Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Alchemy cafe in Carter Lane

I was ridiculously early (I was afraid the trains might be delayed) so I went to the Alchemy cafe in Carter Lane.

So late in the day all they had to eat was carrot cake, which I would not normally touch.

The coffee was fabulously good.

Thomas Kielinger of Die Welt

On Dateline London earlier today Thomas Kielinger of Die Welt told us firmly "Germans always obey the rules".

And one couldn't help thinking:  Did they follow the rules of the Geneva Convention in the years 1933 to 1945?

Or is all that brushed under the carpet now? 
My presentation yesterday was a triumph.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Anti-democratic morbid black bile

Is there no end to the anti-democratic morbid black bile excreted by the pro-immigration lobby within the Labour Party?

Article on LabourList by Kenny Stevenson (PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde studying British immigration policy and public opinion sic):
I have reserved the whole day to work on my talk and presentation which I deliver at 7.30 this evening.

I must not get distracted (for instance by reading articles like this ).

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Watching Newsnight, Evan Davis has COMPLETELY lost control of an interview with celebrity bigmouth Russell Brand.

What more graphic demonstration that Evan Davis was the wrong choice for this high profile position.

Can someone please get BOTH of these clowns off the air.

The word "homegrown" has a very wide meaning in this context

I was interested to read that the National War Memorial in Ottawa is in the form of a Triumphal Arch (an Arch of Victory).

It was designed by a British architect, and the sculptures went on display in London before being transported to Canada.

The terrorist shot yesterday is described in the news as "homegrown Canadian" although his father was Libyan - the word "homegrown" has a very wide meaning in this context.

Integrate and assimilate

Ed Miliband is in Croydon today to celebrate Black History Month (sic).

He should use to occasion to tell BME people in clear and unambiguous terms to make more of an effort to integrate and assimilate.

And like Obama he should tell young black men to "pull up your pants".

A very public slap in the face from UKIP

Rather an insipid weasely article about the Rochester & Strood by-election

The by-election is supposedly "not a priority" for the Labour party.

Have they thrown in the towel already?

Have they conceded that UKIP is going to push Labour into third place?

It is certainly embarrassing for the Labour party to give in to UKIP (which is effectively what they are doing) and also embarrassing for them to set up their (ostentatiously BME) candidate Naushabah Khan for a very public slap in the face from UKIP.

And have they noticed how quickly UKIP seems to be moving to the left.
Is it not the case that politicians who huffily say "This is dangerous nonsense" are themselves talking dangerous nonsense by their obdurate use of the phrase?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Enoch Powell was right about these people

I heard this news story on the PM programme on Radio 4:

The perpetrators were "Pakistani heritage, Caribbean and Iraqi men".

Once again I thought:  Enoch Powell was right about these people.

We should never have let them in.

It is not to late to ask them to leave.

The future voting intentions of the mostly young one million Poles who have moved to the United kingdom

A report on the new grouping around UKIP in the European Parliament (sic) said that young Polish people have a tendency to vote for the extreme right.

Has any thought been given on the future voting intentions of the mostly young one million Poles who have moved to the United kingdom?

Presumably if these Polish immigrants intend to remain here they will acquire citizenship and the right to vote.

Would it not be ironic if those who championed mass immigration into the United Kingdom should have unintentionally boosted the constituency of the far right?  That Jonathan Portes and Daniel Trilling and Jack Straw should have brought hundreds of thousands of anti-Semitic people into the country?  Is there no end to the Left's myopic stupidity?

The Family That Built Gothic Britain on BBC4

Dan Cruikshank performed a hatchet job on George Gilbert Scott last night in The Family That Built Gothic Britain on BBC4.

What is the point of all this nastiness?

The idea that George Gilbert Scott was a forerunner of modernism was absurd.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Art Of Gothic: The Shock Of The Old

Have just watched The Art Of Gothic: The Shock Of The Old on BBC 4.

It was a rubbishy programme - all over the place culturally, sequentially, historically.

Andrew Graham-Dixon entirely failed to deliver a coherent argument and at least half the examples he quoted were foreign.


I am working flat out on a presentation.  Have been for days.  It has to be ready by Friday.

It's an extremely exciting idea, but supported by such complicated and boring evidence that I am afraid the data with drag it down and make it flat.

Only forty-five minutes to deliver it, and already I have sixty slides - all of them important.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Polish government should be a little less arrogant

On the World At One earlier today the Polish ambassador was intransigent about the EU "free movement of people"

However if the United Kingdom leaves the EU the result is a bloody big problem for Poland with one million Poles potentially arriving back in Poland unemployed.

So perhaps the Polish government should be a little less arrogant about what is or is not "non-negotiable".

In negotiations with the EU the British hold all the cards.