Friday, March 06, 2015

Matthew Engel asserts in the Financial Times

In the week that the report on Oxford child abuse was published Matthew Engel asserts in the Financial Times "The bloodshed Powell foresaw from mass immigration has not happened":

Of course the blood split by the abused girls in Oxford and Rochdale and Rotherham etc was only chav blood.

Mr Engel, in his superior article, would not think their blood was worth noticing.

Perhaps he think they had it coming anyway, and brought it all on themselves through lifestyle choices.

And obviously he will not acknowledge the blood is a river.  Not even a trickle.  Just a smear of chav blood from girls no-one connected to the FT is ever going to bother about.

Certainly no reason to curb the mass immigration that brings such stonking low wages that boosts the dividends of shareholders - now that IS something of interest to FT readers.

Nevertheless, if you add up all the smears and drips and seepages of blood from English girls abused by immigrants over the decades it assumes the proportions of a river.

A river YOU are partly responsible for Mr Engel in your uncritical enthusiasm for mass immigration.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Apropos drones on Daily Politics, what is to stop terrorists from using them to drop anthrax or sarin?

Will he treat the SNP in Holyrood as a branch office of the party

Daily Politics discussed the latest Ashcroft poll which shows the SNP winning almost all seats in Scotland (or North Britain if you prefer).

What impact will this have on the SNP administration at Holyrood?

Will the SNP parliamentary party become the fulcrum of SNP power or will power reside with Nicola Sturgeon?

Will Alex Salmond kowtow to micro-management from Holyrood?

Or will he treat the SNP in Holyrood as a branch office of the party?

Words from Sunny Hundal about the widespread abuse of young girls in Oxfordshire

Weasel words from Sunny Hundal about the widespread abuse of young girls in Oxfordshire:

The council was to blame, society was to blame, WE were to blame - Mr Hundal makes the usual excuses.

And yet is it not a fact that if those "Pakistani-heritage men" were not in the country they would not have carried out their crimes here?

Whoever else is attacking and abusing young girls, it is undeniable that if these Pakistani-heritage men had been back in Pakistan hundreds of girls in Oxfordshire, and hundreds of thousands of girls nationwide, would have been safe.

Therefore I think we are justified in saying Enoch Powell was right.

There HAS been rivers of blood - the blood of these young girls when they are beaten and abused and subjected to unimaginable sexual tortures.

The shame is on those apologists (and we have to include Douglas Carswell MP in this) who say this is not a real river of blood, this is a mere trickle of blood, on the worldwide index of blood rivers the Oxfordshire girls barely register, in any case no-one really cares about these girls and the blood weeping from their sores and bruises, certainly no-one cares when political reputations are at stake, much easier to blame Enoch Powell for the failure to talk about immigration rather than admit that over decades politicians became cowards when faced with the chorus of "racist racist racist" that went up whenever anyone tried to say these people were not integrating into our society and we need to think again about them.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

We call on Facebook to change their Community Standards to stop the glorification and inciting of violence against animals. Only the inclusion of those terms will allow users to report specifically on certain Facebook pages. This way, violence against animals could be banned from Facebook.

There are plenty of pages, groups and events where animals abusers post pictures of sadistic and cruel violence against animals. These pictures show animals being trampled alive, stuffed into jars, burned alive or being sexually abused.

No matter how often you report these pages, groups, events and images, you always get the same answer:

"Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. We reviewed the comment you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards." (source: Facebook)

Obviously Facebook think, that violence can only be executed against humans and not against animals. But violence against animals is also unacceptable and morally wrong. This doesn’t seem to be the case for Facebook and some of their users.

We call on Facebook to change this and consider animal welfare. Facebook should not encourage potential imitators by allowing sadistic content online. By changing their Community Standards they can show, that society doesn’t tolerate such behaviour.

At Prime Minister's Questions Ed Miliband was trying to outflank the Conservatives on immigration.

Even trade union activists are turning against the Labour leader

And the silence from these people is deafening when it comes to the Daily Mirror's phone hacking.

Mired in hypocrisy, the left has given up trying to win the general election - their only hope is to steal it through a sordid deal with the SNP

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Zoltan Hojnal in the Washington Post

Interesting article by Zoltan Hojnal in the Washington Post:

It rather undermines the claim (made by Bright Blue, British Future and others) that the Conservatives need to start pandering to immigrants to win elections.

Probably if the Conservatives stopped pandering to immigrants they would attract back support from UKIP and also begin attracting Labour voters.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


After the meeting I walked back to Archway and got on a 210 'bus to Highgate and along Hampstead Road, getting out at Kenwood House.

As I entered the grounds of the mansion the drab damp day was transformed, so that every element became refined by the exquisite Kenwood aura.  The grey clouds arranged themselves into a subtle grisaille of silver, ash and slate.  The fine rain fell as delicate precipitations that felt like a gentle cool anointing.  The crushed gravel crunched satisfyingly underfoot.  Damp vegetation, normally so uninspired, exuded an aromatic fresh scent.  Among the camellias a precious first bud, blood-red, about to burst.

Entering the house, I had the place to myself apart from the volunteers (who seemed grateful to see someone new).  Although I only wanted to see The Guitar Player, I wandered around the other rooms - upstairs Jacobean portraits, downstairs old masters, the Adam library with a pink ceiling.  It all seemed completely different from my previous visit.

You would expect The Guitar Player to be in a room of its own, with two security guards either side.  But it was just on a wall with lots of other art.  Perhaps English Heritage has become blasé about Vermeers.

To get to the tea shop you had to go back out the front door and then right round the whole house, along the elegant terrace with its stupendous view, and down some steps to the old kitchen area.  Tea in a pot, with a plate loaded with gooey raspberry meringue and a big slice of walnut cake.  Yes, I know this was greedy.