Thursday, October 30, 2014

State education in the United Kingdom has utterly failed

The Independent asserts that British people are ignorant about almost everything:

Presumably the newspaper will now concede that state education in the United Kingdom has utterly failed?

The staying power of the Conservatives

Interesting article by Tim Montgomerie:

However I think he misunderstands the staying power of the Conservatives.

All main parties are seeing their natural supporters flirting with other options.

However Conservatives are less vulnerable to this than Labour or Liberal Democrats.  The clue is in the name - they are conservatives.  They will be the last to change and the first to come back.

That does not mean there are not dangers ahead.

Membership must be expanded and members given control over policy approval.

There is nothing difficult in this.

The surge in SNP membership in recent weeks has happened simply because the SNP canvassers went back to people who said they would vote SNP in the referendum and asked them to join the SNP party.

The Conservatives could do this also - if the employed and elected party got off their pin-striped backsides and did some work and showed some leadership.

Integration into WHAT?

This IPPR article on immigration is so depressing:

None of the people referred to seem to have any idea of the culture, history and society of England - to them the United Kingdom is just an economic teat that they are sucking at, and when it dries up presumably they will move on to suck the life out of the next victim host.

"Integration" is meaningless in this context.

Integration into WHAT?

Integration into a non-culture that has no definition?

That is why immigration has failed and will continue to fail and will ultimately end in tragedy.

Covertly attacked and discredited

Hmm -

Is this officially-sanctioned dirty tricks?

We know that when the English Defence League began to challenge the Establishment "suddenly" extremist people appeared at EDL events giving Nazi salutes and the organisation became discredited.

We know that when animal-rights organisations began to challenge the Establishment undercover police officers "joined" the organisations and urged them on to ever more extreme behaviour so that the animal rights movement would be discredited.

We know that when Guardian journalist Owen Jones wrote a book on (his very particular view of) the Establishment he experienced activity that alarmed him:

Am I imagining things, or can we see a pattern here?

If you challenge the Establishment you will be covertly attacked and discredited and undermined.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clearly an emergency

Contrary to the witterings of Mark Ferguson on LabourList Westminster has NOT tried to control immigration:

If the Army and Royal Navy were used instead of the inadequate border officials how would migrants gain entry?

Why are the armed forces not being used, since this is clearly an emergency.

The fear is that we are in some kind of dictatorship

Incoherant article about immigration by Suzanne Moore in the Guardian:

She is factually wrong to conflate the EU free movement of people with the uncontrollable (sic) tide of so-called asylum-seekers.

However she is right to point to fear as the prime motivating factor in attitudes towards immigration, although she has wrongly interpreted that fear as fear of "the other".

We are supposed to be a democracy where the majority rule.

In every poll there has ever been on immigration the majority have said they do not want it, and yet it keeps happening.

The majority view is completely ignored.

Which leads almost everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously, to the horrible sinking realisation that we do not live in a democracy at all.

The fear is that we are in some kind of dictatorship.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are...

"Britain's economy and society are unambiguously better off for net migration having remained well above 'tens of thousands' a year" George Eaton says in this article for the New Statesman:

Note that he says it is unambiguous.

Therefore George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are transparent, conclusive and decisive.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are definite, exact and factual.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are genuine, precise and sure.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are undeniable, unequivocal and unmitigated.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are unquestionable, uncomplicated and clear.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are discernible, distinct and evident.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are indubitable, manifest and marked.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are noticeable, observable and open.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are overt, palpable and patent.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are perceivable, plain and self-evident.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are transparent, understandable and visible.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are prominent, pronounced and coherent.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are comprehensible, incontrovertible and intelligible.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are knowable, legible and lucid.

George Eaton is saying the benefits of immigration are manifest, obvious and straightforward.

Let us assume that George Eaton is telling the truth, and the benefits of immigration are all of these things (a giant leap of imagination I know, but let us humour him).

Then why do the vast majority of people in this country not want it?

Indeed, have never wanted any of it.
Is it not time, Mr Eaton, that you stopped telling people what they ought to want?

As you assert, the benefits are unambiguous.

Equally unambiguous is the rejection of ALL immigration by the democratic majority of people in the United Kingdom.

What part of NO don't you understand?

Millions and millions and millions of extra foreigners in the country

Note the devastating logic employed by Ryan Shorthouse (Bright Blue) when approaching the issue of immigration.

If we don't talk about immigration, the Shorthouse argument goes, then the public will not notice there are millions and millions and millions of extra foreigners in the country.

No doubt Mr Shorthouse will be suggesting next that anytime someone tries to talk about immigration all we have to do is scream "racist" at them and they will shut up.

Mr Shorthouse if you want to solve public disquiet about immigration why not try getting public consent to immigration?

No consent, and you can't bring in any immigrants.

He is a closet imperialist

Ian Birrell's article on migrants in today's Guardian reveals he is a closet imperialist:

Only an unthinking imperialist would assume that the United Kingdom should attempt to solve all the world's problems.

What is wrong with the migrants staying in their own countries and fighting to build a better life there?

When France fell under German control in 1940 millions of people became subject to a vicious regime far more evil than anything in modern Africa or the Middle East.  A few French people ran away, but most stayed where they were and resisted evil and fought (in whatever way they could) for better times.  Presumably Ian Birrell is such an unthinking racist that he assume white French people can resist tyranny but black and brown people cannot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phantom zombie Unite members

What is going on at the Unite union?

Is it true that "phantom votes" led to the election of Len McClusky?

"...the inclusion in the ballot of a number of members in arrears with their contributions  - he claimed 160,000. However UNITE was following the practice that members in arrears cannot be denied a vote if they have not been contacted  by their union and asked if they wish to remain a member and resume contributions."

My goodness, it makes the Rotten Borough of Old Sarum look positively liberal.

Surely Len McClusky must realise how bad this looks, especially coming after the Falkirk imbroglio.

Is this some kind of Halloween joke? 

Phantom zombie Unite members voting into office a General Secretary who has been around so long he is beginning to resemble one of the un-dead?

Vincent Price voice:

Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Union conveners crawl in search of votes
To elect candidates on which the Left dotes...

Look at the Greens from a Labour perspective

Luke Akehurst points to "four or five way fights where the winning party only needs 25% of the vote" in this look at the Greens from a Labour perspective:

It is quite likely that Labour will decline to a pressure group party.

It reminds me of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the way the United States became by default the only "superpower".

For all their troubles, post 2015 the Conservatives may well be the only super-party, surrounded by middle-ranking pressure group parties (and Labour is just a coalition of four or five interest groups, as mark Ferguson points out).

Action to quell the flow of those migrants

Shadow Immigration Minister David Hanson says that illegal immigration is "untenable" and calls for "action to quell the flow of those migrants" :

Grabbed by Labour as it plummeted downwards

"I could make jokes about the overwhelmingly middle class concern of electoral reform all day" says Mark Ferguson in this LabourList article:

And note his bewailing the fact that Labour is barely registering support above its 2010 figure of 29%.

Owen Jones often refers to 2010 as some kind of all-time nadir of the Labour Party and uses it as a stick to beat the Conservatives and a symptom of their (in his mind) long-term decline.  If the Tories couldn't even beat Labour in 2010, the Jones argument goes, what hope do they have of winning against a rejuvenated Left?  However Mark Ferguson is now warning that far from being a nadir, 2010 was just a temporary stay - a small bush growing in the crevice of a cliff, grabbed by Labour as it plummeted downwards and providing a tiny smidgen of support even as the roots of that bush are being dragged out and the Wile E. Coyote of the Labour Party looks down in horror at the floor of the canyon far far below.

This is what is has come to for Labour - a Looney Tunes world where only gallows humour can keep everyone's spirits up.

Civil servants who administer the sacraments

The Archbishop of Canterbury has attempted to intervene in the debate over immigration:

Alec Nussbaum:  "He needs to remember the Church of England is Established.  Anglican priests are civil servants who administer the sacraments.  And like all civil servants they need to keep out of politics."

Whining American accents

I find myself objecting to the number of times we have to listen to American voices on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.

This morning there were three American "experts" (including Michael Diedring and Saadia Zahidi ) talking about migration, Iraq and gender equality.

Are there no British liberals who can give us the benefit of their greasy saccharine self-righteousness and in a passive-aggressive way lecture us on our shortcomings? 

Why on top of the moral blackmail do we have to endure whining American accents?

Monday, October 27, 2014


Has there been any polling evidence asking the specific question:

"Do you feel the country is being swamped by immigration?"

If it is the language being used in ordinary discourse then it is important that politicians use the same language.
Where Switzerland leads the United Kingdom must follow:

And note that it is the Swiss Greens who are in favour of restrictions.

David Cameron was pushed in the street

Even more alarming than the fact that David Cameron was pushed in the street is the thought that if it HAD been a fatal attack Nick Clegg would now be our Prime Minister.

I hope you can all join me in fervent prayers for the safety and well-being of our dear Prime Minister David Cameron.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Remembrance Day is approaching.

On the Andrew Marr programme this morning Candy Staten wore a poppy.

Caroline Lucas MP wore two.

Presumably Jon Snow will continue his petulant refusal on Channel 4 News.

Cities Without Palms by Tarek Eltayeb

Have just finished reading Cities Without Palms by Tarek Eltayeb.

It is a sad story of how Hamza leaves his village in Sudan and travels first to Khartoum, then to Egypt, then to Italy to earn money to send back to support his mother and sisters.

He has many adventures, occasionally falling among criminals, at one point having an affair.

Eventually he returns to his village to find it deserted and his mother and sisters dead.

"For the first time in my life I know what it truly means to be a stranger."

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Alchemy cafe in Carter Lane

I was ridiculously early (I was afraid the trains might be delayed) so I went to the Alchemy cafe in Carter Lane.

So late in the day all they had to eat was carrot cake, which I would not normally touch.

The coffee was fabulously good.

Thomas Kielinger of Die Welt

On Dateline London earlier today Thomas Kielinger of Die Welt told us firmly "Germans always obey the rules".

And one couldn't help thinking:  Did they follow the rules of the Geneva Convention in the years 1933 to 1945?

Or is all that brushed under the carpet now? 
My presentation yesterday was a triumph.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Anti-democratic morbid black bile

Is there no end to the anti-democratic morbid black bile excreted by the pro-immigration lobby within the Labour Party?

Article on LabourList by Kenny Stevenson (PhD researcher at the University of Strathclyde studying British immigration policy and public opinion sic):
I have reserved the whole day to work on my talk and presentation which I deliver at 7.30 this evening.

I must not get distracted (for instance by reading articles like this ).