Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It is foolish of Jeremy Corbyn to think that nuclear weapons have anything to do with defence

Jeremy Corbyn's tiny little "no" (hardly more than a reflex rather than a considered reply) ruthlessly seized on by Sarah Montagu on the Today programme, may have mortally wounded the Labour leader:

To be fair to Mr Corbyn, if I were Prime Minister I do not think I could order nuclear weapons dropped on people.

I do not think any normal person could (possibly Blair could, but obviously he is not normal).

But it is foolish of Jeremy Corbyn to think that nuclear weapons have anything to do with defence.

Possession of nuclear weapons is a symbol of "great power" status - the price of admission to the great power club is £100 billion (and possibly cheap at this price).

Therefore no government could give up nuclear weapons without inflicting on the people of the United Kingdom precipitate national decline and humiliation akin to the Suez crisis.

And any party that inflicted such a wanton national humiliation would be severely punished (or possibly killed off altogether) by the electorate.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A triumph of mobilisation

Endless analysis of Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the Labour Party Conference.

On Channel 4 News Jon Snow interviewed a gathering of women and young people:

However it is important to realise that the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader was not a triumph of democracy, nor was it a triumph of authenticity - it was a triumph of mobilisation.

Conference-goers will be familiar with the way in which organisers chivvy people into the front rows to make the hall look full.

It is the same principle with the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

An opportunity was afforded to all the marginal lefties to vote their candidate into "power" and they seized that opportunity.  And because they continually doughnut their hero wherever he goes it looks as if the Corbyn movement is massive. But the sum of the marginal lefties is still far far short of the number needed to elect a government, even if you throw in all the disgruntled "Red Tories".

That little group of women and young people on Channel 4 News filled the camera, but when the camera zoomed out you could see it was only a little group.

Monday, September 28, 2015

I have lost about half the hearing in my left ear and just have a faint whooshing sound.

And the last time there was a super moon I experienced the same.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

At Sung Eucharist this morning:

Wisdom, Love, Might;
Boundless as ocean's tide,
Rolling in fullest pride,
Through the world far and wide,
Let there be light!

A vain and silly man hopelessly out of his depth

On the Andrew Marr Show this morning the left-wing luvvie who was interviewed was Michael Fassbender who praised convicted terrorist Bobby Sands - and not for the first time it struck me how degenerate our society is becoming.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was also interviewed, and there was a point where all his sober gravitas fell away and he became a giggling camp leftie amazed at his own good luck.  You can see it for yourself on iPlayer at 39:38 into the interview.  "Is it so disastrous... is it so disastrous... is it so disastrous..."  And I thought in that moment he gave himself away.  This is not a serious politician, still less is this a leader.  This is a vain and silly man hopelessly out of his depth.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Am I right in thinking Corbyn is an Irish name?

Why is the Labour party so relentlessly anti-English?

A counterpoint:

Present Volkswagon with a bill for the unpaid tax

It is important to realise that the Volkswagon emissions scam has not just cheated car owners and damaged the environment.

Volkswagon has also defrauded Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs.

Vehicles with lower emissions pay a lower rate of car tax in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, it is likely that purchasers of Volkswagon cars have been paying car tax at a lower rate than they would have had the emission rates not been rigged.

It would be invideous to chase car owners for the extra tax due.

But it is perfectly reasonable for the British government to present Volkswagon with a bill for the unpaid tax.

Ray Massey writes about the scam in the Daily Mail:

Friday, September 25, 2015

Big birds

Early morning, about 7am.

After about an hour I always stop to have a little walk around, since the drive to work is so tiring.

Looking up, I saw on top of the battered old Victorian warehouse a line of big birds.

Not a merl of blackbirds, still less an exaltation of larks, but a humble flight of pigeons.

How grey the morning seemed, but these birds cheered me up.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Civil war in the Labour party

Kim Howells, Labour MP for Pontypridd between 1989 and 2010, warns of civil war in the Labour party:


Sometimes I leave the television on after Channel 4 News because I am working on e-mails in the other room and have not had tome to switch it off.

And I have to tell you that most of the output of Channel 4 is absolute drivel.

When the Germans said they would take 800,000 migrants this year were they telling lies?

I am confused by the behaviour of the German government.

They have already said they want 800,000 Syrian migrants this year.

They have also said they intend to take 500,000 migrants per year for an unspecified time into the future.

Now we learn that the German government is bullying central European states over the distribution of a mere 120,000 migrants.

When the Germans said they would take 800,000 migrants this year were they telling lies?

If they were not telling lies why do they not simply take the 120,000 migrants as a first instalment of the 800,000 migrants they say will be welcome this year?  No need to bother anyone else.  Take them into Germany and keep them in Germany.

However, if the migrants (together with their descendants and dependants, since the 800,000 they take will soon double and even triple as family members claim their human right to a family reunion) are to be imposed on other EU nations then an important constitutional issue is at stake.  Artificially ramping up the population of the EU must imply an eventual allocation of citizenship to the majority of the migrants (since history demonstrates most will not return), with a consequent impact on the electorates of the EU states the Germans are bullying.  Therefore the imposition on the four bullied nations of central and eastern European must be unconstitutional.

And while we are discussing constitutional issues, has the German government gained the permission of the German electorate before they give their country away?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The most notable aspect of the Ashcroft serialisation is how implausible it all is:


First there were reports that Tony Blair was too right-wing (an insult to right-wingers) and so Gordon Brown took over in a restoration of Old Labour.

Then Labour lost the 2010 election and Ed Miliband took over as left-wing Red Ed the puppet of the unions.

Then Ken Loach said Ed Miliband was too right-wing and flounced off to form a new People's Party.

Then Labour lost the 2015 election and Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader with a massive mandate to be as left-wing as he likes.

Then Arther Scargill condemned Jeremy Corbyn for not being left-wing enough.

And this evening Channel 4 News reports that a major Labour donor complains that Jeremy Corbyn is far too left-wing and he wants his money to be used to fund a new right-wing Labourish party.


It's a good job Goldilocks stuck to tasting porridge and did not go into political punditry.

The plants seemed to shiver

My new job (three days per week) means I have to get up at 5 each morning and it is a long drive to get to the office - but the money is so good it is worth the effort.

Usually I stop half-way to stretch my legs.

And on one of these little walks I noticed this flower bed.

Keeping up a pretence that it is still summer.

And yet the morning was so chill that the plants seemed to shiver.

A couple more weeks and the show will be blackened with frost.

The other two days a week I work for Alec Nussbaum (not the Institute).  Although I suspect that it is not Alec Nussbaum who is paying me.  But over the last few years I have never been really sure who is paying me.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Integrity and high ethical standards

I find the "revelations" about David Cameron today very encouraging:

Unlike the sleazy easy-access for rich donors under New Labour, David Cameron said NO when Lord Ashcroft tried to call in favours.

All parties need to support him at this moment, as this is a valuable step in the clean-up of British politics.

I would like to see Jeremy Corbyn giving the Prime Minister credit for not giving Lord Ashcroft a place in the executive, when the temptation to do so must have been very strong.

Personally I have never been happy over Lord Ashcroft's big donations to the party as I feared he would call in the favours at some point.

I was wrong in my suspicions and I should have trusted David Cameron more - he has proved he has integrity and high ethical standards.

As for what happens at university, we have all done stupid things in our younger days. 

And having seen Isabel Oakeshott on Channel 4 News, why was she not challenged over her slap-dash research?  Presumably the Piers Gaveston society had other members she could have done some fact-checking with?  Or was she uninterested in attempting corroboration because she suspected the story was false?

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Red Tory

On Sunday Politics Arthur Scargill attacked Jeremy Corbyn for being too right-wing:

He virtually called him a red Tory.

Earlier on the Andrew Marr Show Justine Greening described the Corbyn plan to renationalise the railways as "an ideological joyride":

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Turkey is a booming economy with strong cultural, linguistic and ethnic links with Syria and Iraq

Abdel Bari Atwan was wrong to blame the West for messing up countries in the Middle East on Dateline London earlier today:

The United Kingdom ruled Iraq for less than ten years, and did not rule Syria at all.

For centuries, until 1918, the imperial power in the region was Turkey.

Turkey is a booming economy with strong cultural, linguistic and ethnic links with Syria and Iraq, and is a safe haven by any standards.

If refugees pass through Turkey on their way to somewhere else the moment they leave Turkish territory they have ceased to be refugees and asylum seekers and have become economic migrants.

And thank goodness for Alex Deane providing some much-needed balance to the programme.

Friday, September 18, 2015

For the Conservatives to rebuild in Scotland would cost £2 million per year.

That is the cost of putting a professional organiser in every constituency (73 x £30k) with a brief to sign up members by going door to door. 

It really is that simple.

Which makes you ask why there isn't the will to do it.

Making the completely unacceptable somehow respectable

This is really perverse:

It is as if the Guardian is so confident of its marketing ability that is can take the the most inhuman examples of residential architecture, repackage them as "hip happening now" and people are so gullible they fall for it.

What the Guardian is doing for brutalist architecture is what Tony Blair is doing for brutalist dictators - making the completely unacceptable somehow respectable (if you don't think for yourself).
There is something about Jasmine Thompson's voice that has a beguiling trembling quality:

Banksy's Dismaland

Daily Politics today looks at Banksy's Dismaland, which apparently includes many political statements:

Is it acceptable to have an art feature that celebrates the burning of books?

To quote Heinrich Heine:  "...where they burn books they eventually will burn people".

Germany now realises that it cannot take in the whole world

Entirely predictably, after the German Chancellor's incontinent bouts of irrational emotion Germany now realises that it cannot take in the whole world:

Can those German politicians who criticised the United Kingdom's immigration policy now apologise (publicly please) to David Cameron.

Not for the first time, it is David Cameron who is providing the true leadership in the European Union.

And when are we going to see EU countries meeting their foreign aid commitments so that Syrian refugees can be supported safely and comfortably in areas close to Syria so that they can return when their country is ultimately made safe.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I have decided to get the new iPhone 7.

And I will probably get an AppleWatch.

And if Apple did an iDrone I would be interested so long as it made me look good.

Jeremy Corbyn's sop to the pro-EU forces in his party

I rather think Patrick Wintour is indulging in wishful thinking in the article about a pro-EU Labour party:

The referendum will not be a party political event, and it matters little what the "official" line of the Labour party is since everyone will be campaigning and voting according to his or her conscience.

Therefore Jeremy Corbyn's sop to the pro-EU forces in his party is meaningless.

There will be no three-line whip on Labour MPs or Labour activists or Labour voters.

They will each do as they want to do, and campaign as they want to campaign.

The announcement today that "Labour" will campaign to stay in the EU means nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn might as well pledge Labour to campaign for the bishops to open Joanna Southcott's box.  It's a harmless pledge to make.  It will have no practical effect on the EU referendum.

The "selectorate" has sent Labour off on a very long sabbatical

According to George Eaton the knives are out for Jeremy Corbyn:

A mixture of sour grapes, thwarted ambitions and an insatiable feral desire to mischief-make (an instinct endemic in a majority of politicians, even when it is against their own interest) is already rocking the Corbyn leadership.

Owen Jones would have you believe that it is all got up by the Tory Press:

But Mr Jones is ignoring the fact that it was Labour MPs who did not cheer his first entry into the Commons as leader, it was Labour MPs who gave Mr Corbyn a "grilling" on the first meeting of backbench MPs under his leadership, and it was senior Labour politicians (including one from the Shadow Cabinet interviewed on the Today programme) who went on the broadcast media saying how offensive it was that he did not sing the National Anthem.

Labour MPs and their supporters in the media need to realise that the Labour "selectorate" has deliberately chosen an unelectable leader.  They have done this deliberately because at this stage in its existence Labour needs to concentrate on reform of internal structures (including selection of MPs and including methods of funding).  This is a process that will take at least ten years (we Conservatives know that from bitter recent experience) and should have been started in 2010 but wasn't because most (not all) in the party leadership wanted to scramble back into power as soon as possible.

Reform must come from first principles which means pure policies that flow from a renewed study of socialism.

This does not mean that pure socialist policies will win elections (they definitely will not) but the purity of socialist ideas, moderated by the Methodist-Labour tradition, moderated by the Trade Unions, moderated by the pragmatists, moderated by the eccentric oddballs, moderated even by the flouncing "stars" like Chuka Umuna, will produced original exciting policies that other parties will not be able to compete with (because they should be doing this process as well, and producing their own unique offering to the electorate).

It is this policy review that Corbyn has been elected to do (and he is certainly one who will deliver a thorough and long-term review of policy, although possibly he might fly with wings of wax too close to the burning sun of pure socialism).

It is as if the "selectorate" has sent Labour off on a very long sabbatical and said:  don't come back until you have a credible and integrated programme of policies we can sell to the voters.

To my mind (and I am not a Labour supporter, so I could be wrong) Corbyn has three tasks:

  • Purge the party of Blairism
  • Restore and rebuild the Labour party in Scotland
  • Develop new, interesting and attractive policies

As a Conservative I envy Labour this period of purgation and catharsis.

And as a Conservative I offer a small prayer that we should not forget our own dark time of wandering in the wilderness - in the words of Kipling:  Lord God of Hosts forgive us yet, less we forget, less we forget.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Perhaps Labour should appoint a Ceremonial Representative

Although I am a monarchist I am not all that bothered by Jeremy Corbyn's refusal to sing the National Anthem:

I would much rather have sincere politicians than ones who just do and say anything to get power.

Perhaps Labour should appoint a Ceremonial Representative to represent the party at state occasions, allowing Jeremy Corbyn to get on with the serious issues of policy.  Peter Mandelson might be a good candidate.  He likes dressing up and swanning around and singing anthems.

I have always thought that party leaders should not be bigging themselves up at ritual state ceremonies - it only goes to their head.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Today's change of direction

The Trade Unions have indicated that they could support the campaign to LEAVE the EU:

It is dressed up as concerns over the Social Chapter.

However the unions are under tremendous pressure from their members to do something about the importation of cheap labour that is destroying wage structures for working people in the United Kingdom.

The only way to control this endless supply of cheap labour is to leave the EU - it is that realisation that has provoked today's change of direction.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The SNP will be attacked from the left by Labour

The most revealing reaction to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader came from Nicola Sturgeon:

One rather suspects that this is a panic move.

Presumably she realises that the SNP are at a high water mark and can only really move down.

And the election of Jeremy Corbyn means that the SNP will be attacked from the left by Labour and from the right by the Conservatives and are likely to be squeezed.

They are going to get what the LibDems got!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

On the issue of EU solidarity

It didn't take long for reality to catch up with the Germans:

Can we clarify about the 800 million Syrians Germany is "accepting" - do they intend to just process them in Germany before moving them out to other countries in the EU?

And on the issue of EU solidarity, it is clear that the Merkel administration has invited in 800 million Syrians without first gaining the agreement of the German people.  The United Kingdom is also a member of the EU and the Germans are (for the time being anyway) our fellow EU citizens.  In the name of solidarity I suggest that our government has a duty to confront the Merkel government and tell her bluntly to stop behaving in such a dictatorial way and to hold some form of public consultation with the German electorate before massively expanding the German population.

And let us reiterate to all EU governments that the only practical solution to the refugee crisis is for ALL governments to meet their foreign aid commitments so that the refugee camps in the Middle East can be made safe and (let's be ambitious here) even comfortable places of refuge.

I welcome, on the whole, Jeremy Corbyn's election

As a Conservative I welcome, on the whole, Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour Party.

I think it will be good for the Conservatives to have something concrete to define ourselves against.

I do not think he can win the 2020 election (but we could lose it, so we need to be careful, since a Corbyn government would not be part of our plan).

But since 1991 politics has been a mush of samey careerists chasing the same narrow band of marginal middle-ground "whatever" voters, and producing as a result a tame and deeply disappointing syndicalist-corporatist programme of "management" by a self-perpetuating elite that is indistinguishable one party from another.

Margaret Thatcher never won elections chasing the middle ground.

Einstein's theory of relativity tells us that all of the planets are necessary for each of them to stay in position - the gravitational influence of each is what keeps everything in place..  Take away Venus and the Earth will go spinning out of control.  Eliminate Mars and we fall into the Sun.

The same principle can be applied to politics.  A left-wing Labour party and an insurgent UKIP are both necessary to keep the Conservative party ideologically in the right place.  So with humility and with discretion, let us welcome the Corbyn ascendancy.

Michael Wilkinson:

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Immigration will be Corbyn's downfall.

A political demonstration at the Last Night of the Proms?

Is the left planning a political demonstration at the Last Night of the Proms?

If yes, the BBC must either suppress it or provide a balanced viewpoint.

Dan Hodges

So harsh, but so true:  "When the new trade union bill is passed a similar collapse in the party’s union funding will follow. The last private sector donors are already walking away. Leaving Labour a party without a credible prime minister, a credible cabinet, a credible policy programme or a credible funding stream".

Dan Hodges in the Telegraph:
This is a very serious moment for our country – Conservatives will continue to deliver stability, security and opportunity for working people.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Sadiq Khan was born in 1970 in a council house

Sadiq Khan has been adopted by the Labour Party as candidate for Mayor of London (and presumably will be trounced by Zak Goldsmith in 2016)

(As an aside, the Labour Party does seem to have a problem in electing women to positions of leadership - in Labour women are always second-best also-rans).

Let us congratulate Mr Khan on his election.  Even to be a candidate is something to be proud of.  As Cavafy would say:  To have come this far is no small achievement: what you have done is a glorious thing. Even this first step is a long way above the ordinary world. 

And it would be bad-mannered in the extreme at the moment of Mr Khan's triumph to make comments about his parents.


Sadiq boasts about his childhood living on a council estate.

Which makes me wonder... how did his parents get a council house?

We are told ad nauseum by the left that immigrants have never jumped the queue for council housing

And yet Sadiq Khan was born in 1970 in a council house.

Can someone ask him how his parents got that house?

Was it not the case that Labour eased immigrants into social housing in the 1960s and 1970s as a bribe to get the community bloc vote?

If this was not the case, then can we please know how long the Khan family was on a waiting list for the house they got, and what was the average waiting time for council housing in that borough at the time the house was acquired?

Alternatively, if the Khan family came by the house through pork barrel jiggery pokery perhaps Sadiq Khan could stop boasting about his council house origins.

WHO EXACTLY is responsible

Report on Channel 4 News this evening highlighting the terrible conditions in the refugee camps in Lebanon and reporting that the United Nations is cutting back the amount of aid provided to people who had no other means of support.

Why is this happening?

The United Kingdom has not cut the money it gives to the United Nations indeed the amount was increased only a couple of weeks ago.

So what is causing the reduction in the amount of money the United Nations has to give these people?

Can Channel 4 News do some serious research and not just broadcast half a story.

Is Germany the culprit here?  Is it the Americans?  Is it Save The Children diverting the money into pro-Labour domestic political campaigns (again)?

WHO EXACTLY is responsible for the reduction in United Nations aid that is causing those people in Lebanon to say they have nothing to eat?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Is Jeremy Corbyn the "pound shop" Michael Foot?
Will Dennis Skinner be in Jeremy Corbyn's cabinet?

Perhaps as Shadow Lord Chancellor?

Or Shadow Minister for Europe? 

And what time on Saturday afternoon is Labour's civil war due to break out (presumably it will be televised on Sky News)?

Horrible bully Michael Crick

What a horrible bully Michael Crick is:

Did it not occur to Michael Crick that Mike Watkinson might have been going through a crisis of political identity and was at the meeting because he was thinking of defecting?

And with his derisive public "shaming" Michael Crick drove him away.

It is of course well-known that Conservatives are hated by the left - the treatment of Liz Kendall (who is only an ersatz Tory) demonstrates this.

But was it really necessary for leftie journalist Michael Crick to have been so nasty in such a public way?

Mike Watkinson was almost treated as badly as Walter Wolfgang.

The two recent "open door" surges of migrants (eastern Europeans and Syrians / Afghans / North Africans) are mutually exclusive.

One rather suspects that Sunder Katwala (Director of British Future sic) is one of those people who has a great deal of theoretical knowledge on a very narrow subject and yet has no common sense or practical experience and would probably have a fit of the screaming heebie-jeebies if he had any sustained exposure to the immigrants he writes about:

It is perhaps an indication of how out of touch the Labour party has become that Mr Katwala talks of immigration in such a benign way.

He seems to be entirely oblivious of the fact that the two recent "open door" surges of migrants (eastern Europeans and Syrians / Afghans / North Africans) are mutually exclusive.

Perhaps someone should inform Sunder Katwala that eastern Europeans do not like BME people - indeed are actively hostile to BME people in a way that most people would find troubling:

And yet these are the two main immigrant surges that are going to be cramming themselves into the poorest communities and competing for scarce resources alongside the poor (using that word in all its meanings) white indigenous working class.

Of course, inspired by a Corbyn victory the rainbow-coloured multi-cultural vibrantly-diverse migrants, refugees, displaced people, asylum seekers and their economic equivalents might forge themselves into a new kind of humanity and the "socialist man" so long anticipated by the far left might finally come into existence.

But then again, it might not.

And we will find that social cohesion is further degraded, particularly among the very poorest sections of society and inter-communal violence (already happening and yet unreported) gets worse.

Posh and la-di-da

My goodness, how posh and la-di-da the Labour student activists interviewed on Channel 4 News were.

Shelley Asquith (Vice President (Welfare) at National Union of Students) actually used the word "plethora" (before going on to say, without irony, "we must win back those who have gone to UKIP").

Nothing wrong with being posh and well-spoken, but does not really fit with the working-class Old Labour revival supposedly going on.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Internationalism is a middle class vice

On Channel 4 News this evening political editor Gary Gibbon told us there were "jitters in the Corbyn camp" over a fall off in support for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership election.

What can have changed in the last couple of weeks to have made people stop and hesitate?

The main issue has been the prospect of open door immigration once again.

Is Jeremy Corbyn being punished for his espousal of unlimited access for refugees, displaced people, asylum seekers and their economic equivalents?

Don't give me all that guff about Corbyn supporters being internationalists - "old" Labour and the genuine poor cannot afford to be internationalists.

Internationalism is a middle class vice.

It will be interesting to see whether open-door political statements by Jeremy Corbyn and Yvette Cooper stymie their campaigns and let in Andy Burnham.

There is a lot of anger due to come out as a consequence of the last couple of weeks.  Ordinary people feel that they have been bounced into accepting an increase in migration because to question it immediately leads to the accusation that you do not care about young toddlers drowning face down in the surf.  The voters knows when a trick has been played against them, and will punish at the ballot box politicians who betray the country.

Yes, it is possible to care about small children AND be sensible about issues surrounding the implosion of failed states.

PS misleading report by Channel 4 News concerning the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  We were told that the Lebanese government had simply "had enough" of migrants, the implication being that they were just racist bigots.  No mention of the fact that Syria occupied Lebanon for many years and that there is a considerable residue of bitterness from the behaviour of the Syrian occupation forces.

And what is the United Nations doing with our aid money?  One billion pounds a year, and yet there is no evidence of it reaching the refugees, who are living in unstable ruins.  Is all the aid money going on expense accounts for UN personnel and mega expensive PR campaigns by the UNHCR representatives?

Unilaterally announced it will inflate the population of the EU by 500,000 per year

Is it not ironic that Germany is so implacably opposed to Greece inflating the money supply of the Euro area and yet has unilaterally announced it will inflate the population of the EU by 500,000 per year.

So much for "solidarity" and consultation and proceeding with consensus.

The sooner we leave this dictatorial organisation the better.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Presumably Frau Merkel can be impeached if she has exceeded her authority

On Channel 4 News reports that even within Angela Merkel's political coalition in Germany people are telling her that the open-door policy towards refugees / displaced persons / asylum seekers is not sustainable:

I am not familiar with the German constitution but presumably Frau Merkel can be impeached if she has exceeded her authority.

And have you noticed that all those nice middle-class refugees when asked their occupation give neutral replies such as "civil engineer" or "teacher" or "doctor".

There are no administrators or civil servants or police chiefs in the hundreds of thousands of people streaming into Germany.

What the Germans must not be allowed to do is to export their folly to the rest of the EU and certainly not to the United Kingdom - they must process ALL 800,000, keep them within their borders.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

The entire refugee crisis has been caused by a failure of policy

Very competent and reassuring interview with Chacellor George Osborne on the Andrew Marr Show this morning:

The entire refugee crisis has been caused by a failure of policy - a failure in EU policy towards the reception and processing of refugees; an entirely foreseeable failure of the Schengen policy; a failure of UN policy in administration of the refugee camps.

And yet the people responsible for these failures are wriggling out of accountability by a skillful use of emotive PR.

The United Kingdom, which has honoured all its commitments towards the funding of support for Syrian refugees and is providing vastly more support than the rest of the EU put together is pilloried in the German press as a "shirker" (Dirk Hoeren in BILD).

The only long-term policy that is sustainable is the British policy - EU countries must meet their foreign aid commitments and provide support for ALL the refugees in communities within their region of origin, not allowing rich middle class people to jump the queue (especially doctors and teachers who will be needed in the refugee camps to look after their fellow citizens).

Andy Burnham putting up a refugee family in his spare bedroom (for how long?) is just look-at-me posturing.

Angela Merkel had no choice but to open the German borders - to do otherwise would have meant abandoning the Schengen policy and the EU going backwards.  And yet, I would like to know much more about German liaison with the Hungarian government on choking off the onward flow of migrants.  At one point Hungary was waving them through, then they suddenly put the brakes on, then they eased off again - who is controlling this stop-go process, the Hungarians or the Germans?

We also need to be much more critical of countries such as Italy and Greece who claim to be "overwhelmed" - why are they unable to process the refugees in the way that the EU has specified?  Is the problem one of money or manpower?  Do they need to apply to George Osborne for some of the United Kingdom's foreign aid budget?

I was shocked when listening to The World This Weekend on BBC Radio 4 to learn how basic conditions are in the refugee camps in Lebanon.  The United Kingdom is pouring vast amounts of money into the UN refugee operation, and yet what is coming out the other end is such poor quality.  Perhaps we should fund our own camps directly, via private sector contractors, instead of going through a sclerotic and "big state" organisation like the UN.

Like a Save The Children chugger, accosting passers-by and bullying and "shaming" them into giving money, the United Kingdom has been "chugged" into changing a sensible sustainable rational policy into a knee-jerk emotive posturing reaction.  No-one is opposing this change publicly because it will lead to screams of "racist" by Emma Thompson and the rest.  But eventually the media will move on, and we can return to a more sensible long-term policy.

And also I am heartened that a recent Survation poll shows a majority in the United Kingdom in favour of leaving the EU:

Anglea Merkel can have her fun pretending the Germans are the good guys.  Dirk Hoeren can throw his ill-informed insults around.  Emma Thompson can chant "racist" at people.

What will happen is that the British people (who are not fools, who know when they are being unfairly accused) will wait for the EU referendum and vote to leave.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

A poseur

The Andrew Marr Show returns tomorrow and with it presumably the left-wing luvvie sofa:

What horrors will be served up to us in this slot?

Earlier in the week Emma Thompson (an acTOR) appeared on Newsnight and said anyone who did not support unlimited entry of Syrian refugees was a racist.

She was of course just being a left-wing luvvie poseur (Posing a threat. )


Taylor Swift is channelling her inner Kristin Scott Thomas (or is it her inner Meryl Streep?) in her latest video by Joseph Kahn:

And if anyone could play Elspeth Huxley in a dramatisation of The Flame Trees of Thika it would be Taylor Swift.

There is a sin of spiritual pride

The Rev Giles Fraser needs to be reminded that there is a sin of spiritual pride:

He knows what he is saying is impractical and yet he puts it forward as a serious proposition in a "look at me, I'm a real Christian, not like you phony Christians" gesture.

This is someone who spends money going to Glyndebourne for heaven's sake.

Has he only just noticed the Syrian refugees need financial help?

The United Kingdom is doing more than any other European nation to help Syrian refugees

Is the British civil service knifing the Conservative government in the back through deliberately inept PR handling of the Syrian refugee crisis?

Under the Conservatives the United Kingdom is doing more than any other European nation to help Syrian refugees and yet none of this is getting publicised.

Instead, the UNHCR representative publicly attacks the British government - despite the UN operation round Syria being largely funded with British money.

It is time for some serious ass-kicking (as the Americans say) - the UN needs to be told they must start being more appreciative of the United Kingdom in front of the press.  The UN also needs to be told to improve conditions in the camps so refugees do not want to leave.  Otherwise we will take the money away and set up our own camps, using private contractors (and we have a total foreign aid budget of £11 billion to do this if we want to).

Article by Hugh Naylor for the Washington Post

At last some clarity on what is happening in Syria in this article by Hugh Naylor for the Washington Post:

It is the openly fascist Ba'ath regime that is driving people towards supporting ISIS (just as German atrocities in Poland in the early 1940s drove people towards supporting the communists - even though the communists were just as bad).

Friday, September 04, 2015

You do not get to be a professional in Syria unless you are at least a supporter of the Ba'ath Party

On Channel 4 News this evening Matt Frei was interviewing Syrian refugees in Budapest:

He talked to professionals - a teacher, someone who wanted to be a doctor, in the past he has talked to other professionals.

Syria was a totalitarian state that openly and unapologetically modelled itself on Nazi Germany.

You do not get to be a professional in Syria unless you are at least a supporter of the Ba'ath Party, and preferably a party member (estimates vary but it is thought that ten years ago up to 18% of the population of Syria were party members).

Perhaps Mr Frei could probe a little more into the political background of these refugees  - who seem to include (from the broadcast reports) a disproportionate number of young men, exactly of an age to have been active in the Syrian Mukhabarat or secret police.

Are the EU authorities happy that large numbers of fascist national-socialists may be entering the Schengen area?

And is it not ironic that they are headed to Germany, which they must consider to be their spiritual home.

The Best Store in Houston

Sorry to see the Best Store in Houston has gone:

Surely America has some form of listing for buildings?

It should have been moved into an open-air museum of architecture.

Be careful about the surges of Syrian refugees into the EU

Everyone knows David Cameron is a nice bloke.

In fact he is rather a softie - hugging hoodies, fussing huskies, hanging out with shoeless new age political gurus exploring a softer, kinder Conservatism (and to be fair, a version of Conservatism that has kept us in power since 2010 and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future).

However, it is not good practice to allow emotional surges in social and broadcast media to change national policy:

There will be electoral repercussions as a result of this change of policy.

And in real terms it will do nothing to solve the crisis - far better to have stuck to the policy of everyone being helped fairly in the regional refugee centres (and if the budget for this has to be increased then so be it, in an emergency the United Kingdom has a total foreign aid budget of £11 billion much of which can be allocated to helping ALL Syrian refugees). 

But returning to the lucky few who are going to be given entry to our country, can we have a cast-iron assurance (assuming cast-iron guarantees are worth anything) that no members of the Syrian Ba'ath Party will be allowed access to the United Kingdom.

Let us remind ourselves that Syria pre-civil war was a totalitarian state in which political terror was routinely used to enforce complete control of every area of life.  To get anywhere in that society you had to be connected to the Ba'ath Party.  It can be accurately compared to Nazi Germany

And as with the collapse of Nazi Germany, the collapse of Ba'athist Syria has led to panic among those implicated in the crimes of the Ba'ath Party.

Estimates vary, but in the mid-2000s membership of the party and its subsidiaries was estimated to be 18% of the Syrian population.

That is a lot of people.

What has happened to these Ba'athists? 

Some are still in Syria, enjoying the protection of the Syrian regime within the decreasing enclave that can still be described as Ba'athist Syria.  Some have been captured by rebel forces and their fate is unknown (but perhaps can be guessed at).  Some have fled the country, first to refugee camps in neighbouring countries but ultimately and with increasing desperation and urgency plan to get to the West (since remaining in the camps means eventual return to a democratic Syria with all that that implies in terms of trial and punishment and, let's not be naive, revenge by those who suffered under Ba'athist rule).

Therefore I think we should be careful about the surges of Syrian refugees into the EU.  These are, it seems, people with reserves of money which indicates they are Ba'athists (since you did not make money in Ba'athist Syria unless you were connected to the Ba'athist Party).  They are also people desperate to get out of the refugee camps and out of Turkey, even though the UN camps and Turkey are safe havens - this indicates that they are afraid of being recognised and apprehended for crimes committed under the Ba'athist regime (terrible crimes let us not forget, comparable with the very worst of totalitarian regimes).

One of the more puzzling aspects of the refugee surges across the seas towards the EU has been the willingness of parents to risk the lives of their children in rickety boats at the hands of criminal people smugglers.  How can loving parents do this, when going to the UN refugee camps will ensure protection and basic welfare for their families?  We are told the parents are "desperate" but the origin of this desperation is not questioned.

At the end of the Second World War many German parents killed themselves and their children rather than allow them to fall into the hands of the advancing Russians.  In Berlin in April 1945 Frau Magda Goebbels killed her six children and then herself rather than allow them to fall into the hands of the liberating Russians.  Perhaps she thought that death was preferable since the crimes of the regime were so dreadful that her family would be killed anyway in the reprisals that would follow the fall of the regime

All children are innocent, but not all adults are.  

Let us have careful screening of all Syrian adults claiming to be refugees.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Are we to assume that Turkey is not a place where refugees feel safe?

Rather shoddy Channel 4 News this evening - no explanation why refugees are so desperate to leave Turkey.

This is a country that aspires to join the European Union.

Are we to assume that Turkey is not a place where refugees feel safe?

If that is the case can we have it clearly established that Turkey forfeits for some considerable time any possibility of joining the EU.

And are we only to take the rich refugees that have the money to get out?

What about all the millions who are left behind and are unable to pay people smugglers.

One suspects that the outpouring of "compassion" we see displayed by media commentators has got nothing to do with providing real help where it is needed by the most people - it is all to do with public emoting and the desire to feel good and holier-than-thou, with evil politicians such as Yvette Cooper using the deaths of children to make political points.

Ten thousand or twenty-five thousand or forty thousand - all these numbers imply some form of selection, and selection is an obscene moral compromise.

We need to hold firm to the original policy - everyone gets helped, via our overseas aid programme, not just the rich or the photogenic.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I would disagree with his point "not to your disadvantage"

On the World At One the German Ambassador Peter Ammon lectured the United Kingdom about taking in more refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers:

"Britain has taken in refugees for centuries, and not to your disadvantage" the Ambassador told us.

I think I would disagree with his point "not to your disadvantage".

Anyone who has seen Yasmin Alibhai-Brown shooting her mouth off on Dateline London is going to have serious second thoughts about whether we really want any more refugees coming here.

Yes, the refugees when first arrive will be mostly grateful.  But as we saw with the Ralph Miliband letter, after a little while they become ungrateful and want changes to OUR society so that it suits them.  And by the second and third generations (I'm thinking Daniel Trilling and David Aaronovitch here) they are so obnoxious you start thinking don't care how tragic the situation is, I don't want anymore of those ingrates in the country.

And don't forget the ecstatic crowings of Sunder Katwala and his ilk, pleased as punch that the rising numbers of migrant people will eventually tip the political balance so the Tories are permanently out of office.

So you see Herr Ambassador, not everyone is keen on more refugees arriving here (as opposed to the very generous support we give in settlements close to their countries of origin).  Not because one does not sympathise with their plight.  But because the left has historically used them as voting fodder to win inner city constituencies and push through changes in society that would never have got through otherwise.

One more thing Herr Ammon.  Can you ask the German Chancellor to apologise for those Germans who went to Syria after the Second World War and helped set up the terror apparatus of the Ba'ath Party.  The mess that Syria is currently in is partly a German responsibility.

And let me ask a general question aimed at the Islamic world.  What is wrong with the way Syrian refugees are being treated in Turkey that makes them so desperate to leave the country?  They are Islamic brothers and sisters of the Turkish people, and yet they risk their lives to get out of Turkey - can we have some journalists looking at what is going on there please.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Ms Cooper's odious "we'll take ten thousand..."

How has Yvette Cooper arrived at the number of 10,000 refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers to be given access to the United Kingdom? :

Is it not immoral and cowardly for her to pretend that we can choose between the deserving and the undeserving refugees?

Especially as the ones who fight their way into Europe are the rich, connected, pushy refugees.

The poor and destitute have been left behind.

The government's policy is one of very generous aid to refugees in settlements close to their country of origin so that everyone is helped in a fair and equitable way.

This is by far preferable to Ms Cooper's odious "we'll take ten thousand and the rest can go fuck themselves".