Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Great Silence by Juliet Nicolson

I have just finished reading The Great Silence by Juliet Nicolson.

It is about the immediate aftermath of the First World War in the United Kingdom.

Popular history, and perhaps too reliant on published sources, but with many interesting points.

"Despite the millions of deaths that had occurred in the name of love of country, patriotism remained undiluted."

The Victory Parade in London on 19th July 1919 - The Times said the men would be "marching in the full consciousness of triumph".

The "empty tomb" of the Cenotaph was a Christian symbol (not a secular monument as some modern commentators have claimed).

Is it unreasonable to make a connection between the rape of 1,400 girls in Rotherham and the desire of Muslim men to join in jihad

Lisa Markwell (The Independent), reviewing the newspapers on BBC News 24 this morning, said "it's happening all over the country" when asked about the Rotherham rape gangs.

This is I'm afraid a rather too glib dismissal of what has emerged.

I do not doubt that rape happens all over the country - and these crimes must be prosecuted with all the force of the law.

But what has happened in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby and elsewhere has been the specific identification of Muslim rape gangs.

Which inevitably leads one to ask whether the rape of white girls is a manifestation of internal jihad by Muslim communities in the United Kingdom.

We know that large numbers of Muslim men are so motivated by the idea of jihad that they travel overseas to take part in it.

We know that ISIS jihadis in Iraq and Syria have taken part in beheadings and rapes as an expression of their jihad.

We know that Muslims carried out an attempted beheading in Woolwich in 2013 in the name of jihad.

We know that Muslim gangs have raped women and children in Rotherham and elsewhere.

Is it unreasonable to make a connection between the rape of 1,400 girls in Rotherham and the desire of Muslim men to join in jihad against the United Kingdom?

I'm sorry if this suspicion offends liberal sensitivities, but we are not going to solve the problem until we understand it thoroughly, and that means asking uncomfortable questions.

Were Ministers and senior civil servants aware

A Home Office report?

Was the Rotherham scandal known about in Whitehall?

Were Ministers and senior civil servants aware of what was going on?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unrestricted immigration will destroy liberal democracy

On Dateline London earlier today Michael Goldfarb said (discussing immigration) that a record number of people are "on the move" internationally and "there is nothing you can do about it".

There is nothing you can do about it if you remain a liberal democracy.

However the likelihood is that unrestricted immigration will destroy liberal democracy as demands grow for something to be done (it has already completely undermined trust in politicians).

Walter Ulbricht was able to control cross-border migration.

And an Ulbrichtesque society is where we are heading if popular demands on immigration are not responded to.

Can the Director of British Future apologise

Children that resulted from the Rotherham rape gangs were "disappeared" by social services:

Obviously all children are innocent and deserve our care and consideration.


Can we have an assurance from think tank British Future that they will not use the mixed race offspring of the Rotherham rape gangs in their pro-immigration propaganda (ie ).

Can British Future also make an effort to remove from their pro-immigration propaganda statistics all mixed race children that have been a result of asian rape gangs (Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford etc).

Can the Director of British Future apologise for the misleading impression he has propagated that the social conditions that have led to the arrival of mixed race children are in all circumstances an occasion for celebration (ie  ).

A pact between UKIP and the Conservatives

It is interesting to speculate whether a by-election win for Douglas Carswell will make a pact between UKIP and the Conservatives more likely.

Especially as mediation via Carswell might sidestep the antipathy between Farage and Cameron.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Apropos Rotherham, is "society" watching what is going on at the long line of taxis that perpetually waits in the car park at Peterborough railway station?

Collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham

Jonathan Freedland, quoting Hugh Muir, deliberately misses the point when discussing political correctness saying "If fear of the accusation of discrimination is so potent, how come it’s not inhibiting discrimination in the rest of our national life?"

Political correctness is not used to inhibit those who do not care for BME people.  You can scream "racist" at Nick Griffin as much as you like it will not have the least effect.  He will just laugh roguishly and nod at you and give you the thumbs-up sign.

Political correctness is used by bullying lefties to control and manipulate those who believe in political correctness (or those who have cause to fear the clauses in laws and contracts and mission statements that give the malign ideology its force).

Jonathan Freedland is a clever person.  He must know this is how the bullying works.  Therefore he has deliberately chosen to defend the ideology of political correctness because he prefers a world where bullying lefties have a stick to police society even if that means collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham.

Which means that he, and people who agree with him, must accept some responsibility for what happened in Rotherham.

And that is why political correctness must be eradicated from society.
I like Douglas Carswell and would like to see him do well, even against my own Party.

Roger Lord is behaving like an ass.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Orange Scotland

It would be interesting to know the views of Orange Scotland.

As a Labour MP she depends on the Pakistani bloc vote in Rotherham and so cannot speak out against the rapists

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss the Rotherham gang rape scandal and was interviewed by Jackie Long.

Ms Champion blandly asserted that the gang rapes were not special to Rotherham but happened all over the country.

Of course, as a Labour MP she depends on the Pakistani bloc vote in Rotherham and so cannot speak out against the rapists.

Instead she has to pretend that "society" is guilty.

How long has she known about the rape culture in Rotherham?

They rival Magda Goebbels in their cultural fanaticism and commitment to racial purity

Rather fatuous report on Channel 4 News from Rotherham yesterday.

The reporter wandered into a barber's shop and interviewed some genial Pakistani elders who all said how shocked they were at what had happened, and how no-one knew anything.

Although the reporter was correct up to a point in his choice of interviewee, he displayed an alarming ignorance of Pakistani society.

A Pakistani community might be "led" by male elders, but Pakistani families are controlled by matriarchs.

And there is possibly no more vicious, racist and controlling group in the current British population than Pakistani matriarchs. 

They rival Magda Goebbels in their cultural fanaticism and commitment to racial purity.

They knew what their sons and grandsons were up to, and they did not care because the victims were white.  Possibly they encouraged the behaviour as a way of protecting the daughters of their own community.  The victims in their eyes were worthless kaffir trash.

If you are serious Channel 4 News about understanding how this happened you need to be looking more closely at the Pakistani matriarchs and the rotten social structures they control.

"We're all guilty" Suzanne Moore emotes

"We're all guilty" Suzanne Moore emotes, discussing the Rotherham rape gangs in this Guardian piece:

"I'm guilty, you're guilty, EVERYONE is guilty.  Except of course women, women are not guilty.  Oh and the public sector, they are saints.  And the minority communities 'cos I know for a fact white men raped Caribbean girls in the 1980s, so no ethnic minorities can be guilty.  And my sistuh Julie Bindle has been writing about all this for yonks so there is nothing new anyone can say.  Powerful white Tory men raped all those girls in Rotherham, and that's a fact."

I'm paraphrasing of course.

But it shows you how rattled the left is becoming over this scandal that Suzanne Moore feels obliged to write this drivel.

Nationalising all schools and making private education illegal

Philosophically I have always supported the idea of private education, but the insouciance of the establishment towards immigration has led to my abandoning the idea.

Only when everyone is "down and dirty" with the migrants is anything going to be done to stop the endless surge.

This means nationalising all schools and making private education illegal so that the elite's children have the migrants in their face like the rest of us.

Until we the people get what we want (which is an end to all immigration) the establishment must not get what they want.

Society is guilty, we are all guilty

Weasel words from Keir Starmer on the Today programme this morning (former Director of Public Prosecutions now adviser to the Labour Party) when discussing the Rotherham rape gangs.  He was most unwilling to blame any specific group for the crimes, and (by quoting a so-called expert in child protection) repeated the lefty-liberal view society is guilty, we are all guilty.  Which means of course that no-one is guilty and so the community in Rotherham gets off and Labour's bloc vote is safe for another election.

And I am puzzled as to how 1,400 rapes could have taken place without anyone in authority becoming alarmed.  Surely some of these rapes produced children?  Did this not show up statistically as a spike in the number of mixed race births in Rotherham to very young teenage mothers? (in which case we would expect Ed Balls as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families 2007-10 to have been informed).

The organisation British Future (sic) takes an obsessive interest in mixed race birth rates - did they not notice a boom in mixed-race duel-heritage children in Rotherham?

Or was it the case that all pregnancies as a result of the rapes were aborted? (which obliges us to ask serious questions about the way abortion on demand is facilitating rape cultures).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Please don't tell me the Pakistani community in Rotherham didn't know what was going on

Jack Dromey MP waffling on Newsnight when discussing Rotherham, endlessly saying "lessons must be learned".

Dreadful Sheila Taylor even now unwilling to abandon the politically correct "society is guilty, we are ALL guilty" mantra that has protected the Pakistani rape gangs for sixteen horrific years.

And please don't tell me the Pakistani community in Rotherham didn't know what was going on.  There are roughly ten thousand Pakistanis in the town, in big families that all know each other.  Anonymous behaviour (over sixteen years and involving 1,400 rapes) in that community would have been impossible.
On Channel 4 News Jon Snow reported live from Rotherham.

It's the Pakistanis who are the real victims here

The fact that Sunny Hundal's defensive article on the Rotherham Pakistani rape gangs is entirely predictable does not in any way excuse his disgraceful attitude:

It seems that the 1,400 children in Rotherham have now been raped three times - physically raped by the Pakistani gangs, socially raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty, and cerebrally raped by Sunny Hundal (and others like him) who are arguing with great subtlety and skill that it's the Pakistanis who are the real victims here.

However Mr Hundal is absolutely wrong in his assertion:  "The men preyed on these girls because they were weak or because they were physically or mentally intimidated, not because of the colour of their skin."

The law says that where crimes are committed by a person of one ethnicity against a person of another ethnicity there is an automatic presumption that the crime is racially motivated until proven otherwise.

This is the law you and your community wanted Mr Hundal.

You can't wriggle out of it now.

The children were also raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty

There seems to be some questioning on whether "political correctness" contributed to the cover-up of sexual abuse by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham (thousands of children have been raped by these gangs).

There can be no room for doubt on this issue.

Under the Public Sector Equality Duty all public employees are legally obliged to promote a positive view of race relations, irrespective of the reality of the situation.

Professor Alexis Jay when presenting her report into the Rotherham abuse took great care to tell us that she found no evidence that ethnicity was a factor in the abuse, even though Laura Kuenssberg on Newsnight pointed out to her that every page of her report mentioned ethnicity.

What is going on here?

Is it the case that Professor Jay is so stupid that she cannot interpret the evidence of her own report?

Or is it the case that Professor Jay knows that under the Equality Duty she is legally obliged to suppress the ethnic identity of the perpetrators and promulgate the view that "society" in general had created the conditions leading to the rapes and beatings and other horrors?

Indeed, does not observance of the Public Sector Equality Duty explain why all the council officials and elected councillors and police officers looked the other way in Rotherham?  As recipients of public money they could not legally do otherwise.  Pakistani gangs raped 1,400 children in Rotherham over sixteen years, but the children were also raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Which politicians as a matter of urgency now have the courage to demand the repeal of the Public Sector Equality Duty?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One is forced to conclude that Enoch Powell was right about these people

This is so shocking:

Not for the first time one is forced to conclude that Enoch Powell was right about these people.

The Conservative Party must "adapt" to ethnic minorities

Stupid and offensive and deeply racist (in the most profound sense of the term) article by Ian Warren for the Times:

What on earth does this evil cretin mean when he says the Conservative Party must "adapt" to ethnic minorities?

Choosing candidates for no other reason than they have thick lips and crinkly black hair?

Offering bribes to BME communities to try to buy their votes? (that strategy rather back-fired for Labour in Bradford West).

If his analysis is correct, and BME immigrant settlers are taking over positions of power in the United Kingdom, no amount of appeasement is going to stop this trend.

The BME immigrant settlers will behave in the same arrogant and oppressive way as the Afrikaner immigrant settlers behaved in South Africa.

Eventually we will be subjected to an ideology of black supremacy (there are signs this is already happening).

And the response to that oppression will be inevitable.

Do we really want to go down this road?

Left alone the ISIS death cult in Iraq will also collapse

The growing ISIS hegemony in Iraq is being reported as a major international crisis, but is it really?

Let us consider an historical analogy.

During the 1960s and 1970s Western powers militarily intervened in South East Asia.

This intervention failed, support for the puppet regimes in the area was withdrawn and the West lost interest in South East Asia.

In Cambodia the failed state became dominated by a murderous genocidal death cult of astonishing violence.

Eventually the violence in Cambodia so sickened neighbouring states that they intervened to impose order.

Is there any reason to suppose that on-going Western intervention in South East Asia would have avoided the Pol Pot regime?

Is there any reason to suppose that left alone the ISIS death cult in Iraq will also collapse under the stress of internal contradictions?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shade Those Laurels is an unfinished novel by Cyril Connolly

There is a gap between new fiction and old classics.  For instance, Shade Those Laurels is an unfinished novel by Cyril Connolly finished by Peter Levi.  Entirely forgotten now.

I have just finished reading it, and really enjoyed it.

"Creepers and climbers mostly... so feeble and so aimless, yet they get exactly where they want; they rise by doodling: oh the cruel strength of the weak!"

"...the manna of humanism which made everything else seem either insipid or bitter."

"'s so terrible, the wickedness in the world.  And because we in England are kinder and saner than anyone else we're in the greatest danger."

"The public still want book reviews although they don't want books".

"...action is what defines a man."
Dominic Grieve is an idiot:

When the Mosleys were interned during the Second World War was there a pathetic Dominic Grieve type wittering on about human rights?

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" (Martin Luther King Junior).

UKIP has an edge on Labour

On the LabourList website John Clarke argues that UKIP has an edge on Labour:
I smell a rat here:

No indication in this article of what question was asked.

"Would you support the idea of more international students if it means higher overall long-term immigration into the United Kingdom?"

That question would get a resounding NO from supporters of all parties, even the Liberal Democrats.
I'm sorry he's died of course, but am I the only person who thinks Richard Attenborough was over-rated?