Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Great Silence by Juliet Nicolson

I have just finished reading The Great Silence by Juliet Nicolson.

It is about the immediate aftermath of the First World War in the United Kingdom.

Popular history, and perhaps too reliant on published sources, but with many interesting points.

"Despite the millions of deaths that had occurred in the name of love of country, patriotism remained undiluted."

The Victory Parade in London on 19th July 1919 - The Times said the men would be "marching in the full consciousness of triumph".

The "empty tomb" of the Cenotaph was a Christian symbol (not a secular monument as some modern commentators have claimed).

Is it unreasonable to make a connection between the rape of 1,400 girls in Rotherham and the desire of Muslim men to join in jihad

Lisa Markwell (The Independent), reviewing the newspapers on BBC News 24 this morning, said "it's happening all over the country" when asked about the Rotherham rape gangs.

This is I'm afraid a rather too glib dismissal of what has emerged.

I do not doubt that rape happens all over the country - and these crimes must be prosecuted with all the force of the law.

But what has happened in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby and elsewhere has been the specific identification of Muslim rape gangs.

Which inevitably leads one to ask whether the rape of white girls is a manifestation of internal jihad by Muslim communities in the United Kingdom.

We know that large numbers of Muslim men are so motivated by the idea of jihad that they travel overseas to take part in it.

We know that ISIS jihadis in Iraq and Syria have taken part in beheadings and rapes as an expression of their jihad.

We know that Muslims carried out an attempted beheading in Woolwich in 2013 in the name of jihad.

We know that Muslim gangs have raped women and children in Rotherham and elsewhere.

Is it unreasonable to make a connection between the rape of 1,400 girls in Rotherham and the desire of Muslim men to join in jihad against the United Kingdom?

I'm sorry if this suspicion offends liberal sensitivities, but we are not going to solve the problem until we understand it thoroughly, and that means asking uncomfortable questions.

Were Ministers and senior civil servants aware

A Home Office report?

Was the Rotherham scandal known about in Whitehall?

Were Ministers and senior civil servants aware of what was going on?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Unrestricted immigration will destroy liberal democracy

On Dateline London earlier today Michael Goldfarb said (discussing immigration) that a record number of people are "on the move" internationally and "there is nothing you can do about it".

There is nothing you can do about it if you remain a liberal democracy.

However the likelihood is that unrestricted immigration will destroy liberal democracy as demands grow for something to be done (it has already completely undermined trust in politicians).

Walter Ulbricht was able to control cross-border migration.

And an Ulbrichtesque society is where we are heading if popular demands on immigration are not responded to.

Can the Director of British Future apologise

Children that resulted from the Rotherham rape gangs were "disappeared" by social services:

Obviously all children are innocent and deserve our care and consideration.


Can we have an assurance from think tank British Future that they will not use the mixed race offspring of the Rotherham rape gangs in their pro-immigration propaganda (ie ).

Can British Future also make an effort to remove from their pro-immigration propaganda statistics all mixed race children that have been a result of asian rape gangs (Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford etc).

Can the Director of British Future apologise for the misleading impression he has propagated that the social conditions that have led to the arrival of mixed race children are in all circumstances an occasion for celebration (ie  ).

A pact between UKIP and the Conservatives

It is interesting to speculate whether a by-election win for Douglas Carswell will make a pact between UKIP and the Conservatives more likely.

Especially as mediation via Carswell might sidestep the antipathy between Farage and Cameron.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Apropos Rotherham, is "society" watching what is going on at the long line of taxis that perpetually waits in the car park at Peterborough railway station?

Collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham

Jonathan Freedland, quoting Hugh Muir, deliberately misses the point when discussing political correctness saying "If fear of the accusation of discrimination is so potent, how come it’s not inhibiting discrimination in the rest of our national life?"

Political correctness is not used to inhibit those who do not care for BME people.  You can scream "racist" at Nick Griffin as much as you like it will not have the least effect.  He will just laugh roguishly and nod at you and give you the thumbs-up sign.

Political correctness is used by bullying lefties to control and manipulate those who believe in political correctness (or those who have cause to fear the clauses in laws and contracts and mission statements that give the malign ideology its force).

Jonathan Freedland is a clever person.  He must know this is how the bullying works.  Therefore he has deliberately chosen to defend the ideology of political correctness because he prefers a world where bullying lefties have a stick to police society even if that means collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham.

Which means that he, and people who agree with him, must accept some responsibility for what happened in Rotherham.

And that is why political correctness must be eradicated from society.
I like Douglas Carswell and would like to see him do well, even against my own Party.

Roger Lord is behaving like an ass.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Orange Scotland

It would be interesting to know the views of Orange Scotland.

As a Labour MP she depends on the Pakistani bloc vote in Rotherham and so cannot speak out against the rapists

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss the Rotherham gang rape scandal and was interviewed by Jackie Long.

Ms Champion blandly asserted that the gang rapes were not special to Rotherham but happened all over the country.

Of course, as a Labour MP she depends on the Pakistani bloc vote in Rotherham and so cannot speak out against the rapists.

Instead she has to pretend that "society" is guilty.

How long has she known about the rape culture in Rotherham?

They rival Magda Goebbels in their cultural fanaticism and commitment to racial purity

Rather fatuous report on Channel 4 News from Rotherham yesterday.

The reporter wandered into a barber's shop and interviewed some genial Pakistani elders who all said how shocked they were at what had happened, and how no-one knew anything.

Although the reporter was correct up to a point in his choice of interviewee, he displayed an alarming ignorance of Pakistani society.

A Pakistani community might be "led" by male elders, but Pakistani families are controlled by matriarchs.

And there is possibly no more vicious, racist and controlling group in the current British population than Pakistani matriarchs. 

They rival Magda Goebbels in their cultural fanaticism and commitment to racial purity.

They knew what their sons and grandsons were up to, and they did not care because the victims were white.  Possibly they encouraged the behaviour as a way of protecting the daughters of their own community.  The victims in their eyes were worthless kaffir trash.

If you are serious Channel 4 News about understanding how this happened you need to be looking more closely at the Pakistani matriarchs and the rotten social structures they control.

"We're all guilty" Suzanne Moore emotes

"We're all guilty" Suzanne Moore emotes, discussing the Rotherham rape gangs in this Guardian piece:

"I'm guilty, you're guilty, EVERYONE is guilty.  Except of course women, women are not guilty.  Oh and the public sector, they are saints.  And the minority communities 'cos I know for a fact white men raped Caribbean girls in the 1980s, so no ethnic minorities can be guilty.  And my sistuh Julie Bindle has been writing about all this for yonks so there is nothing new anyone can say.  Powerful white Tory men raped all those girls in Rotherham, and that's a fact."

I'm paraphrasing of course.

But it shows you how rattled the left is becoming over this scandal that Suzanne Moore feels obliged to write this drivel.

Nationalising all schools and making private education illegal

Philosophically I have always supported the idea of private education, but the insouciance of the establishment towards immigration has led to my abandoning the idea.

Only when everyone is "down and dirty" with the migrants is anything going to be done to stop the endless surge.

This means nationalising all schools and making private education illegal so that the elite's children have the migrants in their face like the rest of us.

Until we the people get what we want (which is an end to all immigration) the establishment must not get what they want.

Society is guilty, we are all guilty

Weasel words from Keir Starmer on the Today programme this morning (former Director of Public Prosecutions now adviser to the Labour Party) when discussing the Rotherham rape gangs.  He was most unwilling to blame any specific group for the crimes, and (by quoting a so-called expert in child protection) repeated the lefty-liberal view society is guilty, we are all guilty.  Which means of course that no-one is guilty and so the community in Rotherham gets off and Labour's bloc vote is safe for another election.

And I am puzzled as to how 1,400 rapes could have taken place without anyone in authority becoming alarmed.  Surely some of these rapes produced children?  Did this not show up statistically as a spike in the number of mixed race births in Rotherham to very young teenage mothers? (in which case we would expect Ed Balls as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families 2007-10 to have been informed).

The organisation British Future (sic) takes an obsessive interest in mixed race birth rates - did they not notice a boom in mixed-race duel-heritage children in Rotherham?

Or was it the case that all pregnancies as a result of the rapes were aborted? (which obliges us to ask serious questions about the way abortion on demand is facilitating rape cultures).

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Please don't tell me the Pakistani community in Rotherham didn't know what was going on

Jack Dromey MP waffling on Newsnight when discussing Rotherham, endlessly saying "lessons must be learned".

Dreadful Sheila Taylor even now unwilling to abandon the politically correct "society is guilty, we are ALL guilty" mantra that has protected the Pakistani rape gangs for sixteen horrific years.

And please don't tell me the Pakistani community in Rotherham didn't know what was going on.  There are roughly ten thousand Pakistanis in the town, in big families that all know each other.  Anonymous behaviour (over sixteen years and involving 1,400 rapes) in that community would have been impossible.
On Channel 4 News Jon Snow reported live from Rotherham.

It's the Pakistanis who are the real victims here

The fact that Sunny Hundal's defensive article on the Rotherham Pakistani rape gangs is entirely predictable does not in any way excuse his disgraceful attitude:

It seems that the 1,400 children in Rotherham have now been raped three times - physically raped by the Pakistani gangs, socially raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty, and cerebrally raped by Sunny Hundal (and others like him) who are arguing with great subtlety and skill that it's the Pakistanis who are the real victims here.

However Mr Hundal is absolutely wrong in his assertion:  "The men preyed on these girls because they were weak or because they were physically or mentally intimidated, not because of the colour of their skin."

The law says that where crimes are committed by a person of one ethnicity against a person of another ethnicity there is an automatic presumption that the crime is racially motivated until proven otherwise.

This is the law you and your community wanted Mr Hundal.

You can't wriggle out of it now.

The children were also raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty

There seems to be some questioning on whether "political correctness" contributed to the cover-up of sexual abuse by Pakistani gangs in Rotherham (thousands of children have been raped by these gangs).

There can be no room for doubt on this issue.

Under the Public Sector Equality Duty all public employees are legally obliged to promote a positive view of race relations, irrespective of the reality of the situation.

Professor Alexis Jay when presenting her report into the Rotherham abuse took great care to tell us that she found no evidence that ethnicity was a factor in the abuse, even though Laura Kuenssberg on Newsnight pointed out to her that every page of her report mentioned ethnicity.

What is going on here?

Is it the case that Professor Jay is so stupid that she cannot interpret the evidence of her own report?

Or is it the case that Professor Jay knows that under the Equality Duty she is legally obliged to suppress the ethnic identity of the perpetrators and promulgate the view that "society" in general had created the conditions leading to the rapes and beatings and other horrors?

Indeed, does not observance of the Public Sector Equality Duty explain why all the council officials and elected councillors and police officers looked the other way in Rotherham?  As recipients of public money they could not legally do otherwise.  Pakistani gangs raped 1,400 children in Rotherham over sixteen years, but the children were also raped by the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Which politicians as a matter of urgency now have the courage to demand the repeal of the Public Sector Equality Duty?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One is forced to conclude that Enoch Powell was right about these people

This is so shocking:

Not for the first time one is forced to conclude that Enoch Powell was right about these people.

The Conservative Party must "adapt" to ethnic minorities

Stupid and offensive and deeply racist (in the most profound sense of the term) article by Ian Warren for the Times:

What on earth does this evil cretin mean when he says the Conservative Party must "adapt" to ethnic minorities?

Choosing candidates for no other reason than they have thick lips and crinkly black hair?

Offering bribes to BME communities to try to buy their votes? (that strategy rather back-fired for Labour in Bradford West).

If his analysis is correct, and BME immigrant settlers are taking over positions of power in the United Kingdom, no amount of appeasement is going to stop this trend.

The BME immigrant settlers will behave in the same arrogant and oppressive way as the Afrikaner immigrant settlers behaved in South Africa.

Eventually we will be subjected to an ideology of black supremacy (there are signs this is already happening).

And the response to that oppression will be inevitable.

Do we really want to go down this road?

Left alone the ISIS death cult in Iraq will also collapse

The growing ISIS hegemony in Iraq is being reported as a major international crisis, but is it really?

Let us consider an historical analogy.

During the 1960s and 1970s Western powers militarily intervened in South East Asia.

This intervention failed, support for the puppet regimes in the area was withdrawn and the West lost interest in South East Asia.

In Cambodia the failed state became dominated by a murderous genocidal death cult of astonishing violence.

Eventually the violence in Cambodia so sickened neighbouring states that they intervened to impose order.

Is there any reason to suppose that on-going Western intervention in South East Asia would have avoided the Pol Pot regime?

Is there any reason to suppose that left alone the ISIS death cult in Iraq will also collapse under the stress of internal contradictions?

Monday, August 25, 2014

Shade Those Laurels is an unfinished novel by Cyril Connolly

There is a gap between new fiction and old classics.  For instance, Shade Those Laurels is an unfinished novel by Cyril Connolly finished by Peter Levi.  Entirely forgotten now.

I have just finished reading it, and really enjoyed it.

"Creepers and climbers mostly... so feeble and so aimless, yet they get exactly where they want; they rise by doodling: oh the cruel strength of the weak!"

"...the manna of humanism which made everything else seem either insipid or bitter."

"'s so terrible, the wickedness in the world.  And because we in England are kinder and saner than anyone else we're in the greatest danger."

"The public still want book reviews although they don't want books".

"...action is what defines a man."
Dominic Grieve is an idiot:

When the Mosleys were interned during the Second World War was there a pathetic Dominic Grieve type wittering on about human rights?

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" (Martin Luther King Junior).

UKIP has an edge on Labour

On the LabourList website John Clarke argues that UKIP has an edge on Labour:
I smell a rat here:

No indication in this article of what question was asked.

"Would you support the idea of more international students if it means higher overall long-term immigration into the United Kingdom?"

That question would get a resounding NO from supporters of all parties, even the Liberal Democrats.
I'm sorry he's died of course, but am I the only person who thinks Richard Attenborough was over-rated?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

To the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, which looked superb after the recent refurbishment.

The Museum had an absorbing exhibition of artifacts from Tibet - carved book covers, prayer wheels, and this jewelled portable shrine.

Tibetan plants carefully pressed and annotated.

A portrait of academic and explorer Cecil Bendall.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

ComeRes poll

UKIP added to Conservatives in the ComRes poll equals 50%.

Surely time to think again about a pact.

Kate Bush

All the newspapers are full of Kate Bush.

In a Kate Bush profile in today's Guardian, mention is made of the Tennysonian Ninth Wave.

I knew we had Hounds of Love somewhere in the house.  It was in a terrible state, grimy and dusty.  In a cupboard that cannot have been opened for at least ten years.

Everything she does is interesting


Today is the centenary of the Battle of Mons:

High on a wall, the memorialised names were unreadable.
On a baroque shelf a plain vase contained votive flowers.
The artificial red poppies flowed upwards like a flame.
Even after a century the cold sacrifice burns.

Friday, August 22, 2014

All I have done this evening is sleep.

Later I will watch Newsnight.

On Newsnight yesterday presenter Kirsty Wark told a staggeringly vulgar joke about Alex Salmond and coitus interruptus.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


On the Today programme this morning there was a trivial item on cravat-wearing which is supposedly experiencing a revival.  It was revealed during banter that Robert Peston refused to wear a tie when presenting Newsnight recently.  Jeremy Paxman famously once removed his tie live on Newsnight.

We are of course used to preening television presenters, behaving “outrageously” to draw attention to themselves.

But do they have a point?

IS the tie a redundant piece of clothing?

When Lord Reith ran the BBC in the 1920s he insisted that all presenters wore full evening dress, even when presenting on radio.  He would have regarded merely wearing a tie as disgracefully underdressed.  Refusing to wear even a tie would have provoked him to a state of furious apoplexy.
So one can see that protests over the dress code are a continuous progression.

When full evening dress is specified the presenters start agitating to wear lounge suits.  When lounge suits are allowed there is pressure to just wear a jacket and a tie.  When jacket and tie is allowed, there is pressure to discard the tie.

Therefore one must ask where all this is going to end.

When Evan Davies begins to present Newsnight will he want to sit there in a string vest?

Will he want to be completely topless displaying his nipple piercings? (his colleagues apparently call him “tinsel tits”).

Will we end up with all presenters on Newsnight only wearing thongs?

Will there then be complaints that thongs are out-moded and old-fashioned and redundant?

Will we then see presenters removing their thongs live on Newsnight?

Enoch Powell was right about these people

Regarding the beheading of an American journalist in Iraq by someone assumed to be from a British BME immigrant community, was it not obvious that this was going to happen?

Were we not warned by Enoch Powell that this would be the outcome of allowing BME immigration into the United Kingdom?

Whether the beheadings happen in Woolwich or Iraq, do they not demonstrate that Enoch Powell was right about these people?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Thomas Tallis, Robert Whyte, John Taverner (the early one)

I was so early on Saturday that I had time to go into one of the colleges and listen to a choral concert of Tudor music.

Thomas Tallis, Robert Whyte, John Taverner (the early one).

Momento nostri Domine
In gravi isto corpore
Qui es defensor animae
Adesto nobis Domine

Remember us, O Lord
Who bear the burden of this mortal form
You who are the defender of the soul
Be near us, O Lord

Sunday, August 17, 2014

David Cameron's article in the Sunday Telegraph

Having read David Cameron's article in the Sunday Telegraph surely if there is any suggestion of terrorist activity by a particular immigrant community the whole of that community should be interned, and they stay in internment areas until the problem is sorted out or they decide to go elsewhere in the world.

And before the liberals start, yes internment DID work in Northern Ireland.

Showing off

There is an episode in EM Forster's Howard's End where Helen Schlegel finds Leonard and Jackie Bast starving in London and instead of immediately helping them she transports them all the way to Shropshire so they could feed at her sister's extravagant wedding breakfast.

Helen Schlegel's compassion for the Basts is bogus - if she really wanted to help them she could have fed them in London easily and cheaply.

Instead Helen Schlegel was more interested in showing off her compassionate credentials, in making her sister feel guilty, in upsetting the Wilcox family for no other reason than spite.

I was reminded of this literary incident when I read Fraser Nelson's article in the Sunday Telegraph arguing that Iraqi Christians should be transported half-way across the world to the United Kingdom instead of being looked after in the locality.

One rather suspects that Mr Nelson is preening his liberal sensitivities, presumably to try to offset the "nasty Tory" image he has been smeared with.

Is there ANY problem in the modern world that is not met with the excited call: we must let more BME immigrants into the United Kingdom?

There is plenty of room in Poland (we know there is, as millions of Poles have come here) - I am willing for the United Kingdom to pay for the relocation of the Iraqi Christians to Poland.

Get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country

Discussing the immigrants-in-container tragedy, a smart-alec immigration lawyer was arguing on BBC News 24 that they should be given admission to the United Kingdom because they were Sikhs (Afghanistan Sikhs actually) and Sikhs "fought for Britain" in the First World War and therefore there was an obligation to let them in.

Was it not obvious that this scam was going to be tried, ever since Sunder Katwala and others started banging on about how much is "owed" to BME people because of their "sacrifice" during the First World War.

The fact that Afghanistan was neutral during the First World War is neither here nor there.

It's another excuse to get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country.

Immigration is a gigantic electoral fraud being practised against the people of the United Kingdom.


BBC News 24 had a report on Cornish demands (sic) for devolution.

The representative interviewed from the Cornish Nationalist movement said that Cornwall and South Wales were the two most deprived parts of England.

Geography is presumably not his strong point.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When the sorbet arrived there was a candle in it, although no mention had been made of my birthday.

Perhaps they guessed from the champagne we ordered.

Friday, August 15, 2014


It was kind of Alec Nussbaum to remember my birthday (which is tomorrow).

He brought into the office these cakes.

They were like a sort of jam roly-poly.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Foxes Glorious

I'm listening to Foxes Glorious a lot recently:

Heading for defeat, as Diane Abbott recently told a private meeting

Nice try by George Eaton in the New Statesman, but it is not really convincing:

He argues that the Tories are heading for defeat because of their poor image among BME communities.

And yet he also points out "There are still significant numbers of MPs on the opposition side who believe that their party is heading for defeat, as Diane Abbott recently told a private meeting".

If Diane Abbott does not know how the BME communities are likely to behave then it is unlikely that George Eaton does.

A possible supermarket tax

Discussions on a possible supermarket tax:

The proceeds for such a tax should be allocated to young graduates in retailing (from Colleges of Further Education) opening shops that specialise in groceries and other supermarket products.  Thus supermarkets will be obliged to subsidise competition (perhaps three years of Business Tax for each graduate).  High streets will be revitalised, and many young people will find entrepreneurial employment.

Obviously prices in a specialist cheese shop in Bedford are going to be higher than discount products in the cheese aisle at the Bedford branch of Tescos.

But presumably many shoppers will be prepared to pay a little more if they know that a young person is to be supported.

And the supermarket oligarchy will have a self-correcting mechanism.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Benjamin Zephaniah

I'm afraid this interview with "poet" Benjamin Zephaniah is just drivel:

No acknowledgement that the majority of the population has been opposed to post-war immigration and that they do have a right, in a democracy, to decide who they share their national home with.

Also more of the ridiculous posthumous ethnic identification of various historical figures and groups as black (the Romans were black, Cleopatra was black, the Royal Family is black, Lord Kitchener was black, I am black, YOU are black).

All-around horrible human being

The ghastliness of Tony Blair:

Glenn Greenwald (not someone I usually agree with) describes him on Twitter as:  "warmonger, profiteer, devoted servant of tyrants, and all-around horrible human being".

We just have to take John Major's word for it?

Forgive me for being sceptical, but I find this statement by John Major about BME people rather difficult to believe:  "They shared my house.  They were my neighbours.  I played with them as boys"

Is there any photographic evidence of this happily-integrated "vibrantly diverse" inter-ethnic fraternisation in 1950s Brixton?

A picture of BME people sharing the Major house perhaps?  Or one of the Majors and their BME neighbours chatting over the garden fence?  Or perhaps a heart-warming snap of John Major as a lad playing with BME boys?

What, not even one photo?

We just have to take John Major's word for it?

Thank you, but I would rather not take John Major's word as a guarantee of the truth.  I'm afraid that John Major's word is worth nothing.  Less than nothing.

Unavailable because of a dental appointment indeed!

There are some people for whom the c-word must be reserved.

John Major is one of those people.

No more immigration of any kind, ever

The whole argument over immigration is getting nonsensical - see this ignorant article on Conservative Home:

To listen to these pro-immigration apologists you would think that immigration had never been tried in the United Kingdom.  That we were still at the first tentative dipping-toe-in-the-water stages.  That we needed just suspend our fears for a little and see how delightful immigration can be.

The reality is that we have had WAVES of immigrants since the Second World War.  We have had MILLIONS and MILLIONS of immigrants coming into the country.  We have had so many immigrants we are drowning in them.

Mr Goodman, you have had your immigration.

It hasn't worked.

The economy has not been transformed.

The majority of people in the country do not like the social results of immigration.

The Conservative Party as we know it is becoming unelectable because of immigration into key marginals.

It's time to say no more.

No more immigration of any kind, ever.

If you want immigrants there are millions here already - go and be "vibrantly diverse" with the ones already here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No democratic consent means no immigration

For all his political posturing Ryan Shorthouse has yet to realise that we live in a democracy:

You can have as much immigration as you want Mr Shorthouse, all you have to do is put it in a manifesto and ask people to vote for it.

No democratic consent means no immigration.

As Mrs Thatcher would advise you:  you can't always have what you want.

Everything he touched turned to dross

John Major has suddenly come over all pro-immigration:

Before everyone starts applauding him for his liberal sensitivities, let us not forget that this is the man who mucked up higher education in the United Kingdom.

It was under John Major's government that Polytechnics "became" Universities.

The result was massive inflation in academic snobbery, with nonsense courses like Media Studies replacing practical courses like Engineering.

Therefore we have an over-supply of second rate arts graduates (second rate because the polytechnics never really became universities, despite the change of name and the introduction of port into the newly-created Senior Common Rooms), and a chronic under-supply of graduates with practical skills.

Thus the clamour from employers for immigrants with the vocational skills we have stopped teaching to young people.

John Major when Prime Minister was a reverse King Midas - everything he touched turned to dross.

I know she is a little light-weight but...

Scathing dismissal of Yvette Cooper by political consultant David Talbot:

"...robotic, Dalek-like answers which say everything but nothing at all..."

"...ambition for the sake of ambition..."

And note the sneer at her background:  "First Class degree in PPE at Oxford, Harvard, Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign, Harriet Harman’s office via the Independent and emerging as Labour’s Member of Parliament for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford".

I know she is a little light-weight but surely she does not deserve this level of bile?

And from a fellow lefty, writing on a lefty website!

As Margot Channing might say:  "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy leadership election."


The Middle East is a lot more complicated than some lefty Twitter pundits might think.

One sympathises with the refugees in northern Iraq, and one is entirely repulsed by the ISIS (IS? ISL?) fanatics.

But the Kurds do not have a blameless history.

They were complicit in the Armenian genocide carried out by the Turks one hundred years ago.

There are no good guys and no bad guys in the Middle East.

Sayeeda Warsi has been entirely eclipsed

How clever of the Conservative Party to neutralise Sayeeda Warsi's mischief-making by producing (as if out of a hat) ANOTHER Foreign Office resignation.

The shock of the new being what it is, Sayeeda Warsi has been entirely eclipsed.  Yesterday's chip paper.  Just another half-remembered case of sour grapes.

Of course, they knew all along Mark Simmonds was going, and just needed the right moment to announce it.

Who was the genius who bundled Simmonds out the door just in time to take the attention away from Warsi?

Surely this was Lynton Crosby?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Died aged twenty at the Second Battle of Ypres

Memorial to Viscount Wendover who died aged twenty at the Second Battle of Ypres (wounded 13th May 1917, died 19th May).

"...the whole line, the Essex on the right and the 10th Hussars on the left, rose as one and rushed the hill. The going was deep, but no one halted until the trench was reached as were also a series of holes which the line degenerated into on the right. Very heavy casualties were suffered in both regiments."

You can see the young Lieutenant's sword and spurs, and a regimental trumpet and banner.

Mark Simmonds has resigned

One rather suspects Mark Simmonds has resigned and is standing down because he thinks UKIP will take the seat in 2015 (an opinion I share).

Certainly he did not resign to show solidarity with the Muslims in Gaza.

Also do not forget that the disproportionate allocation of government posts to Liberal Democrats has had an undue effect upon middle-ranking Conservatives such as Mark Simmonds - he has not progressed as might be expected (for someone of his talents) because there are too many LibDems clogging the way.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Old wise cat.

She was a rescue cat.

She knows what she likes and what she does not like.

She knows what she wants and does not want.

She has a long-term illness.

If you try to give her pills she just goes "pah" and spits them out.


In this article in today's Observer, Ashley John-Baptiste says "I feel more sure now that many teachers quickly wrote me off".

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Hav by Jan Morris

I have just finished reading Hav by Jan Morris.

It is a work of fiction, but so realistic in style that it is completely convincing as a travelogue.

The peninsula of Hav is a combination of every left-over society you can think of - Hong Kong, Cyprus, Lebanon, Smyrna, Crimea, Aden.

The planned city of New Hav resembles Portmerion.

"...they had been oppressed for so long that they had lost their national characteristics and become subdued and inhibited."

"...our real quarrel with our rulers is part aesthetic, part ideological, part doctrinal, part liturgical."

"...age creeps up on all of us.  Prosperity too."

Has Sean Connery apologised

Half-watching Thunderball on ITV4 Plus 1, James Bond played by Sean Connery has just groped and assaulted a health worker:

The film was made in 1965, and as many defendants in recent court cases have argued, things were different then.

But has Sean Connery apologised for his role in making sexual assaults acceptable?

Or is this just laughed off as a bit of fun?

Has Alex Salmond and the SNP distanced themselves from Sean Connery?

Labour without its traditional voters

This article by John Clarke on the LabourList website is fascinating:

Labour have taken the white working class for granted for so long that they no longer know how to woo them.

And this is at a time when the squeeze on living standards (caused by Labour's economic mismanagement in 2008 of course) has caused large sections of the population to re-evaluate their "class" with many redefining themselves from middle class to working class.

Class is of course a cultural construct.  Households may self-identify as middle-class if they feel relatively well-off and optimistic about the future (even if their discretionary income is not all that great).  The same households when experiencing sustained difficulties will shed their middle-class pretensions (foreign holidays, kumquats from Sainsbury's, clothes with designer labels) and assert they are plain working class.

Just as Gordon Brown sold off the gold reserves just before the price of gold shot up, so Labour jettisoned the white working class just as that class resumed a position of key importance in national elections.

"Labour without its traditional voters is the SDP – and look what happened to them" says John Clarke.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Monument to Charles Lamb in the City.

Author of The Old Familiar Faces
Sad news about Freya, cat belonging to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

I hope there are regular updates in the news.
I was interested to read what the Most Reverend Dr Richard Clarke (Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland) has said about death-on-demand:

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Educational displacement

Very interested in this Times Higher Education article about educational displacement:

To ethnic cleansing and social cleansing we must now add meritocratic cleansing.

Of course, clever people like Jonathan Portes argue that displacement doesn't happen, that it is a figment of one's imagination.

We had an early dinner in the Greys Inn Road.

It was early, so at first we were the only people there, the waiters very solicitous.

So hot that the entire glass wall onto the street had been opened.

The melon ice cream very fine.

I felt obliged to accept

Shouted down at a public meeting!

Not often that happens.

There was an unsettling sense that "they" were ready for us.

Which raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions.

But not everyone was against us. 

In the time after the meeting when everyone was milling around the hall talking Alec Nussbaum asked me to hold a packet of his menthol cigarettes while he answered questions. 

While I was doing so a man aged about twenty came up to me, cropped hair, t-shirt, tatty jeans - socio-economic class D (non working casual or lowest grade worker depending on the state for his income).

Offering me an open packet of cigarettes he said to me in a friendly manner:  "D'ya want a real fag instead of puffin' on that shit".

Although I do not smoke I felt obliged to accept one.

I think he wanted to give something, and a cigarette was all he had to offer.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Boris Johnson is serious about being Prime Minister

If Boris Johnson is serious about being Prime Minister he will need to move well to the right on immigration.

WELL to the right.

Only someone to the right of Theresa May on immigration policy stands any chance of becoming leader of the Conservative Party (should a vacancy arise).

And we are not just talking vague airy platitudes - he will need to come up with detailed effective plans to slam the door shut and start sorting out all the unwelcome guests we have acquired (I am thinking of the Channel 4 News report yesterday from the northern France coast).

The legacy of Gordon Brown

Very interesting session looking at cost of living.

The subject had an average salary that had remained static since 2008.

He had credit card debts of £18,000 - roughly matching the decline in his salary due to inflation since 2008.

Because of his good credit rating he had been able to cope with the decline in value of his income by borrowing on his credit cards.

It rather looks like the legacy of Gordon Brown has been to solve the problem of state debt by pushing the burden onto individuals (quantitative easing reduces the value of the pound sterling thus leading to rising prices in key areas such as petrol and food, thus reducing the value of salaries and wages).

This is Labour's catch-22 they have left us.

Interest rates therefore cannot go up - the consequences will be catastrophic.

Blair and the Labour party killed far more children in Iraq than the Israelis have killed in Gaza

It is possible of course that Ed Miliband's stance over Gaza is the considered view of a principled statesman pursuing an ethical foreign policy:

But is it not convenient that it also provides him with a way of distancing the Labour party from the Blair invasion of Iraq?

Of making the Labour party the defender (rhetorically) of the world's Muslims?

Of scooping up all those bloc vote abstentions in inner city constituencies that contributed to Labour's defeat in 2010?

The fact that Blair and the Labour party killed far more children in Iraq than the Israelis have killed in Gaza is neither here nor there.

Ed Miliband and his goons will be counting on the fact that memories are short.  That Gaza is a bigger issue than Iraq.  That Muslim bloc voters do as their elders tell them.

Will this strategy work?


Bloc voters are stupid (that is a truism I'm afraid).

But it may blow up in Ed Miliband's face.

Not everyone will forget what Blair did in Iraq (and they may test Mr Miliband by insisting on the expulsion from the Labour party of Tony Blair and the remaining Blairites).  Not every Muslim will be convinced by Ed Milband's emergence as the champion of the Muslims.  Adopting a pro-Muslim foreign policy might lose as many votes as it attracts, since one of Labour's biggest problems is that it is seen as the pro-immigrant party.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Israel controlling Gaza

Very interesting point made by Douglas Murray (Henry Jackson Society) on Newsnight this evening discussing Gaza - regimes in the region are more in favour of Israel controlling Gaza rather than seeing Hamas triumphant.

That is possibly why the Foreign Office is not listening to the rather crazed lefty attacks on Israel.

It is possible that the ISIS behaviour has so sickened Arab opinion that it has put back the cause of the Palestinians.
How many of the useless teachers booted out of the teaching profession by the Gove reforms are going into the Church of England as women priests and wannabe women bishops?

Are we seeing the Anglican priesthood transformed into a velvet ghetto?

Can we see some research that tells us what backgrounds the women priests are coming from?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essentially a civil war

All the lefty politicos rushing onto social media to give us the benefit of their views on the Gaza tragedy are missing a crucial point - the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essentially a civil war.

It cannot be resolved until both sides learn to live with each other (through shared institutions) and share access to the places each culture values.

Like all civil wars the United Kingdom should not take sides.

Does this not describe China today?

In an article that is almost a caricature of lefty polemics A Very Public Sociologist writes about the origins of the First World War

However one paragraph caught my eye:

"The majority of workers had a stake in the bourgeois state, in their nation. Conversely, despite double-digit growth, Tsarism in Russia and its struggle to maintain the autocracy actively stymied the rise of its growing working class. By denying it a stake in their system, Russian proletarians were more combative, more open to revolutionary ideas..."

Does this not describe China today?

Will China go the same way as Tsarist Russia?

Good riddance Ms Warsi

Baroness Warsi has resigned:

Good riddance Ms Warsi.  You were only a window-dressing BME token so please do not take yourself too seriously.  Remember to return your freebie Peerage on the way out and do close the door after you.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Mentioned In Dispatches for taking water to the wounded in no-man's land.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori

In the military chapel the flags hang silently, in mute witness.

In the glass case the book of names (each page protected by a sheen of tissue) is turned daily.

In another place.

In a dark alcove.

The Royal Arms glow from the middle of the dull black achievement.

The rose marble panels and the gilt entablature add luxurious honour to the forgotten lists.

In the three-sided space the dead names speak to one another.

Oscillating in perpetual loyalty and adulation.

Above the memorial is written the homage which, fictional or not,

Only the mean-spirited would deny the dead boys:

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

The Great War

Three of my ancestors died in the Great War.

All brothers.

All in the same week.

Two died at the Battle of Arras, one drowned in the Pool of London.

During the hundreth anniversary of that week I hope to go to France and also to the Pool of London.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

The WIlliam Morris Gallery

In one of the afternoons some of us went out to the William Morris Gallery.  As the name indicates, this is a museum devoted to William Morris, one of the greatest of the Pre-Raphaelites.  The day was so hot it felt Mediterranean and Walthamstowe was transformed into a dazzlingly beautiful suburb.

Rather alarming bust of William Morris.

Everything he did was perfect - I would love this book of the nature of Gothic.

William Morris was of course a socialist, but don't let that put you off.  He was a "good" socialist.  He would probably have a fit if he could see what the current lot of goons have done to the Labour Party.

There are many treasures at the Gallery including this Burne-Jones painting of St George and the Dragon.

William Morris and the arts and crafts movement holds a clue as to how society might develop going forward.  As globalisation increasingly dominates our lives we can expect a revulsion at the homogenised existences on offer.  In such a context the ideals of William Morris might provide a solution as to how society can be organised.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Church of St Bartholomew the Great in the City of London.

It has a lovely atmosphere and a wonderful Norman interior.

"None" is an unambiguous word

Jesus said:  I am the way the truth and the life, except through me none can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

"None" is an unambiguous word.

Which rather makes me think Rowan Williams is talking heresy.

Silent Sunder Katwala

Is it not astonishing how silent Sunder Katwala (British Future sic) has been about the immigrant contribution to the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland medal achievement at the Commonwealth Games?

If you recall, Mr Katwala (and other lefty pro-immigration lobbyists) was almost incontinent with excitement because so many BME people won medals for the United Kingdom at the London Games in 2012.

This was used as a validation of post-war BME immigration (which has occurred against the wishes of the majority).

The BME achievement was not repeated at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

If it has not been repeated that the Commonwealth Games I think we are justified in regarding it as a flash in the pan. 

A deleterious flash in the pan since the funding that was obviously steered towards BME athletes in the run-up to 2012 could have been allocated fairly with an even greater medal haul.

It rather looks as if the integrity of the 2012 Games is going to suffer.

Dishonest emotional blackmail

However you dress it up Mr Manzoor, one thing I can absolutely assure you of is that British men did not fight and die in the First World War so that BME people could make their homes in the United Kingdom.

So please take your dishonest emotional blackmail elsewhere.

They were not heroes they were mercenaries. 

Friday, August 01, 2014

What would you do?

Interesting scenarios referred to by Tim Montgomerie (The Times):

Without wishing to take sides, I think Israel's response is understandable.

Imagine you are alone in a remote house, sleeping in bed on a dark night. 

You are awakened by sounds from below - horrible sounds as if your house was being trashed.

You then hear more than one person starting to come upstairs.

As a farmer you legally own a shotgun.

You go out onto the landing and see several men with long knives coming up the stairs towards you - when they see you hesitate they rush forward.

What would you do?

Almost certainly you would use the shotgun, even though at that particular moment you might have a more powerful weapon than the robbers.

The Gaza crisis is having a detrimental effect upon the Labour party

In this article Rob Marchant (Former Labour Party manager, political blogger and commentator) argues that the Gaza crisis is having a detrimental effect upon the Labour party:

I suppose they are haunted by the Bradford by-election when the Muslim bloc-vote went to George Galloway, not the Labour candidate.

Does this explain the plethora of lefties who are filling up their Twitter sites emoting over the dead children of Gaza?

Is this all a cynical (but very sophisticated) positioning exercise designed reassure Muslim voters in marginal inner city seats that Labour is on their side and the wicked Tories are supporting Israel?

Are the dead children of Gaza being used as an opening pitch in the 2015 British general election?

Shame on you Labour - you are Bad People for doing this.