Friday, August 01, 2014

What would you do?

Interesting scenarios referred to by Tim Montgomerie (The Times):

Without wishing to take sides, I think Israel's response is understandable.

Imagine you are alone in a remote house, sleeping in bed on a dark night. 

You are awakened by sounds from below - horrible sounds as if your house was being trashed.

You then hear more than one person starting to come upstairs.

As a farmer you legally own a shotgun.

You go out onto the landing and see several men with long knives coming up the stairs towards you - when they see you hesitate they rush forward.

What would you do?

Almost certainly you would use the shotgun, even though at that particular moment you might have a more powerful weapon than the robbers.

The Gaza crisis is having a detrimental effect upon the Labour party

In this article Rob Marchant (Former Labour Party manager, political blogger and commentator) argues that the Gaza crisis is having a detrimental effect upon the Labour party:

I suppose they are haunted by the Bradford by-election when the Muslim bloc-vote went to George Galloway, not the Labour candidate.

Does this explain the plethora of lefties who are filling up their Twitter sites emoting over the dead children of Gaza?

Is this all a cynical (but very sophisticated) positioning exercise designed reassure Muslim voters in marginal inner city seats that Labour is on their side and the wicked Tories are supporting Israel?

Are the dead children of Gaza being used as an opening pitch in the 2015 British general election?

Shame on you Labour - you are Bad People for doing this.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

"Never, never be afraid to borrow money"

It has been brought to the attention of this blog that former actor Michael Cashman is to be made a Labour peer and sit in the House of Lords with an high likelihood of entering the Shadow Cabinet.

It is also noted that in one episode of Eastenders (in the mid to late 1980s) he spoke the words "Never, never be afraid to borrow money".

Of course, he will say that he was just speaking the words of a fictional character.

But arguably the entire Shadow Cabinet is made up of fictional characters speaking words that have been written for them.
Thank goodness we have a day off from Alec Nussbaum and his "gnostic polling" analysis.

The Irish ambassador

The Irish ambassador appeared on the Today programme this morning to talk about the new memorial to southern Irish people who fought in the First World War.

He should have apologised to the British people for the persecution of people in southern Ireland who wanted to retain their British identity (many of the soldiers who returned to Ireland after the war were treated in an appalling way).

The Irish republic was created out of intimidation, fear and cultural cleansing (in many cases ethnic cleansing).

As a result it became a sick society in which terrible abuses were carried out.

It is still a sick society and will remain so until past wrongs are acknowledged and apologised for.
Nothing in the news about the Blackwall tunnel, apparently blockaded by ISIS sympathisers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hugh Gaitskell House opened in 1964

Walking around I came across Hugh Gaitskell House opened in 1964.

Does this not typify socialism?  Grey, utilitarian, conformist.  Modernist in style, divorced from the historical continuum of English culture.

Anyone living in this building is likely to become neurotic, resentful, angry.

Hugh Gaitskell introduced prescription charges for the NHS - remember this whenever lefties claim the Conservatives are opposed to the idea of free healthcare (which we are not).
"It's a classic third world slum" said Paul Mason on Channel 4 News, showing his contempt for the people of Gaza that he is supposedly championing.


"After we win the referendum?  I don't see UKIP fading away.  I see UKIP becoming the Independence Party with Independence becoming their philosophy - independence in private life, independence in public life, independence in national life".

"And eventually they will merge with us as the Conservative, Unionist and Independence Party".

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


For all their emotional intensity, I am unsettled by the reports from Gaza that seem to wallow in the misery of the people there.

It seems that Paul Mason (who is supposed to be an Economics Editor) and others are indulging in a sophisticated form of ambulance-chasing, using the material produced out of the misery of Gaza to produce award-winning reports designed to advance their own careers (sorry if this sounds cynical).

On a wider level, it occurs to me that without making any moral judgement in this conflict (both sides are right and both sides are wrong) the United Kingdom could offer to transport children under 16 from Gaza to the British sovereign territory in Cyprus for the temporary duration of the emergency.

It would be a form of kindertransport - surely the Israelis would allow that?

Monday, July 28, 2014

At last the presentation is finished.

I feel completely drained.

To add to things, one of the dogs fell seriously ill.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Crescent in Hertford Road

Grandest building in Edmonton must surely be The Crescent in Hertford Road.  It took thirty years to build, and was completed in 1856.  Where there are now private gardens was once a carriage drive with communal plantings.

High density housing, and yet preserves dignity and individualism.

It urgently needs to be restored - Edmonton does not have such a surfeit of fine architecture that it can afford to lose The Crescent.

Jon W Chambers is scornful

In this article about Ed Miliband's recent speech Labour activist Jon W Chambers is scathing in his analysis:

At one stage Jon W Chambers had to suppress his laughter (not laughter at one-line jokes, this was nervous proto-hysterical laughter, the subliminal sort of laughter when you are so frightened by what you are seeing that you want it to be a joke).

Jon W Chambers is scornful about the Labour pledges to freeze house bills ("motivating people to vote on self-interest").

He is cynical about Ed Miliband's attempt to restore "trust" in politics ("in the same speech where he offered a grovelling apology for a photo opportunity in Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun newspaper").

He describes many of the prospective Labour MPs in swing marginals as "lazy".

When even committed Labour supporters are this sceptical, it does not bode well for 2015.

To call women to repentance

And so in a rush (for twenty years is a rush in the history of the Church) women have entered the priesthood and may serve as priests and bishops.

One cannot take seriously the idea that this is mere faddish compliance with equality best practice.

Such a number of women, entering the Church so quickly, must be for a purpose - a divine purpose.

Surely it is to speak to women with an authority that male priests can no longer assume?

To call women to repentance.

And to condemn abortion.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stamford Hill

All these extra "off site" meetings with Alec Nussbaum at his house means travelling through Stamford Hill.

It must be tense there at the moment.
Stupidly I volunteered to produce a Powerpoint presentation for the exhibition.

It means I have editorial control over the message going out.

But it has also meant hours and hours of extra work, including spending this weekend producing the eighty slides.

Pointing to a pattern

There has been a big demonstration in London earlier today in support of the people of Gaza.

Leaving on side any issues of who is right and who is wrong.

I was interested in reports of the appearance of blatantly anti-semitic banners.

When the animal rights movement started to gain popular support we know that secret police infiltrated them and urged extremist behaviour (violence, arson etc) presumably in an effort to discredit the movement.

When the EDL started to gain popular support mysterious "EDL activists" appeared giving Nazi salutes at the Cenotaph and the organisation became discredited.

And now that Gaza is receiving a measure of popular support we see the appearance of extreme pro-Gaza activists with anti-semitic banners that discredit the demonstration.

I am making no comment on whether these three campaigns deserved to be discredited or not.

I am pointing to a pattern.

If your organisation threatens the establishment it will be subverted.

This may not be happening with the knowledge of the elected politicians.

Senior civil servants and public officials are quite capable of doing this on their own.