Sunday, February 07, 2016

Is Alan Johnson running a one-man EU campaign?

Article by David Pavett on the Left Futures website which illustrates what most have us have suspected for a long while - the Labour party is lukewarm on the issue of the EU (and in  my opinion most Labour supporters will vote LEAVE):

Some excerpts:

Is Alan Johnson running a one-man EU campaign?

Alan Johnson may be a very worthy man. He may even know a great deal about Europe. But is it really possible that such a large issue with so many ramifications can be dealt with by one person?

The arguments offered by the Labour website are all of the “look at all the good things that we have obtained within the EU framework” variety. At no point is there any effort to consider the obvious counter arguments i.e. would those things have been also available had we not been in the EU? In other words the arguments are based on picking out whatever suits the desired conclusion and ignoring anything which might go in the opposite sense. This sort of argument is based on the idea that the general public are stupid and that therefore only stupid arguments will convince them.

The problem with Labour’s demand for reform of the EU is that it is not based on specific proposals... many, including Labour Party members in general and the left in particular, cannot see why they need to be engaged in EU issues.

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