Sunday, February 28, 2016

If Philip Hammond does not apologise to Bill Cash I think his constituency should turn him out:

Epping will not put up with this.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

This article by Janice Turner in The Times is

Increasingly we will hear more and more voices from the left insist on being heard.

This conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power

Wednesday I attended a campaign briefing meeting. 

It was the first time I had been back at the Institute since my contract came to an end.  I was surprised how everything seemed changed and yet nothing seemed changed.  I was officially there as a "volunteer" but Alec Nussbaum assured me that I would have a senior role in his plans.

It was a typical Nussbaum event.  Seminar room in complete darkness except for the projector light.  Rows of seats gradually filling up with people one seldom saw, about fifty people in all.  Rock music bellowing out to supposedly get us "uplifted" - Starship's Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now which went on and on and then repeated so that I thought my eardrums might be perforated.

Alec Nussbaum talked for nearly two hours and such was the force of his enthusiasm that one hardly noticed the time.

He was particularly scathing about the Labour party (of course) and listed the ways in which their abdication from the EU debate would not only back fire on them but positively blow up in their face.

He described the Labour party as currently being in a "Dutch oven" - a phrase of such staggering vulgarity that I cannot write its meaning but if you go to this link there is a definition:

Anyway, the analogy is that the Labour party is all in bed together but only Jeremy Corbyn and one or two others have their heads out.  The rest are under the covers and suffering the effects of the Dutch Oven.  Eventually they are going to burst out gasping for breath and insisting on having their say.

Effectively this conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power.  We saw this before with the unholy alliances that ushered in Blair.  And we know how bad that was for the Labour party. 

David Cameron's joshing of Jeremy Corbyn

"Horrible, nasty, pathetic" is Owen Jones's verdict on David Cameron's joshing of Jeremy Corbyn's sartorial style:

And yet on Dateline London this morning Polly Toynbee jeered at Donald Trump's messy hair: (12.10 intothe programme where she is saying his policies were "as terrifying as his hair looks").

And has Owen Jones forgotten the 2008 Crewe & Nantwich by-election where official Labour individuals pranced around in top hats and tails to imply that dressing formally should be a bar to holding a parliamentary seat?

Horrible, nasty and pathetic indeed Owen Jones, but your side started it.

Friday, February 26, 2016

We are not a democracy

Jonathan Freedland is finessing the argument about sovereignty:

There is a simple test one can apply to the issue of democracy.

In every single post war survey of public opinion the majority have said they want immigration to stop.

And yet it does not stop.

It continues at an ever-accelerating rate.

Therefore we are not a democracy.

Therefore we live in a tyranny.

And it matters little that the tyranny is currently benign.

That state of affairs can flip as easily as anything.

If you care about animal welfare you should vote LEAVE in the EU referendum

Another example of how the EU is driving standards ever lower instead of raising them:

If you care about animal welfare you should vote LEAVE in the EU referendum.

Otherwise these cheap cruelty-max meat products will flood the United Kingdom driving out ethical producers and making extreme cruelty in meat production the norm.

If you vote LEAVE the much higher welfare standards in the United Kingdom will be maintained.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

David Cameron's backing band

Alan Johnson, Hilary Benn, Iain McNicol, Chuka Umunna... have reduced themselves to David Cameron's backing band. 

The depth of corruption within the elite

I think when you see the Observer giving such gratuitous gubernaturnal support to David Cameron you realise the depth of corruption within the elite:

But is it not amusing to see the holier than thou Observer simply reprinting a press release!

God bless Boris Johnson

God bless Boris Johnson:

God bless Michael Gove.

God bless Iain Duncan Smith (who was wonderful on The World This Weekend at lunchtime):

At Holy Communion this morning I again prayed that the LEAVE side would win.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Emotional forces of which they are entirely unaware

There is a discernible sense of arrogance and entitlement among the Westminster politicians concerning the forthcoming EU referendum:

Perhaps they genuinely feel that they are in charge of the process.

That they will decide things among themselves.

And yet emotional forces of which they are entirely unaware may surprise them.

Forces that may well turn out Mr Cameron and put Mr Gove at the head of the government before the end of the year.

Friday, February 19, 2016

A tremendous fraud is being practised against the British people

Watching Newsnight about the so-called breakthrough in the EU renegotiations, one is left with the feeling that a tremendous fraud is being practised against the British people:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Impartial report on The economic impact of ‘Brexit’

Produced by Capital Economics for Woodford Investment Management, this is an impartial report on
The economic impact of ‘Brexit’:

Some quotes:  

Immigration - Immigration from the European Union is currently boosting the workforce by around 0.5% a year. This has helped support the economy’s ability to grow without pushing up wage growth and inflation ( my note - in other words, immigration is depressing wages in the United Kingdom).

Trade and manufacturing - It is highly probable that a favourable trade agreement would be reached after Brexit as there are advantages for both sides in continuing a close commercial arrangement.

Financial services and the City - The City would probably be hurt in the short term, but it would not spell disaster. The City’s competitive advantage is founded on more than just unfettered access to the single market.

Regulation, innovation and productivity - Brexit is only likely to have a limited impact on Britain’s productivity.

Foreign investment - Concerns about a drying up of foreign direct investment if Britain votes to leave the European Union are somewhat overblown.

Public sector - The British government could save about £10bn per year on its contributions to the European Union’s budget if the country left the bloc.

Consumption and property market - any negative impacts will be small, certainly at a macroeconomic level.

Overall - Although the impact of Brexit on the British economy is uncertain, we doubt that Britain’s long-term economic outlook hinges on it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The intervention of the Duke of Cambridge into the EU Referendum debate

What is one to make of the intervention of the Duke of Cambridge into the EU Referendum debate? (for it is fairly obvious that it was an interevention):

Has he thought through the impications for the monarchy if we remain in the EU?

What is the point of having a Sovereign that is not actually sovereign?

The British monarchy becomes reduced to the kind of Eurotrash celebrity princelings that besmirch the national life of Spain and Monaco.

That would never suit us.

Support would inevitably drain away.

Prince William needs to understand that if we stay in the EU the monarchy is on the way out, one way or another.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pro-LEAVE Labour MP Graham Stringer

Strong Bruges Group meeting on 25th February.

Includes pro-LEAVE Labour MP Graham Stringer.

If you see me there say hello. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Whatever "rabbit" emerges needs to be scrutinised very carefully by the media

On the Andrew Marr Show this morning Labour MP Giesela Stuart warned that the EU is heading towards deeper political integration:

Andrew Marr also warned us "we know there is a rabbit in David Cameron's hat".

We must be wary of this.  The whole of the renegotiations has so far been a manipulative pantomime with stage villains, choreographed storylines, and two-dimensional principle boy heroics.  Whatever "rabbit" emerges needs to be scrutinised very carefully by the media, and it is certain to be an attempt to deceive.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ridiculous scare-mongering by travel "chiefs"

Ridiculous scare-mongering by travel "chiefs" on the front page of the Sunday Times:

What next?

Brexit will lead to a national shortage of marron glace?

Brexit will lead to British holiday makers on the continent being pelted with dead animals and called rude names a la Monty Python

Brexit will lead to Germany firing vengeance-weapons at British cities? *

* this last actually happened, which makes Gunter Krichbaum's current threats all the more offensive.

John Kerry urges UK to stay in "united EU"

John Kerry urges UK to stay in "united EU".

Surely he is not going to claim to be a friend of the United Kingdom?

According to the Guardian the American President is planning to interfere in British affairs (article by Patirick Wintour):

It will be interesting to see how Barack Obama does this.

Surely he is not going to claim to be a friend of the United Kingdom?

This is Barack Obama who in his autobiographical Dreams From My Father accused the British of atrocities during counter-terrorist operations in Kenya here

This is Barack Obama who maliciously accused "British Petroleum" of polluting the Gulf of Mexico when the company he was referring to had been known as BP for years, was as much American-owned as it was British-owned, and when almost everyone involved in the pollution fiasco was American not British.

This is Barack Obama whose first action on becoming American President was to send back to London the bust of Winston Churchill that had been displayed in the White House Oval Office.  It is not clear whether he spat on it before it was sent back.  But certainly it was sent back in a symbolic act that was unmistakable.

No, Barack Obama cannot claim to be a friend of the United Kingdom.

And any attempt to interfere in our internal affairs needs to be robustly rebuffed.

Indeed, let me start the rebuffing now by saying:  fuck off Obama, you are no friend of ours.

Friday, February 12, 2016

THIRTEEN government ministers will defy David Cameron

Tomorrow's Sun:

"THIRTEEN government ministers will defy David Cameron to campaign to leave the EU."

And presumably one of those thirteen will be the next Conservative Party leader since whatever the result of the EU referendum (and I am hoping for a LEAVE win) it is inconceivable that Cameron could stay on after his farcical Jungle-camps-in-Kent blunder.

A politician can survive many things, but not ridicule.

Cameron's fear-mongering will rebound upon him

There is a wonderful article by about the EU by Melanie Phillips in today's Times:

I urge you to read it.

Such intellectual clarity is rare.

"...Cameron's fear-mongering will rebound upon him.  For he is displaying contempt, not just for the public's intelligence but their desire to govern themselves."

A discussion about fear-mongering in the EU referendum

On Daily Politics this lunchtime there was a discussion about fear-mongering in the EU referendum campaign.  Agreement from Kelvin MacKenzie and Anne McElvoy that for David Cameron to use the fear of Jungle Migrant Camps so early in the campaign is an indication that things are not going well.  "His private polling is probably telling him he is going to lose" Kelvin MacKenzie said.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Discussion on immigration

Nigel Farage easily won a discussion on immigration on this evening's Question Time:

Margaret Thatcher and the EU

There are so many claims flying around about Margaret Thatcher and the EU that it is worth setting the record straight with this letter she sent to Bill Cash MP.

If you vote LEAVE you are a Russian stooge

Hereditary Labour MP Hilary Benn (in the House of Commons for no other reason than that he is his father's son) is using fear to compel voters to remain in the European Union:

If you vote LEAVE you are a Russian stooge Mr Benn is telling us.

This is of course a disgraceful claim to make.

But for the LEAVE campaign it is encouraging that Hilary Benn stoops so low. 

The REMAIN side have nothing to offer.  They are bankrupt of ideas.  In short, the REMAIN side is going to lose.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Boris is such a legend

This is VERY interesting:

If Boris Johnson were to lead the LEAVE campaign everything would change.

And on a personal level it is his best chance of becoming Prime Minister.

And Boris is such a legend.

A scam, a fix, a deception

Faisal Islam talking to Adam Boulton on Sky News just now mentioned that Bil Cash MP has published the legal advice of the European Council to David Cameron about the renegotiation.

Apparently the much-vaunted "Summit" of EU leaders next week is not a summit at all.

It is a scam, a fix, a deception.

Shame on you David Cameron.

Not much in the way of integrity from George Monbiot

Actually George Monbiot mentions TTiP in today's Guardian (which I did not get to look at until this evening):

But he concludes he is a "pro-European Eurosceptic" and intends to vote to stay in.

Not much in the way of integrity from George Monbiot.

His policy is to just hope for the best (against all the evidence).

Former Tory leader William Hague

Notice how in this article for the Daily Telegraph former Tory leader William Hague (a failure as a leader let us remind ourselves) tells us that someone who is 100% sure on an issue is a "fanatic":

Note the line:

Is the national identity of the United Kingdom best preserved by escaping from the supranational goals of the European Union, or would withdrawal from it risk, as I have argued, the disintegration of the United Kingdom itself?

I think people will be surprised at the strength of LEAVE feeling in Scotland, and on the day it may well be the majority opinion in Scotland for a variety of reasons.

TTiP is of course an EU initiative

How quiet the left is being over the EU referendum.

Nothing from the Unions.  Not a peep out of lefty activist Owen Jones.  Very sotto voco murmerings from well-known Eurosceptic Labour MPs.

And yet these are all people who get agitated about Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTiP).

TTiP will mean the end of the NHS the left usually shouts.

TTiP is of course an EU initiative.

Leave the EU and we choose ourselves whether we want TTiP, or a watered-down TTiP with special exemptions for the NHS and other sectors.

So one must conclude that the Labour Party and the left generally (I looking at you Owen Jones) would rather abandon the NHS to TTiP rather than campaign against the EU. 

Ian Birrill writes dismissively about the LEAVE campaign

In yesterday's Guardian Ian Birrill writes dismissively about the LEAVE campaign and confirms his status as a rotten columnist by cramming in all the usual cliches ("Little Englanders", "tiresomely banging on", "yearn for the past" etc):

Ian Birrill pretends to be in the dark about "post-Brexit Britian".

Let me enlighten Mr Birrill.

A post-Brexit Britain will be a nation that controls immigration.

That is the one thing above all others that the ordinary people want.

You are stupid Mr Birrill if you have not grasped that fact.

The Shy Leavers are not being reflected in the polls

George Eaton interviews Graham Brady MP for the New Statesman:

Note the paragraph:

Brady, who had just returned from a breakfast meeting in the City of London, told me that a number of business people have revealed to him that although their “institutional position is firmly that we should remain in the EU . . . privately their view is completely the opposite”.

More evidence that the Shy Leavers are not being reflected in the polls.

"Britain's trade to EU slumps"

Wednesday's front cover of the Daily Mail - worth reading.

"Britain's trade to EU slumps".

Hugo Duncan:

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The implications of the EU referendum for any future leader of the Conservative Party

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP points out the implications of the EU referendum for any future leader of the Conservative Party: " won’t be somebody who backs the stay campaign because the bulk of the voters are outers",
it won’t be somebody who backs the stay campaign because the bulk of the voters are outers - See more at:
it won’t be somebody who backs the stay campaign because the bulk of the voters are outers - See more at:

The primacy of EU legislation has already been conceded

David Cameron's proposed new law to "assert the sovereignty" of Parliament was exposed as a bogus con by Dominic Grieve, the former Attorney General, interviewed by Martha Kearney on the World At One this lunchtime.

The primacy of EU legislation has already been conceded.

Only by leaving the EU can Parliamentary democracy be re-established in the United Kingdom.

Lying, fear-mongering, inept bungling at every level - David Cameron is not doing very well in this campaign.

The establishment always conspires to frighten ordinary people into conformity

There was a wonderful moment on the Today programme this morning when presenter Nick Robinson, discussing the EU referendum with Whitehall "mandarin" Sir Peter Ricketts GCMG ("God Calls Me God") gently pointed out to him that the establishment always conspires to frighten ordinary people into conformity, and therefore his scaremongering about leaving the EU is likely to be disregarded.

Monday, February 08, 2016

The Daily Express tomorrow - quit the EU to save our NHS

Might be worth buying the Daily Express tomorrow - quit the EU to save our NHS the headline proclaims.

Cameron got a bad deal

I enjoyed Tim Montgomerie's column in today's Times. 

"Cameron got a bad deal in his negotiations with the European leaders".


Empty threats that mean nothing

Despicable behaviour by the Prime Minister David Cameron who earlier today was fear-mongering to tell us that the "Jungle" camp of migrants in north France would move into the United Kingdom were we to leave the EU.

The implicit threat in his statement is that if the United Kingdom dares to leave the EU there will be recriminations and retaliations by the French.

This is bullying behaviour from an Old Etonian toff the Guardian openly mocks as "Flashman".

The only possible response to bullying is to face up to the bullies and make them back off.

So let us look at the threat made by David Cameron.

Personally I believe in the sovereignty of nations, and I do not want a British border "somehow" administered in a foreign country.  I have every confidence in our ability to police our own borders.  And I am also unimpressed by the efforts to date of the French to control the Jungle or stop illegal attempts to enter the United Kingdom.

The threat of having to administer the border ourselves is no threat at all - we would do it much better than the French, and without all the European Court garbage the illegal migrants would be much easier to process.

And in any case, were we to leave the EU the numbers of cheapo predatory haulage companies pouring into England each day would be dramatically reduced, so far less lorries for the illegal migrants to jump onto.

And to address the underlying nastiness in Cameron's argument that the French would retaliate against the English, he overlooks the fact that there are approximately half a million French living in England.

Of course, there are also hundreds of thousands of English living in France, but these are mostly retired people - if the French were to retaliate against them they would simply move back to England taking their retirement wealth with them and France would be the poorer.

The French who live in England on the other hand are mostly working professionals.  I hope there would be no "retaliation" against them, but in the unpleasant world threatened by David Cameron it is possible they would be asked to leave.  In which case France would have a big surge in unemployment.

So you see the nasty negativity of David Cameron is nothing more than empty threats that mean nothing.

Using fear to imply that leaving the EU would not be good

On Farming Today this morning a Professor Mark someone or other was using fear to imply that leaving the EU would not be good for farmers and would lead to across the board price rises in food.

He disgusied his fear mongoring with a lot of humming and hahing, but that was what he was getting up.

Actually food will fall dramatically in price, and at the same time the government will be free to give subsidised support where it is needed.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

The EU trade argument in perspective

Tweet by Daniel Hannan MEP puts the EU trade argument in perspective:

A growing revolt from grassroots Tories

Article by Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph:

Mr Cameron is facing a growing revolt from grassroots Tories who are outraged that he has ordered MPs to ignore their views on Europe.

The changes to our relationship with Europe Dave announced this week

Katie Hopkins writing about the EU "renegotiation" in the Daily Mail:

People aren’t concerned by the obscure possibility we might be able to reduce in-work benefits for migrant workers if we can pull an emergency brake.

We want to know we are contributing taxes to make Britain a better place, to provide for our families and to keep the UK true to the culture we grew up to love.

I’ve a feeling if I stood on a stump in the Jungle at Calais, and read out the changes to our relationship with Europe Dave announced this week, they’d laugh in my face as they picked my pockets.

Show them a picture of the Queen and they will not know her

In this Independent article by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown she refers to a straw poll she conducted in "west" London:

Obviously inadequate, and presented in a rather vacuous way, the article nevertheless had the following:

I talked to Abroon, a Somali who works in a gym. He has many Polish friends but wants out: “Too many of them coming. No houses for them. Look how many shops they have. Not good. Send them back. They not refugees [sic].” 

Suresh Patel, a newsagent, is with Priti Patel and Khalid Mahmood: “Let us get out. These Europeans must go home. Send them away. So then our people can come. Our culture fits better. My brother’s family wants to move from India. No chance today. England and we have long relationship. The country got rich from the Raj. These people, who are they? Show them a picture of the Queen and they will not know her.” 

Mr Hussain, the Turkish grocer, doesn’t like the EU because they hate Turkey and those people in Brussels control everything. I argued with him but it was hopeless.

A politician of great intellectual integrity, admired by MPs across the spectrum

A rather flawed article by Matthew D'Ancona in the Guardian:

But it does have the interesting paragraph:

"The focus of Downing Street’s anxieties has now shifted from Theresa May and Boris Johnson to Michael Gove, the justice secretary and a key figure in the Cameron circle – social and official – since its inception. Gove is closer still to George Osborne. He behaved with great loyalty when Cameron removed him from the Department for Education for shabbily “electoral” reasons. But he is also a politician of great intellectual integrity, admired by MPs across the spectrum, and is not impressed by the Tusk deal or the arguments for signing up to it. Gove knows Cameron will be furious if he deserts him at this of all moments, and has promised an answer by the end of the EU summit, which opens on 18 February."

Is Alan Johnson running a one-man EU campaign?

Article by David Pavett on the Left Futures website which illustrates what most have us have suspected for a long while - the Labour party is lukewarm on the issue of the EU (and in  my opinion most Labour supporters will vote LEAVE):

Some excerpts:

Is Alan Johnson running a one-man EU campaign?

Alan Johnson may be a very worthy man. He may even know a great deal about Europe. But is it really possible that such a large issue with so many ramifications can be dealt with by one person?

The arguments offered by the Labour website are all of the “look at all the good things that we have obtained within the EU framework” variety. At no point is there any effort to consider the obvious counter arguments i.e. would those things have been also available had we not been in the EU? In other words the arguments are based on picking out whatever suits the desired conclusion and ignoring anything which might go in the opposite sense. This sort of argument is based on the idea that the general public are stupid and that therefore only stupid arguments will convince them.

The problem with Labour’s demand for reform of the EU is that it is not based on specific proposals... many, including Labour Party members in general and the left in particular, cannot see why they need to be engaged in EU issues.

It's no different from what already exists

On The World This Weekend (BBC Radio 4) Richard Tice, Chairman of the Business Group of Global Britain, discussed David Cameron's so-called re-negotiation and said:

"It's no different from what already exists... The Prime Minister is trying to deceive the British people... the European Union is stagnating..."

The campaign will be much more personal and aggressive

Interesting article by Isabel Hardman in today's Observer:

"Cabinet ministers who want to campaign for Britain to leave the EU are not at all happy. They had been pleased that they would get a free vote on the matter and had planned to keep up their side of the bargain by repeatedly calling for civility between the two camps in the Tory party. Now they mutter darkly that the campaign will be much more personal and aggressive. Those involved in the voluntary party are threatening to abstain from campaigning in the mayoral and local elections as revenge for Cameron’s advice that Tory MPs should “not take a view because of what their constituency association might say”.


I prayed for victory for the LEAVE campaign

This morning at Holy Communion as I knelt at the altar rail in that sacred moment between receving the bread and receiving the wine (the Body and Blood of Christ that keeps us in eternal life) I prayed for victory for the LEAVE campaign in the EU referendum.

And in one of the hymns I was moved by the words:

Great is thy Truth, and shall prevail
To Unbelievers shame;
Thy Truth and Years do never fail;
Thou ever art the same.
Unbelief is a Raging Wave,
Dashing against a Rock:
If God doth not his Israel Save,
Then let Egyptians mock.

England is a holy nation set apart to carry out God's purpose in the world. 

I have always believed that.  

Made me wonder if Andrew Marr was following his own agenda

On the Andrew Marr show this morning he interviewed UKIP MP Douglas Carswell about the LEAVE campaign.

It seemed an uninformative interview.

Andrew Marr wanted to talk about splits, divisions, differences of opinion.

Which made me wonder if Andrew Marr was following his own agenda, rather then trying to get at the truth about the issues involved.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Michael Gove would make an excellent leader of the LEAVE campaign, and an excellent Prime Minister after the referendum is over.

"Shy LEAVERS" that are not being picked up by the polls

This article by Tom Harris in the Independent on Sunday is evidence of "shy LEAVERS" that are not being picked up by the polls:

What the ordinary members of the Tory party think about the conduct of the EU referendum

It is worth buying the Sunday Telegraph tomorrow for an insight on what the ordinary members of the Tory party think about the conduct of the EU referendum (which is already underway but disgracefully one-sided so that one cannot really call it legitimate):

“...she was convinced that Britain should leave the European Union.”

An important article on Margaret Thatcher's view on the EU:

“...she was convinced that Britain should leave the European Union.”

The “emergency brake” will not reduce immigration

In this article in The Economist the hollowness of the "emergency brake" on immigration is exposed:

"...the “emergency brake” will not reduce immigration, that is because EU nationals come to Britain to work, not scrounge. The brake is unlikely to be renewed in the future because Britain will struggle to show that its migrants constitute an 'emergency'..."

Therefore immigration will not stop.

Therefore gross immigration will continue at its present excessive and outrageous rate until enough constituencies are tipped over into alien control and our country is taken from us.

No doubt the pro-immigration pro-EU lobby believes this will usher in a nirvana of pluralism, diversity and perpetual multiculturalism.

In reality we will get the same sullen communal violence (think Fiji, Syria, Rwanda) that characterises other states where the population is divided into rival interest groups.

Friday, February 05, 2016

A 9-point lead for the LEAVE campaign

The Sun reports a poll showing a 9-point lead for the LEAVE campaign:

The Referendum is the best chance the ordinary people have to say NO to the current model of globalisation, and to insist that international politics is reformed so that everyone benefits, not just the elite.

And if that means the elite are going to be hurt - well so be it, they had it coming, it's about time the elite felt some of the pain everyone else is having to feel.

The electorate is wrong

Labour MP Chuka Umuna tells us the electorate is wrong:

He also tells us you have to be "in the room" to influence EU policy.

The problem is that the ordinary people are not in the room when EU policy is being discussed.

The people in the room are the lying twisting politicians who will sell our country short for their own selfish advantage.

Chuka Umuna was part of Gordon Brown's government that railroaded through the Lisbon Treaty after promising (PROMISING) the British people would decide.

Is Chuka Umuna the sort of person you would want in a room supposedly defending your interests?

No, I didn't think so.
The fact that the Financial Times is supporting EU membership tells you everything you need to know about the way in which the United Kingdom has been taken over by big corporate special interest groups (who have bought up the Conservative Party):

A fight to the death over our freedom, independence and right to self-determination

On Daily Politics (BBC2) this lunchtime Conservative MP Stewart Jackson was interviewed about the Prime Minister's EU "renegotiation".

He said he had "a sense of palpable disappointment" at the feebleness of David Cameron's offering.

And Dave's slight of hand really will not do.

David Cameron will have to go in my opinion, and go dishonoured (no House of Lords, no Order of the Garter).

Stewart Jackson later said "we've got to unite as a party of government after the referendum".

Which does make me wonder whether politicians realise how serious the referendum is.

This is not a gentlemanly game played out by MPs in the club at Westminster.

This is a fight to the death over our freedom, independence and right to self-determination.

Thursday, February 04, 2016

The EU "renegotiation"

On Today (BBC Radio 4) this morning Mishal Husain interviewed Labour MP Alan Johnson about the EU "renegotiation".  She was pathetically inadequate.  She asked him if he was relaxed about the rate of EU immigration into the United Kingdom and he just ignored her (ignored her in an arrogant patronising let's-answer-a-different-question sort of way).

Wonderful performance from Isabel Oakeshott on BBC1's Question Time this evening.  She demonstrated real passion and authority and sincerity on the subject of the EU "renegotiation".  Not for the first time, we have to rely on a free press to defend our country.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The answer must be to turn the government out

Listening to further commentary on the so-called "deal" David Cameron has made with the EU, the question came into my mind:  what kind of people do they think we are?

Do they really think we can be fobbed off with such a sham, and our country taken out of our hands?

The answer must be to turn the government out.

Oh of course those mincing clever-dick pro-EU Tories will tell us "You can't do that because the other lot are far worse than us, tee hee hee, so you see you are stuck with us like it or not"

To which we must reply "Fuck you" and turn them out anyway.

Traitors must not prosper.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

A dark and shameful capitulation by David Cameron

The so-called "renegotiations" of the United Kingdom's membership of the EU are announced.

And they will not do.

This is a dark and shameful capitulation by David Cameron.

He is being very badly advised.

And there seems to be no major politicians rising to the challenge of history and providing leadership on this most important of all issues.

What have we, the ordinary people, done to deserve this shower of shit?