Saturday, December 31, 2016

Services to the Leave campaign and the Brexit result

It is the time for national honours to be awarded.

I would like to make an award of my own - to Dateline London for services to the Leave campaign and the Brexit result.

Throughout the campaign the programme presented a seemingly endless parade of foreigners with varying accents and ethnicities almost all sneering and jeering at the British people in a way most calculated to annoy the viewers and persuade them that whatever the arguments of the referendum this claque of foreigners must have their faces smacked (metaphorically).

So thank you Dateline London guests, and keep on what you are doing.

Brexit will be more final for your efforts.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A significant point is being conceded

Very little comment in the news about the Pakistani planned expulsions of millions of migrants:

And absolute silence from all the usual pontificators.

Nothing from Sundar Katwala (British Future sic), usually so keen to give an opinion on these matters.

Nothing from Shami Chakrabarti (former head of Amnesty International and now Corbyn toady in the House of Lords).

Nothing from Yasmin Alibhai Brown (Independent writer).

And little evidence of Hope Not Hate no-platforming Pakistani academics at British universities.

Of course all these people (and many others) are master exponents of Molierean Tartuffery.

Nevertheless, a point is being conceded here.

That it is possible for a nation state (one with a huge diaspora population in the United Kingdom) to expel millions of migrants and nobody says a word.  They look the other way.  They pretend it isn't happening.

Of course, it would be unthinkable for the United Kingdom to forcibly expel millions of migrants.

But we could usefully expel a hundred thousand or so (and we more or less know the ones we don't want).

Therefore I repeat - a significant point is being conceded here.

Conflicts that are nothing to do with us

Guardian writer Owen Jones appeared on Sky News Press Preview and made a comparison between the old fear of Soviet Russia exerting an undue influence on left-wing movements in the West, and the new Russia of Putin exerting a supposedly equal influence on right-wing movements today.

This is a false reading of history.

Soviet Russia had a communist ideology that it was determined to export to the rest of the world.  It was a direct threat to Western nations.  It had to be confronted, and the useful idiots that supported it needed to be negated.

There is no such necessity today.

Putinism is not an ideology that has any relevance or appeal outside Russia.

Russian foreign policy may be expansionist, but it would have to expand a long way before it began to touch us in the United Kingdom.  Let them keep the Crimea.  Let them take the Baltic states (look how insultingly rude the leaders of those states were to the United Kingdom during the Brexit referendum).

There are already signs that imperial-overreach is beginning to curb Russian expansionism.  Imperial overreach is a self-correcting mechanism in international affairs.  As we only too well know, empires might deliver prestige, but are extremely expensive to maintain.

We need to be careful about Russian expansionism, but not get involved in conflicts that are nothing to do with us.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


On the whole I think it is shameful the way the outgoing Obama administration is treating Israel.

Obama was only ever a token President - and everything he has done has been tokenistic and without substance.

Now in his last days his administration is talking abusively knowing they can scuttle away and not face any consequences.