Wednesday, September 02, 2015

I would disagree with his point "not to your disadvantage"

On the World At One the German Ambassador Peter Ammon lectured the United Kingdom about taking in more refugees, displaced persons and asylum seekers:

"Britain has taken in refugees for centuries, and not to your disadvantage" the Ambassador told us.

I think I would disagree with his point "not to your disadvantage".

Anyone who has seen Yasmin Alibhai-Brown shooting her mouth off on Dateline London is going to have serious second thoughts about whether we really want any more refugees coming here.

Yes, the refugees when first arrive will be mostly grateful.  But as we saw with the Ralph Miliband letter, after a little while they become ungrateful and want changes to OUR society so that it suits them.  And by the second and third generations (I'm thinking Daniel Trilling and David Aaronovitch here) they are so obnoxious you start thinking don't care how tragic the situation is, I don't want anymore of those ingrates in the country.

And don't forget the ecstatic crowings of Sunder Katwala and his ilk, pleased as punch that the rising numbers of migrant people will eventually tip the political balance so the Tories are permanently out of office.

So you see Herr Ambassador, not everyone is keen on more refugees arriving here (as opposed to the very generous support we give in settlements close to their countries of origin).  Not because one does not sympathise with their plight.  But because the left has historically used them as voting fodder to win inner city constituencies and push through changes in society that would never have got through otherwise.

One more thing Herr Ammon.  Can you ask the German Chancellor to apologise for those Germans who went to Syria after the Second World War and helped set up the terror apparatus of the Ba'ath Party.  The mess that Syria is currently in is partly a German responsibility.

And let me ask a general question aimed at the Islamic world.  What is wrong with the way Syrian refugees are being treated in Turkey that makes them so desperate to leave the country?  They are Islamic brothers and sisters of the Turkish people, and yet they risk their lives to get out of Turkey - can we have some journalists looking at what is going on there please.

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