Wednesday, January 06, 2016


In case anyone was wondering, I am still around.

It's just that Jeremy Corbyn has largely made my work superfluous.

Indeed, in all three aims and objectives of the institute (countering the Labour party; helping "renew" the Conservative party from within; carrying out a transformation of society based on leaving the EU) the situation is so far advanced that we need a period of consolidation.

In 2005 who would have believed that the monolithic Labour machine would elect Jeremy Corbyn and tear itself to shreds, with resignations live on the BBC.

Who would have belived that we would have a Conservative majority government with a Conservative Prime Minister of six years standing.

Who would have believed that we would not only have a referendum on United Kingdom membership of the EU, but actually have a LEAVE side that stands a good chance of winning.

However, on the issue of the referendum I think it is unlikely that we will win first time round.  Indeed it might be better to lose by a narrow margin and wait for a larger swell (not least a swell of anger) to carry us forward.  Whatever the result, the national consensus that our future lies in the EU has been broken, and broken for the foreseeable future.