Tuesday, September 22, 2015


First there were reports that Tony Blair was too right-wing (an insult to right-wingers) and so Gordon Brown took over in a restoration of Old Labour.

Then Labour lost the 2010 election and Ed Miliband took over as left-wing Red Ed the puppet of the unions.

Then Ken Loach said Ed Miliband was too right-wing and flounced off to form a new People's Party.

Then Labour lost the 2015 election and Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader with a massive mandate to be as left-wing as he likes.

Then Arther Scargill condemned Jeremy Corbyn for not being left-wing enough.

And this evening Channel 4 News reports that a major Labour donor complains that Jeremy Corbyn is far too left-wing and he wants his money to be used to fund a new right-wing Labourish party.


It's a good job Goldilocks stuck to tasting porridge and did not go into political punditry.


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