Thursday, August 28, 2014

Society is guilty, we are all guilty

Weasel words from Keir Starmer on the Today programme this morning (former Director of Public Prosecutions now adviser to the Labour Party) when discussing the Rotherham rape gangs.  He was most unwilling to blame any specific group for the crimes, and (by quoting a so-called expert in child protection) repeated the lefty-liberal view society is guilty, we are all guilty.  Which means of course that no-one is guilty and so the community in Rotherham gets off and Labour's bloc vote is safe for another election.

And I am puzzled as to how 1,400 rapes could have taken place without anyone in authority becoming alarmed.  Surely some of these rapes produced children?  Did this not show up statistically as a spike in the number of mixed race births in Rotherham to very young teenage mothers? (in which case we would expect Ed Balls as Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families 2007-10 to have been informed).

The organisation British Future (sic) takes an obsessive interest in mixed race birth rates - did they not notice a boom in mixed-race duel-heritage children in Rotherham?

Or was it the case that all pregnancies as a result of the rapes were aborted? (which obliges us to ask serious questions about the way abortion on demand is facilitating rape cultures).

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