Sunday, September 13, 2015

On the issue of EU solidarity

It didn't take long for reality to catch up with the Germans:

Can we clarify about the 800 million Syrians Germany is "accepting" - do they intend to just process them in Germany before moving them out to other countries in the EU?

And on the issue of EU solidarity, it is clear that the Merkel administration has invited in 800 million Syrians without first gaining the agreement of the German people.  The United Kingdom is also a member of the EU and the Germans are (for the time being anyway) our fellow EU citizens.  In the name of solidarity I suggest that our government has a duty to confront the Merkel government and tell her bluntly to stop behaving in such a dictatorial way and to hold some form of public consultation with the German electorate before massively expanding the German population.

And let us reiterate to all EU governments that the only practical solution to the refugee crisis is for ALL governments to meet their foreign aid commitments so that the refugee camps in the Middle East can be made safe and (let's be ambitious here) even comfortable places of refuge.

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