dance, and their mortifying attempts to be trendy).

Given the disconnect between the clergy and the ordinary people, is it any wonder that most people do not want to go to an Anglican service (where they will be forced to sing 1970s drivel, suffer hectoring sermons on social issues a la Corbyn, and be told they have no say on whether the pews are ripped out).

Tom Watson MP is of course a political bruiser... he doesn't care who gets hurt

Thought-provoking, indeed deeply disturbing report by Cathy Newman on Channel 4 News about how Tom Watson MP (now Deputy Leader of the Labour Party) may have corrupted the enquiry into Westminster child abuse: (today's programme will be up later - for some reason Channel 4 doesn't have the technical ability to put repeats up as soon as they finish broadcasting, perhaps it is against union rules).

Tom Watson MP is of course a political bruiser.  He doesn't care who gets hurt, so long as he can score his political points.  But this time he may have gone too far. 

Using the child abuse enquiry as a political weapon represents a second violation of the victims, especially as Tom Watson's accusations have been reported as just mischief-making and without foundation.  Perhaps Mr Watson should be arrested for wasting police time.  Certainly Mr Watson should apologise to those people he has wrongly accused.

And I do not see how Tom Watson's informant in the false accusations can remain a member of the Goddard Enquiry.

CDU party colleagues, INSIST that free movement comes to an end

This statement by Chancellor Angela Merkel (reported by Reuters via Sky News) about the non-negotiability of "free movement" may well prove to be a hubristic gesture.

Frau Merkel may well find that her own countrymen, indeed her own CDU party colleagues, INSIST that free movement comes to an end.

Concentration camps indeed!

If Taylor Swift's Blank Space is meant to be an interpretation of The Great Gatsby

The Joseph Kahn video for Taylor Swift's 2014 Blank Space has recieved over a billion views on YouTube:

The video is highly stylised ("There's a lot of symmetrical framing that's Kubrickian").

Looking at it again today, I wondered if Taylor Swift's Blank Space is meant to be an interpretation of The Great Gatsby, seen from the viewpoint of Daisy Buchanan? ("They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made. . .").

Far too busy talking about themselves

Guardian writer Owen Jones says "Why Labour needs to throw everything at the Work Penalty and never stop talking about it" :

Some hope!

Labour MPs are entirely self-obsessed.  There is no room for them to never stop talking about the so-called "Work Penalty".  They are currently far too busy talking about themselves and how the Corbyn coup has stymied their career ambitions.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Did Caroline Lucas MP really say in the House of Commons today "you stop borrowing when you can no longer pay it back"?

What a stupid thing to say.

Presumably she thinks there is nothing immoral about borrowing and not paying back.

In layman's terms this is called stealing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

An intensely dangerous Labour MP

How smooth Chuka Umuna appeared on Channel 4 News, with his expensive-looking fawn suit and massive watch:

And everything he said seemed to be in code.

And there was the briefest little smirk when Jon Snow said provocatively that we are supposed to be in an era of new politics and a new way of doing things in the Labour Party.

He is an intensely dangerous Labour MP.  Dangerous for the Labour leadership I mean.  He knows if Corbyn remains in place there is no future for him, and therefore he will become increasingly reckless and truculent. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

The new grouping Momentum is going down like a rattlesnake in a Lucky Dip:
I cannot see how Tom Watson can survive as Labour Deputy Leader.

He will try to brazen things out for a while but ultimately I think he will have to go.

Sally Bercow tried to brazen things out, but public opinion would not tolerate what she did.

What would really kill Tom Watson off would be if the family of Lord Brittan were to bring legal action for compensation for the distress they suffered due to his false claims.

And in any case we cannot have politicians of any party interfering with the police.

Edith Cavell

Earlier this year I went to Norwich and paid my own respects to Edith Cavell.

Individuals can change the world - I have always believed this.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Carpe diem

Very astute analysis by Paul Goodman:

What David Cameron wants is, in a sense, irrelevant.

David Cameron has one vote in the referendum, as we all do.

And is it not ironic that MPs think they are going to be calling the shots during the referendum campaign?

The whole point of Euroscepticism is that British MPs are now impotent.

It is as if they have forgotten the results of the Euro elections, when the British people last expressed their view on the EU.

David Cameron has a great opportunity before him - to lead the United Kingdom out of the European Union.  That would be a great legacy.  Carpe diem.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose heading the Remain campaign?

Stuart Alan Ransom Rose?

Baron Rose of Monewden?

THAT Stuart Rose?

Stuart Rose the former Executive Chairman of Marks & Spencer who presided over an unprecedented thirty per cent-plus plunge in the company's shares?

The Stuart Rose that "in December 2013 defended immigrants arriving to UK not on the grounds of the universal equality, but on financial benefits for his company and businesses in UK"?

Well at least the Remain campaign are openly acknowledging that the EU is run for big corporate business. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

I am in Stockton Heath and have just purchased my evening meal from the Stockton Fryer.

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Brand names are always tricky.

To me "Momentum" sounds a lot like "Bibendum" (the Conran restaurant in Fulham Road).

They drew first blood

"Theresa May did not deserve the friendly fire she was subjected to on Tuesday":

But on the whole it is good that they drew first blood.

It makes our job easier.

As Rambo said:  "In the field we had a code of honor, you watch my back, I watch yours."

And as Mr Rambo might say to Simon Walker, Heidi Allen and their backers"Don't push it! Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe. Let it go."

"Self-serving business organisations such as the Institute of Directors should reflect on their social responsibilities..."

I commend this Times article:

"...self-serving business organisations such as the Institute of Directors should reflect on their social responsibilities to the long-term unemployed in Britain before continuing to demand endless cheap labour from abroad."

And those who had a go at Theresa May on Tuesday should reflect that friendly fire is a game two can play.

Blue on blue attacks, if they are necessary, will be carried out where appropriate (and no need to worry about The Other Side - they are completely out of it while their grandad leader communes with his inner Marxist).

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The speech so many of us have been longing to hear

After a long and tiring drive I am finally home.

There is no question that the outstanding speech this week came from Theresa May.

It was the speech so many of us have been longing to hear.

Perhaps, looking ahead, under a Theresa May premiership we will finally see an end to high-handed social engineering and a re-establishment of democratic control over how fast society is changed, how the change is effected, and who is given voting rights in the United Kingdom (and thus given rights to decide the allocation of resources).

Perhaps under Theresa May as leader we will finally get a chance to say "no" to globalisation (or at least a chance to say "this model of globalisation is not good enough, go away and come back with a more acceptable version").

For all who truly care about democracy Theresa May's speech was a courageous, inspiring and ground-breaking blueprint for the future.

Just as Mrs May has shown her courage, I want all of us to show equal courage in making sure she is protected in the party, and that her cause is advanced.

Friday, October 02, 2015

This is a very inflammatory and misleading article:

On the whole I would like Redcar to be saved - a steel industry is an essential component of an independent nation state.

I would describe the Conservative Party as Celia Johnson in the last few minutes of Brief Encounter

"Britain does not love the Tory party" asserts this anonymous piece for the Guardian.

The writer clearly does not understand the country's complex relationship with the Conservative Party.

I would describe the Conservative Party as Celia Johnson in the last few minutes of Brief Encounter.  Since 1991 she has been having a chaste affair with liberal pro-euros, but now tellingly they are going in the opposite direction and after the referendum will be out of our lives forever.  Confused and unhappy, Celia/Laura/theConservativeParty is filled with emotional torment and briefly thinks of destroying herself, but ultimately decides to do the right thing.

The electorate, in the form of her dependable husband Fred, comforts her and says "Whatever your dream was, it wasn't a very happy one... you've been a long way away, thank you for coming back to me" and the electorate and the Party share a close passionate post-May election embrace.

For Conservatives it's yesterday once more

On Daily Politics this lunchtime Jo Coburn came out with the shocking statement that the last time a Conservative government held a party conference was back in 1996!

Therefore on the eve of this year's conference let us allow ourselves some quiet sense of achievement.

In the words of one of my all-time favourite songs, for Conservatives it's yesterday once more:

If you have an invitation I hope to see you at our event, or I hope to be at the Conservative Way Forward reception at the Midland Hotel on Sunday night (if I can stay awake that late).