Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Theresa May's government

Alec Nussbaum:  "You can't judge Theresa May's government by the senior appointments she makes on the first day.  When Margaret took power she was obliged to stuff her Cabinet with wets like Walker, Prior, Gilmour and the rest.  Only when we see who the junior ministers are will we know the real ideological direction Theresa May intends to travel along."

A priority for Mrs May

And so today Theresa May will become Prime Minister.

I welcome her appointment.

And like many others I am speculating about what her policies might be.

Obviously Brexit.

And as a practicing Anglican I trust that Christian principles will guide her decisions (and perhaps she can reassert Prime Ministerial control over the appointment of bishops so the senior clergy do not continue as a self-appointed elite).

But one of the key areas Mrs May must address is the issue of immigration.

The referendum (as Sundar Katwala pointed out in one of his tweets months ago when he thought Remain would win) was a referendum on immigration.

And the people voted no to immigration.

That vote must be respected.

Above all, the continued existence of ghettos must be brought to an end.  Gently one hopes.  But robustly if necessary.

Post-war immigration has meant, for ordinary English people, the appearance of ghettos in every city, suburb and town in the country.  Not just one wave of ghettos, but a continuing process of ghetto-generation so that nowhere is safe from this blight.  Ghettos have even appeared in the rural countryside in the last ten years.

These ghettos have not been addressed honestly as a public evil.  Instead we have been told that they are vibrantly diverse communities to be celebrated as part of the (now discredited) policy of multiculturalism.  Anyone who spoke out against the creation of ghettos has, heretofore, been called a "racist".

This must stop.

Ghettos have appeared as a result of government policy over the last sixty years.

They must be dealt with as a result of government policy.

No more ghettos.

Therefore a priority for Mrs May must be the development of policies to stop the creation of new ghettos and disperse the existing ghettos.  In particular this must mean the ending of family visas enabling the importation of south Asian brides.  As for those Eastern Europeans already here, the young men can stay (they will be absorbed into the population easily) but it must be made clear that they will not be allowed family visas - if they are missing their families they can travel in the opposite direction.

Immigration policy is going to be a key test for Mrs May and her government.

If it does not stop, and the ghettos start to be removed, her name will become anathema to the majority of British people and large sections of her own party.

David Cameron has, for right-wing Conservatives, been a disappointment

We are to have a new Prime Minister today.

It is an exciting moment.

David Cameron has, for right-wing Conservatives, been a disappointment.  The disillusion began when he reneged on holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  I know it was already signed by the time he took office, but he could have held a symbolic and consultative referendum.

Instead he chose to renege on his promise, in what became a slap in the face for the Eurosceptics.

And not surprisingly the Eurosceptics slapped his face back, and went on slapping it until he had had enough and petulantly resigned after saying he would stay on whatever the referendum result.  So on your way Mr Cameron.  I don't wish to sound ungracious but on the whole you will not be missed.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Intellectually dishonest article about Sterling

Another intellectually dishonest article about Sterling in the Independent:

If you line up establishment commentators predicting economic disaster in the event of Brexit then is it any wonder that investors take fright when Brexit happens.

It is akin to shouting fire in a crowded cinema.

Make do with the immigrants you have already

Thus begins the special pleading over immigration:

Under the new normal of Brexit the guiding principle for all future immigration must be:  will it benefit the ordinary people?

Not the ivory tower academics,  Not the fat cat employers.  Not the upper-middle-class servant-employers.

They've had their turn.  They've had stonking levels of immigration (which the rest of us have had to pay for).  Now it is time for Sir Leszek Borysiewicz and his ilk to show some restraint.

You make do with the immigrants you have already Sir Leszek, 3 million should be more than enough for anyone.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

It needs to be done

Regarding the Labour party, the Parliamentary party must (MUST) reflect the membership.

Until this happens there will be no end to the crisis.  So the activists need to deselect the ones who are unrepresentative.  Painful and unpleasant, but it needs to be done.

The Conservatives also have this problem, but so far we are bit more discreet and polite about the issue (perhaps too discreet and polite - at least the EU referendum flushed out the Remainers).

I doubt this is a serious threat

Via Sundar Katwala the news that 20 Conservative MPs will defect if Leadsom is elected.

I doubt this is a serious threat.

But for the future someone needs to note the names so they can be deselected.

Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life

Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life over all other forms of social organisation:

It has been a long wait for Conservative members to hear this welcome message.

As a single person with no children (but nieces and nephews!) I nevertheless realise the fundamental importance of the family in creating and sustaining the sort of society I, and so many millions, wish to live in.

Society has been sick for so long that perversion (in its widest sense) has become the new normal.

But with Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister things will change.

Let us look how far we have come since the Referendum:

  • Post Brexit the United Kingdom has become a nation state once again.
  • With Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom as the two leadership candidates we are assured that Protestant Anglican Christianity will be governing the development of policy.
  • And if Andrea Leadsom becomes leader we know that the family will be at the centre of society.

Andrea Leadsom is supposed to have been "naive" in allowing her comments to slip out.

And yet if she had planned this disclosure it could not have done her more good among the Conservative membership.

Perhaps she did plan this?

And note the sneering has begun...