Wednesday, August 20, 2014


On the Today programme this morning there was a trivial item on cravat-wearing which is supposedly experiencing a revival.  It was revealed during banter that Robert Peston refused to wear a tie when presenting Newsnight recently.  Jeremy Paxman famously once removed his tie live on Newsnight.

We are of course used to preening television presenters, behaving “outrageously” to draw attention to themselves.

But do they have a point?

IS the tie a redundant piece of clothing?

When Lord Reith ran the BBC in the 1920s he insisted that all presenters wore full evening dress, even when presenting on radio.  He would have regarded merely wearing a tie as disgracefully underdressed.  Refusing to wear even a tie would have provoked him to a state of furious apoplexy.
So one can see that protests over the dress code are a continuous progression.

When full evening dress is specified the presenters start agitating to wear lounge suits.  When lounge suits are allowed there is pressure to just wear a jacket and a tie.  When jacket and tie is allowed, there is pressure to discard the tie.

Therefore one must ask where all this is going to end.

When Evan Davies begins to present Newsnight will he want to sit there in a string vest?

Will he want to be completely topless displaying his nipple piercings? (his colleagues apparently call him “tinsel tits”).

Will we end up with all presenters on Newsnight only wearing thongs?

Will there then be complaints that thongs are out-moded and old-fashioned and redundant?

Will we then see presenters removing their thongs live on Newsnight?

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