Saturday, May 23, 2015

During the torpor of a bank holiday weekend Labour sneaks out the information that they will be supporting David Cameron's EU referendum bill:

Which means their opposition to the bill in 2014 was entirely unprincipled.

It would be inconvenient if they choose as Leader someone who vehemently opposed the 2014 bill.

It is possible Alistair Carmichael was a whistleblower

It is worth pointing out that there is nothing in the Cabinet Office report about the leaked memorandum that says the memorandum was inaccurate:

Obviously Nicola Sturgeon denies she ever said she secretly wanted the Tories to win the election - but she would be dead if it proved to be true.

Obviously the French Ambassador backs up Nicola Sturgeon - diplomats are paid to be diplomatic liars.

But there is nothing in the Cabinet Office report that says the memorandum was untrue.

It is possible Alistair Carmichael was a whistleblower.

Friday, May 22, 2015

We must conclude that Nicky Morgan, Stella Creasy, Tim Farron, Owen Jones and Hilary Devey are evil anti-democratic people

BBC Question Time last night came from Derby.

The panellists were Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan MP, Labour MP Stella Creasy (a candidate for Deputy Leader of that party), Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron, Guardian writer Owen Jones and business person Hilary Devey.

They discussed immigration and all of them said it was a good thing.

Not one of them made any reference to the fact that the majority of ordinary people, in every credible test of public opinion, has said they want immigration to stop (and have always said this).

Therefore we must conclude that Nicky Morgan, Stella Creasy, Tim Farron, Owen Jones and Hilary Devey are evil anti-democratic people.

It is possible that they are so lacking in humility and self-awareness that they have convinced themselves that they know best.

Equally it is possible that they are so lacking in moral judgement that they cannot work out what is evil and anti-democratic.

But this does not stop the things they said last night being both evil and anti-democratic.

I am sure that Indira Ghandi and her government were convinced it was right to forcibly sterilise people against their will.  No doubt they spoke to the Indian people in the same patronising "sterilisation is good for you" tone of voice used by the five panellists when discussing immigration last night.  And yet people look back on the forced sterilisation programme with horror.

And in the future we will look back on the United Kingdom's forced immigration programme with horror.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Brendan O'Hara MP has secured an adjournment debate on Trident

So Brendan O'Hara MP has secured an adjournment debate on Trident:

The SNP's opposition to the Trident nuclear deterrent based at Faslane has got nothing to do with a principled stand against nuclear weapons (as their commitment to staying under the NATO nuclear deterrent shows).

They want to destroy the Trident nuclear deterrent because it is a pan-British force.  It is not the nuclear aspect they object to, it is the shared British protection that they cannot stand.  The SNP are not good peaceniks, they are bad nationalists.

The idea that the SNP are different

So much for the idea that the SNP are different:

Their new MPs at Westminster are overwhelmingly from an upper-middle-class professional background.

One engineer, one student, two surveyors.  The rest are from law, business or the media.  Or are just "political professionals".
More evidence of the Labour Party's contempt for the electorate:

A clear and unambiguous statement

I am rather puzzled at the suggestion (made via a Gretchen Carlson Fox News apology) that Allah is the same as the Christian God:

In John Chapter 14, Verse 6, Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me".

That is a clear and unambiguous statement, whatever Fox News (or the Bishop of Rome) might say.

Thought needs to be going into Purple Labour

"Following Labour’s election defeat, the question is whether New and Blue can pick up the pieces to develop something that is new, useful and electable" asks Duncan O’Leary (Research Director at Demos):

Mr O'Leary is, I'm afraid, fighting the last election.

It is not the Conservatives he needs to worry about.  UKIP is the main threat now.  Far from needing a Blue Labour small ‘c’ conservative programme thought needs to be going into Purple Labour with a programme based around ending the importation of cheap labour; restoring the rights of the post war welfare state; reasserting genuine freedom of speech, freedom of protest, freedom to directly interact with the decision-makers who control policies (local MPs, not far-away EU bureaucrats).

“In the Labour Party we can have anyone, so long as they’re a Blairite"

John McDonnell MP tells us “In the Labour Party we can have anyone, so long as they’re a Blairite":

Also lefties, do not forget that both Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper voted in favour of the Iraq War.

You cannot get more Blairite than the Iraq War - it defines Blairism (unthinking obedience to a manipulative ideology based on expediency, power lust and the triumph of style over substance).

The Iraq War was an unnecessary political fashion statement.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An interview of Brit Pop luminary Damon Albarn

Channel 4 News created their own left-wing luvvie slot last night with an interview of Brit Pop luminary Damon Albarn.

Mr Albarn told us he knew instinctively that Tony Blair was evil the moment he met him.

This was received with some incredulity by Jon Snow, as if it was some kind of quasi-mystical revelation.

Presumably Messrs Snow and Albarn have forgotten the "Demon Eyes" campaign of 1997 when Tony Blair was shown with an accuracy that was uncanny in its prescience.

And do they not recall that the Demon Eyes were celebrated by Labour SPADs of the time?  Did not Andy Burnham and the brother of Ed Miliband and the spouse of Yvette Cooper play in an amateur football team called Demon Eyes?  So it's not as if they didn't know what they were getting involved in.

If only people had listened imagine how many hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved in Iraq.

Oh the pity of it all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Andy Burnham's candidacy for the Labour leadership

The problem with Andy Burnham's candidacy for the Labour leadership is that he is not an intellectual.

Which means he is just offering himself as a front-man presenter.

That would be OK if he had a team of top-flight six cylinder intellectuals around him.  But he doesn't.  Rachel Reeves maybe, and possibly Dan Jarvis for some added charisma (but Labour activists are never going to warm to an ex-army man as a key adviser - they will turn on him in the same intolerant way lefties turn on James Blunt).

It's not as if Andy Burnham has written any books or anything.

So Labour will have a charismatic leader who has only an average amount of charisma.  A presentation guy with only average presentation skills.  And not someone who has had experience of one of the great offices of state (or even one of the great shadow offices of state).

Labour are looking for a star quality Marylyn Monroe.

But it looks like they'll get Diana Dors.

And as Diana Dors found out, you can only get so far on having long eyelashes.

I would like to see a new Department for United Kingdom cohesion

Thinking about the government's programme for the next five years I would like to see a new Department for United Kingdom cohesion (and with some big money put behind it).

Let us consider what SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said on 11th May:

“We are determined to make Scotland’s voice heard here in Westminster but we are also determined to be that voice for progressive politics that we promised to be during the election, to stand up to policies from a Conservative government that will damage Scotland and to make common cause with others of like mind from across the UK."

We can take every phase and reverse it, thus giving us a campaign plan for the new department.

  • We are determined to make the United Kingdom's voice heard in Scotland.
  • We are determined to be the voice for Unionism that was endorsed in the 2014 Scottish Referendum.
  • We will stand up to policies from an SNP "blob" (both in Holyrood and Westminster and a few SNP controlled councils and not forgetting the grossly offensive SNP activists on social media) that aim to damage the United Kingdom.
  • We will make common cause with others of like mind from across the UK.

Monday, May 18, 2015

I would like to see the Big Society given a relaunch

Now that we are planning an exclusively Conservative programme for the next five years I would like to see the Big Society given a relaunch.

The previous version failed, but we can blame that on being shackled to the corpse that was the Liberal Democrat party.

I want a new Big Society movement to focus on the mobilisation of volunteers with a target to have a significant proportion of the population engaged in volunteer activity in all forty five ministerial and non-ministerial departments of government.

To make sure there is action give the responsibility for implementing the Big Society in a particular department to a new (post 2005) MP in the same way big companies have a "kindergarten" or "playpen" where graduate trainees are given tasks to see how they perform.  Yes there will be the growth of an opposition within the government but that will be good for efficiency and will keep established ministers on their toes.  And because the new MPs will be keen to make their mark they will make the Big Society happen.

The existing Big Society is far too nebulous, it needs to be made tangible - particularly with physical headquarters in each of the 130 unitary and county authorities in the United Kingdom.  As an aside, I think basing offices in redundant non-conformist chapels will give the right image of neo-Victorian worthiness.  Although Big Society is devolved, I think we should be undermining devolution by offering extra cash for new Big Society initiatives which councils and groups in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can bid for (we can ignore the SNP protests - for all their representation WE are in power and we have nothing to gain from pleasing the SNP).

The Big Society needs to be about the mobilisation of volunteers, training of volunteers and motivation of volunteers to bring about a transformation in society so that we are all looking after each other (perhaps in the form of a radical implementation of William Taylor Coleridge's Conservative ideology).,d.bGg
I hope there are many cries of "Object" when the attempt is made at Westminster today to "re-elect" (sic) the Speaker.

Perhaps the Speaker should be elected directly by the people.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jon Cruddas is just repeating what Ted Heath said back in the 1960s - ideas win elections:

Eddie Marsan appeared in the left-wing luvvie slot

On the Andrew Marr Show this morning Eddie Marsan appeared in the left-wing luvvie slot.

He told us "We need to find the Asian Dennis Potter".


When a family moves from a developing country to the United Kingdom all the members of that family experience a stupendous improvement in their life chances.  The rise in their standard of living is unimaginable in western terms (it would be like someone winning a major lottery payout).  By every standard you wish to apply these people have it good compared to their former state.

To suggest that people from these families should have even more life chances handed to them is rather distasteful.

I would like to see more effort made to ensure that ordinary English people get to the front of the queue for a change.
Another left-wing luvvie who thinks his witterings are important:

David Mitchell's public profile comes entirely from his job.

Why does that give him privileges in the area of political commentary?
Why is Sainsbury's turning against cats?

Is this some new manager trying to make a mark by changing things that do not need changing?