Friday, September 11, 2015

Sadiq Khan was born in 1970 in a council house

Sadiq Khan has been adopted by the Labour Party as candidate for Mayor of London (and presumably will be trounced by Zak Goldsmith in 2016)

(As an aside, the Labour Party does seem to have a problem in electing women to positions of leadership - in Labour women are always second-best also-rans).

Let us congratulate Mr Khan on his election.  Even to be a candidate is something to be proud of.  As Cavafy would say:  To have come this far is no small achievement: what you have done is a glorious thing. Even this first step is a long way above the ordinary world. 

And it would be bad-mannered in the extreme at the moment of Mr Khan's triumph to make comments about his parents.


Sadiq boasts about his childhood living on a council estate.

Which makes me wonder... how did his parents get a council house?

We are told ad nauseum by the left that immigrants have never jumped the queue for council housing

And yet Sadiq Khan was born in 1970 in a council house.

Can someone ask him how his parents got that house?

Was it not the case that Labour eased immigrants into social housing in the 1960s and 1970s as a bribe to get the community bloc vote?

If this was not the case, then can we please know how long the Khan family was on a waiting list for the house they got, and what was the average waiting time for council housing in that borough at the time the house was acquired?

Alternatively, if the Khan family came by the house through pork barrel jiggery pokery perhaps Sadiq Khan could stop boasting about his council house origins.

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