Monday, September 21, 2015

Integrity and high ethical standards

I find the "revelations" about David Cameron today very encouraging:

Unlike the sleazy easy-access for rich donors under New Labour, David Cameron said NO when Lord Ashcroft tried to call in favours.

All parties need to support him at this moment, as this is a valuable step in the clean-up of British politics.

I would like to see Jeremy Corbyn giving the Prime Minister credit for not giving Lord Ashcroft a place in the executive, when the temptation to do so must have been very strong.

Personally I have never been happy over Lord Ashcroft's big donations to the party as I feared he would call in the favours at some point.

I was wrong in my suspicions and I should have trusted David Cameron more - he has proved he has integrity and high ethical standards.

As for what happens at university, we have all done stupid things in our younger days. 

And having seen Isabel Oakeshott on Channel 4 News, why was she not challenged over her slap-dash research?  Presumably the Piers Gaveston society had other members she could have done some fact-checking with?  Or was she uninterested in attempting corroboration because she suspected the story was false?

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