Sunday, June 26, 2016

As it happens, Guardian writer Owen Jones is mostly right in this article:

"It may not have been the working-class revolt against the political establishment that many of us favoured, but it is undeniable that this result was achieved off the back of furious, alienated working-class votes." 

But he is wrong to say:  "The growing chasm between the generations has only been deepened." - the thing about young voters is that they eventually become old voters, and as they accumulate assets they will change how they feel about politics.

The leadership candidate that offers this programme will receive my support

Lots of speculation about who will be the new leader of the Conservative party:

I am less concerned with personalities than with the vision the various candidates are going to offer.

Speaking personally, now we are a nation once again I want to see:

1  A Royal state - which means The Queen in Parliament is genuinely supreme.

2  A Christian (and Established Anglican) state - which means that within an overall acceptance of tolerance, United Kingdom laws should be explicitly based on Christian principles, and the country should return to a symbolic (and actual) recognition that officially society is Christian.

3  A One-Nation state - which means that everyone feels included, no-one is "left behind" (and I am open to policies of redistribution), and that immigrants who are already here are gently but firmly encouraged to assimilate.

The leadership candidate that offers this programme will receive my support and I will campaign and vote for them.

The Leave result

This morning at Holy Communion, as I knelt at the Communion rail, I thanked God for the Leave result.

And in one of the hymns we sang:

Spirit of our God, descending,
fill our hearts with heavenly joy;
love with every passion blending
pleasure that can never cloy;
thus provided, pardoned, guided,
nothing can our peace destroy.

The consolations of British nationalism

It is far too early to assess the impact of Brexit on the SNP.

Previously nationalism in Scotland had an advantage because it was countered by a blergh pan-EU nothingness.

Fine for the people who did well out of the EU but offering nothing to those left behind.

Into that cultural vacuum the SNP poured the consolations of Scottish nationalism and exceptionalism.

What few people have realised since last Thursday is that the United Kingdom is a nation once again.

A rival nationalism is now on offer to Scottish people.

And if handled correctly, the consolations of British nationalism will prove to be far stronger than localist Scottish nationalism.

It is time to beat the SNP at their own game.

And we should do this by strengthening and refinancing British institutions.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

They have also, absentmindedly, taken back control of southern Ireland

It is not possible for the Irish Republic to have a economic destiny distinct from the United Kingdom.

The geographic facts insist on this.

Therefore the people of the United Kingdom have not just taken back control of their own country, they have also, absentmindedly, taken back control of southern Ireland.

Of course, anti-English bigots like Fintan O'Toole are spluttering on their bile as they realise this fact.

But unless the EU is going to grant the Irish Republic the modern equivalent of a Berlin airlift, the southern Irish will have to accept the status of a client state.

Possibly a fig-leaf formula will be found where the Irish republic can be simultaneously in the EU and economically subservient to the United Kingdom.

And possibly the same formula can apply to Scotland.

But no-one should be in any doubt over where the economic power will be located.

Friday, June 24, 2016

That fifth column

Of course, one must resist recriminations and retaliations.

One must be magnanimous in victory.

But one aspect of the referendum is that it has flushed out all the pro-EU cheerleaders in the parliamentary Tory party:

They will all have to go.

Quietly one hopes, and without public bloodletting.

But we cannot tolerate that fifth column in our midst any longer. 

Nationalism is the only ideology on offer

The Labour Party proclaims that it is an internationalist party, but there will have to be some serious rethinking following the referendum:

Unless Labour is going to espouse rejoining the EU as a policy, they have no option but to become a nationalist party.

Nationalism is the only ideology on offer.

Same goes for the Conservatives.

They might be able to maintain a wishy-washy sort of genuflection to the United Nations, but that is not going anywhere.

And a battle with intransigent EU negotiators is only likely to inflame nationalist sentiment in the United Kingdom.

So we now need to start asking: what will Conservative nationalism look like, and what will Labour nationalism look like?

The first party to answer that question will win the 2020 election.
It would be very difficult for Nicola Sturgeon to fight a second independence campaign against the backdrop of an EU that was falling apart:

And we are at least two years away from the political situation being stable enough for the SNP to risk it.

Therefore there will be no second referendum in Scotland in the short, or indeed medium term.
I agree that Angela Leadsom would make a fine leader of the Conservative Party:

The difficulty with "Boris" is that he wants it too much.

We are a nation once again

Mission accomplished:

Now we will see all sorts of deleterious experiences that have occurred over the last forty years go into reverse.

And tired (indeed, exhausted) as we must all feel, the real work begins NOW.

We are a nation once again.