Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Andrew Marr Show this morning featured American actor Tom Hanks

The left-wing luvvie slot on the Andrew Marr Show this morning featured American actor Tom Hanks:  (he told us about his admiration for Hilary Clinton).

Earlier in the newspaper review one of the guests was liberal American author Stanley B. Greenberg whose latest book is America Ascendant (self-described completely without irony as "A Revolutionary Nation’s Path to Addressing Its Deepest Problems and Leading the 21st Century" and supposedly about how liberalism is now triumphant in the USA):

I am afraid this morning's Andrew Marr Show, with its self-satisfied liberal Americans and lickspittal Scottish groupie was so odious and repulsive I felt nauseated.

It was like that scene in the Aviator when the young Howard Hughes goes to a meal with the Hepburns and experiences rich liberal Americans, wallowing in the vulgar fatness of wealth in a way only liberal Americans can manage, showing off and admiring each other and announcing with confidence "We are all socialists here":

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I am listening to the Ryan Adams cover of Taylor Swift's 1989:

What would happen if Apple were given a confidential commission

I have only had my iPhone 6S for a few weeks but already I feel I cannot do without it.

It is so well designed and easy to use.

And it makes me wonder what the world would look like if Apple were to design more elements of our life.

What would an iCar look like?  Or an iSchool?  Or even an iSupermarket.

And whether Apple could tackle institutions and organisations.

For instance, Conservative Future will need a relaunch following the takeover by Central Office.

What would happen if Apple were given a confidential commission to create a new Conservative youth movement - cool and shiny in design and appearance, completely digitalised, irresistible to young people aged 16 to 24 (but no tinkering with policy please - we need to reconfirm Conservative values and British national identity).

John McDonnell has given a speech

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has given a speech this week:  text of speech

Talking about the 1950s and 1960s he asks the question:  "...why is it that so many things we took for granted back then are no longer available to our children’s generation?"

He has not yet realised that open door immigration is incompatible with a welfare state (including health care, education, unemployment benefit, social housing, public transport, public libraries etc) paid for out of general taxation.

Huge increases year on year in the population (and so in the numbers of claimants) reduces the amount of welfare available.

The only way to maintain 1960s levels of welfare with 21st century levels of immigration is to have huge rises in taxation to keep step with the rises in immigration.  As the taxation paid by post-1997 immigrants does not cover the social benefits they consume (and cannot do so, since the whole point of importing cheapo immigrants is that they are paid minimal amounts of money and so do not pay much in the way of tax) this must mean that non-immigrants must subsidise the social consumption of immigrants.  This social-economic model is not fair nor is it sustainable.

Mr McDonnell goes on to say "...we need government to understand and accept the strategic role it has to play in our new economy... a process that will see us work with businesses, entrepreneurs, scientists, trade unions and wider civil society to shape the economy of the future".

This sounds like the Little Neddies that operated under the umbrella of the National Economic Development Council of the 1960s and 1970s.

Perhaps Mr McDonnell should be reminded of Enoch Powell's speech to the South Kensington Young Conservatives on 30th November 1970:  "You can neither intervene, not withdraw from intervention, by half-measures".

The EU has become a belief system, a religion, an ideology worshipped for its own sake

On Dateline London earlier today the Belgian-French journalist Marc Roche talked about the Schengen Area with such fanatical insistence that one doubted his rationality.

Increasingly I am of the opinion that we are not dealing with normal people when considering EU enthusiasts.

The EU has become a belief system, a religion, an ideology worshipped for its own sake not for any benefits it might bring.
John Reid (former Labour Home Secretary) is of the opinion that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is incompetent:

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The objectives the Corbyn faction are working on

Martin Kettle in yesterday's Guardian listed the objectives the Corbyn faction are working on in the Labour Party.

"The left faction around Corbyn is focused not so much on new politics or new ideas but simply on taking control of the party machinery. This is an entirely logical approach because, until that is achieved, it is harder to change policy or commitments. The left’s priorities – and they are certainly the priorities of the Leninists Corbyn has brought in – are therefore to make procedural changes. Altering the rules for electing the leader to reduce the influence of MPs; strengthening the grip of the annual conference over policymaking; boosting the national executive at the expense of the shadow cabinet; clearing out opponents in the upper reaches of the party organisation; and, ultimately, deselecting centrist MPs and getting more leftwing, union-endorsed candidates in safe seats."

So now we know what they are up to.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Evil Muslim monster Jihadi John

Reports today that American drones have probably killed evil Muslim monster Jihadi John:

All the media reports say Kuwati-born Mohammed Emwazi "came" to the United Kingdom aged six.

They announce this fact as if it was the most obvious, most natural thing in the world.

He just "came" here.

I would like to know who let him in and why they let him in.

Can we please know the civil servants and immigration officials and politicians who enabled the entry of the Emwazi family into the United Kingdom and why they did so.

Because we do not have an open border with Kuwait.

We are under no obligation whatsoever to allow Kuwaitis in here.

If you were to test public opinion on the subject, either now or in 1994 (under John Major's crap government) I have no doubt the resounding response would be:  DON'T LET THEM IN - we don't need them, don't like them, don't want them in our country - under no circumstances do you politicians and civil servants have a mandate to allow Arabs into our country.

So can we please know which officials (including elected officials) allowed this serial killer into our national home.

And on an anthropological level, there is enough data now from immigration statistics and intelligence reports to be able to assess how many terrorists and criminals will result from a given Muslim immigration rate.

Muslim immigration in large numbers only began in the mid-1970s.  It must be possible to say that out of every one thousand Muslims coming into the United Kingdom a statistical percentage will be "radicalised" and either help in the commission of terrorist acts or actually commit those acts.  We can then extrapolate from that evidence and predict how many more terrorists are incubating in our midst - and indeed how many of the 20,000 Syrians coming in the United Kingdom over the next five years will mutate into terrorists and go on to commit atrocities.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Zero by Chris Brown (he directed the video himself)

Is it not gratuitous that Chris Brown (in his fictional video persona) should react to hostility from his girlfriend by taking his shirt off?

Zero by Chris Brown (he directed the video himself)

"corduroy-jacketed, snaggletoothed, lefty academics"

"corduroy-jacketed, snaggletoothed, lefty academics."

This is an example of gestalt technique.

You build a picture in your mind from the different elements provided.

And you immediately know who is being referred to!

It is a characteristic of gestalt technique that people who go through the process of building a picture in their mind from component parts are more convinced of the idea that if you just told them straight out who you are ridiculing. 

One wonders what the bro-squad round Jeremy makes of this veiled attack. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The ordinary people want their country back

The Cameron "negotiations" with the EU will not do:

The ordinary people want their country back.

Instead they are being offered a four-year deferment to foreigners helping themselves to taxpayers money.

David Cameron is being very badly advised here.

Presumably the circle round him think they are invincible because Labour are in such disarray.

They need to think again.

David Cameron will have to go, and go soon.

And I do not want to see Osborne in the job - he has been cast in the balance and found wanting.