Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


On the Today programme this morning there was a trivial item on cravat-wearing which is supposedly experiencing a revival.  It was revealed during banter that Robert Peston refused to wear a tie when presenting Newsnight recently.  Jeremy Paxman famously once removed his tie live on Newsnight.

We are of course used to preening television presenters, behaving “outrageously” to draw attention to themselves.

But do they have a point?

IS the tie a redundant piece of clothing?

When Lord Reith ran the BBC in the 1920s he insisted that all presenters wore full evening dress, even when presenting on radio.  He would have regarded merely wearing a tie as disgracefully underdressed.  Refusing to wear even a tie would have provoked him to a state of furious apoplexy.
So one can see that protests over the dress code are a continuous progression.

When full evening dress is specified the presenters start agitating to wear lounge suits.  When lounge suits are allowed there is pressure to just wear a jacket and a tie.  When jacket and tie is allowed, there is pressure to discard the tie.

Therefore one must ask where all this is going to end.

When Evan Davies begins to present Newsnight will he want to sit there in a string vest?

Will he want to be completely topless displaying his nipple piercings? (his colleagues apparently call him “tinsel tits”).

Will we end up with all presenters on Newsnight only wearing thongs?

Will there then be complaints that thongs are out-moded and old-fashioned and redundant?

Will we then see presenters removing their thongs live on Newsnight?

Enoch Powell was right about these people

Regarding the beheading of an American journalist in Iraq by someone assumed to be from a British BME immigrant community, was it not obvious that this was going to happen?

Were we not warned by Enoch Powell that this would be the outcome of allowing BME immigration into the United Kingdom?

Whether the beheadings happen in Woolwich or Iraq, do they not demonstrate that Enoch Powell was right about these people?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Thomas Tallis, Robert Whyte, John Taverner (the early one)

I was so early on Saturday that I had time to go into one of the colleges and listen to a choral concert of Tudor music.

Thomas Tallis, Robert Whyte, John Taverner (the early one).

Momento nostri Domine
In gravi isto corpore
Qui es defensor animae
Adesto nobis Domine

Remember us, O Lord
Who bear the burden of this mortal form
You who are the defender of the soul
Be near us, O Lord

Sunday, August 17, 2014

David Cameron's article in the Sunday Telegraph

Having read David Cameron's article in the Sunday Telegraph surely if there is any suggestion of terrorist activity by a particular immigrant community the whole of that community should be interned, and they stay in internment areas until the problem is sorted out or they decide to go elsewhere in the world.

And before the liberals start, yes internment DID work in Northern Ireland.

Showing off

There is an episode in EM Forster's Howard's End where Helen Schlegel finds Leonard and Jackie Bast starving in London and instead of immediately helping them she transports them all the way to Shropshire so they could feed at her sister's extravagant wedding breakfast.

Helen Schlegel's compassion for the Basts is bogus - if she really wanted to help them she could have fed them in London easily and cheaply.

Instead Helen Schlegel was more interested in showing off her compassionate credentials, in making her sister feel guilty, in upsetting the Wilcox family for no other reason than spite.

I was reminded of this literary incident when I read Fraser Nelson's article in the Sunday Telegraph arguing that Iraqi Christians should be transported half-way across the world to the United Kingdom instead of being looked after in the locality.

One rather suspects that Mr Nelson is preening his liberal sensitivities, presumably to try to offset the "nasty Tory" image he has been smeared with.

Is there ANY problem in the modern world that is not met with the excited call: we must let more BME immigrants into the United Kingdom?

There is plenty of room in Poland (we know there is, as millions of Poles have come here) - I am willing for the United Kingdom to pay for the relocation of the Iraqi Christians to Poland.

Get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country

Discussing the immigrants-in-container tragedy, a smart-alec immigration lawyer was arguing on BBC News 24 that they should be given admission to the United Kingdom because they were Sikhs (Afghanistan Sikhs actually) and Sikhs "fought for Britain" in the First World War and therefore there was an obligation to let them in.

Was it not obvious that this scam was going to be tried, ever since Sunder Katwala and others started banging on about how much is "owed" to BME people because of their "sacrifice" during the First World War.

The fact that Afghanistan was neutral during the First World War is neither here nor there.

It's another excuse to get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country.

Immigration is a gigantic electoral fraud being practised against the people of the United Kingdom.


BBC News 24 had a report on Cornish demands (sic) for devolution.

The representative interviewed from the Cornish Nationalist movement said that Cornwall and South Wales were the two most deprived parts of England.

Geography is presumably not his strong point.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When the sorbet arrived there was a candle in it, although no mention had been made of my birthday.

Perhaps they guessed from the champagne we ordered.

Friday, August 15, 2014


It was kind of Alec Nussbaum to remember my birthday (which is tomorrow).

He brought into the office these cakes.

They were like a sort of jam roly-poly.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Foxes Glorious

I'm listening to Foxes Glorious a lot recently:

Heading for defeat, as Diane Abbott recently told a private meeting

Nice try by George Eaton in the New Statesman, but it is not really convincing:

He argues that the Tories are heading for defeat because of their poor image among BME communities.

And yet he also points out "There are still significant numbers of MPs on the opposition side who believe that their party is heading for defeat, as Diane Abbott recently told a private meeting".

If Diane Abbott does not know how the BME communities are likely to behave then it is unlikely that George Eaton does.

A possible supermarket tax

Discussions on a possible supermarket tax:

The proceeds for such a tax should be allocated to young graduates in retailing (from Colleges of Further Education) opening shops that specialise in groceries and other supermarket products.  Thus supermarkets will be obliged to subsidise competition (perhaps three years of Business Tax for each graduate).  High streets will be revitalised, and many young people will find entrepreneurial employment.

Obviously prices in a specialist cheese shop in Bedford are going to be higher than discount products in the cheese aisle at the Bedford branch of Tescos.

But presumably many shoppers will be prepared to pay a little more if they know that a young person is to be supported.

And the supermarket oligarchy will have a self-correcting mechanism.