Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Internationalism is a middle class vice

On Channel 4 News this evening political editor Gary Gibbon told us there were "jitters in the Corbyn camp" over a fall off in support for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour Leadership election.

What can have changed in the last couple of weeks to have made people stop and hesitate?

The main issue has been the prospect of open door immigration once again.

Is Jeremy Corbyn being punished for his espousal of unlimited access for refugees, displaced people, asylum seekers and their economic equivalents?

Don't give me all that guff about Corbyn supporters being internationalists - "old" Labour and the genuine poor cannot afford to be internationalists.

Internationalism is a middle class vice.

It will be interesting to see whether open-door political statements by Jeremy Corbyn and Yvette Cooper stymie their campaigns and let in Andy Burnham.

There is a lot of anger due to come out as a consequence of the last couple of weeks.  Ordinary people feel that they have been bounced into accepting an increase in migration because to question it immediately leads to the accusation that you do not care about young toddlers drowning face down in the surf.  The voters knows when a trick has been played against them, and will punish at the ballot box politicians who betray the country.

Yes, it is possible to care about small children AND be sensible about issues surrounding the implosion of failed states.

PS misleading report by Channel 4 News concerning the plight of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  We were told that the Lebanese government had simply "had enough" of migrants, the implication being that they were just racist bigots.  No mention of the fact that Syria occupied Lebanon for many years and that there is a considerable residue of bitterness from the behaviour of the Syrian occupation forces.

And what is the United Nations doing with our aid money?  One billion pounds a year, and yet there is no evidence of it reaching the refugees, who are living in unstable ruins.  Is all the aid money going on expense accounts for UN personnel and mega expensive PR campaigns by the UNHCR representatives?

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