Saturday, December 31, 2016

Services to the Leave campaign and the Brexit result

It is the time for national honours to be awarded.

I would like to make an award of my own - to Dateline London for services to the Leave campaign and the Brexit result.

Throughout the campaign the programme presented a seemingly endless parade of foreigners with varying accents and ethnicities almost all sneering and jeering at the British people in a way most calculated to annoy the viewers and persuade them that whatever the arguments of the referendum this claque of foreigners must have their faces smacked (metaphorically).

So thank you Dateline London guests, and keep on what you are doing.

Brexit will be more final for your efforts.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A significant point is being conceded

Very little comment in the news about the Pakistani planned expulsions of millions of migrants:

And absolute silence from all the usual pontificators.

Nothing from Sundar Katwala (British Future sic), usually so keen to give an opinion on these matters.

Nothing from Shami Chakrabarti (former head of Amnesty International and now Corbyn toady in the House of Lords).

Nothing from Yasmin Alibhai Brown (Independent writer).

And little evidence of Hope Not Hate no-platforming Pakistani academics at British universities.

Of course all these people (and many others) are master exponents of Molierean Tartuffery.

Nevertheless, a point is being conceded here.

That it is possible for a nation state (one with a huge diaspora population in the United Kingdom) to expel millions of migrants and nobody says a word.  They look the other way.  They pretend it isn't happening.

Of course, it would be unthinkable for the United Kingdom to forcibly expel millions of migrants.

But we could usefully expel a hundred thousand or so (and we more or less know the ones we don't want).

Therefore I repeat - a significant point is being conceded here.

Conflicts that are nothing to do with us

Guardian writer Owen Jones appeared on Sky News Press Preview and made a comparison between the old fear of Soviet Russia exerting an undue influence on left-wing movements in the West, and the new Russia of Putin exerting a supposedly equal influence on right-wing movements today.

This is a false reading of history.

Soviet Russia had a communist ideology that it was determined to export to the rest of the world.  It was a direct threat to Western nations.  It had to be confronted, and the useful idiots that supported it needed to be negated.

There is no such necessity today.

Putinism is not an ideology that has any relevance or appeal outside Russia.

Russian foreign policy may be expansionist, but it would have to expand a long way before it began to touch us in the United Kingdom.  Let them keep the Crimea.  Let them take the Baltic states (look how insultingly rude the leaders of those states were to the United Kingdom during the Brexit referendum).

There are already signs that imperial-overreach is beginning to curb Russian expansionism.  Imperial overreach is a self-correcting mechanism in international affairs.  As we only too well know, empires might deliver prestige, but are extremely expensive to maintain.

We need to be careful about Russian expansionism, but not get involved in conflicts that are nothing to do with us.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


On the whole I think it is shameful the way the outgoing Obama administration is treating Israel.

Obama was only ever a token President - and everything he has done has been tokenistic and without substance.

Now in his last days his administration is talking abusively knowing they can scuttle away and not face any consequences.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Theresa May's government

Alec Nussbaum:  "You can't judge Theresa May's government by the senior appointments she makes on the first day.  When Margaret took power she was obliged to stuff her Cabinet with wets like Walker, Prior, Gilmour and the rest.  Only when we see who the junior ministers are will we know the real ideological direction Theresa May intends to travel along."

A priority for Mrs May

And so today Theresa May will become Prime Minister.

I welcome her appointment.

And like many others I am speculating about what her policies might be.

Obviously Brexit.

And as a practicing Anglican I trust that Christian principles will guide her decisions (and perhaps she can reassert Prime Ministerial control over the appointment of bishops so the senior clergy do not continue as a self-appointed elite).

But one of the key areas Mrs May must address is the issue of immigration.

The referendum (as Sundar Katwala pointed out in one of his tweets months ago when he thought Remain would win) was a referendum on immigration.

And the people voted no to immigration.

That vote must be respected.

Above all, the continued existence of ghettos must be brought to an end.  Gently one hopes.  But robustly if necessary.

Post-war immigration has meant, for ordinary English people, the appearance of ghettos in every city, suburb and town in the country.  Not just one wave of ghettos, but a continuing process of ghetto-generation so that nowhere is safe from this blight.  Ghettos have even appeared in the rural countryside in the last ten years.

These ghettos have not been addressed honestly as a public evil.  Instead we have been told that they are vibrantly diverse communities to be celebrated as part of the (now discredited) policy of multiculturalism.  Anyone who spoke out against the creation of ghettos has, heretofore, been called a "racist".

This must stop.

Ghettos have appeared as a result of government policy over the last sixty years.

They must be dealt with as a result of government policy.

No more ghettos.

Therefore a priority for Mrs May must be the development of policies to stop the creation of new ghettos and disperse the existing ghettos.  In particular this must mean the ending of family visas enabling the importation of south Asian brides.  As for those Eastern Europeans already here, the young men can stay (they will be absorbed into the population easily) but it must be made clear that they will not be allowed family visas - if they are missing their families they can travel in the opposite direction.

Immigration policy is going to be a key test for Mrs May and her government.

If it does not stop, and the ghettos start to be removed, her name will become anathema to the majority of British people and large sections of her own party.

David Cameron has, for right-wing Conservatives, been a disappointment

We are to have a new Prime Minister today.

It is an exciting moment.

David Cameron has, for right-wing Conservatives, been a disappointment.  The disillusion began when he reneged on holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  I know it was already signed by the time he took office, but he could have held a symbolic and consultative referendum.

Instead he chose to renege on his promise, in what became a slap in the face for the Eurosceptics.

And not surprisingly the Eurosceptics slapped his face back, and went on slapping it until he had had enough and petulantly resigned after saying he would stay on whatever the referendum result.  So on your way Mr Cameron.  I don't wish to sound ungracious but on the whole you will not be missed.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Intellectually dishonest article about Sterling

Another intellectually dishonest article about Sterling in the Independent:

If you line up establishment commentators predicting economic disaster in the event of Brexit then is it any wonder that investors take fright when Brexit happens.

It is akin to shouting fire in a crowded cinema.

Make do with the immigrants you have already

Thus begins the special pleading over immigration:

Under the new normal of Brexit the guiding principle for all future immigration must be:  will it benefit the ordinary people?

Not the ivory tower academics,  Not the fat cat employers.  Not the upper-middle-class servant-employers.

They've had their turn.  They've had stonking levels of immigration (which the rest of us have had to pay for).  Now it is time for Sir Leszek Borysiewicz and his ilk to show some restraint.

You make do with the immigrants you have already Sir Leszek, 3 million should be more than enough for anyone.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

It needs to be done

Regarding the Labour party, the Parliamentary party must (MUST) reflect the membership.

Until this happens there will be no end to the crisis.  So the activists need to deselect the ones who are unrepresentative.  Painful and unpleasant, but it needs to be done.

The Conservatives also have this problem, but so far we are bit more discreet and polite about the issue (perhaps too discreet and polite - at least the EU referendum flushed out the Remainers).

I doubt this is a serious threat

Via Sundar Katwala the news that 20 Conservative MPs will defect if Leadsom is elected.

I doubt this is a serious threat.

But for the future someone needs to note the names so they can be deselected.

Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life

Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life over all other forms of social organisation:

It has been a long wait for Conservative members to hear this welcome message.

As a single person with no children (but nieces and nephews!) I nevertheless realise the fundamental importance of the family in creating and sustaining the sort of society I, and so many millions, wish to live in.

Society has been sick for so long that perversion (in its widest sense) has become the new normal.

But with Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister things will change.

Let us look how far we have come since the Referendum:

  • Post Brexit the United Kingdom has become a nation state once again.
  • With Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom as the two leadership candidates we are assured that Protestant Anglican Christianity will be governing the development of policy.
  • And if Andrea Leadsom becomes leader we know that the family will be at the centre of society.

Andrea Leadsom is supposed to have been "naive" in allowing her comments to slip out.

And yet if she had planned this disclosure it could not have done her more good among the Conservative membership.

Perhaps she did plan this?

And note the sneering has begun...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

As it happens, Guardian writer Owen Jones is mostly right in this article:

"It may not have been the working-class revolt against the political establishment that many of us favoured, but it is undeniable that this result was achieved off the back of furious, alienated working-class votes." 

But he is wrong to say:  "The growing chasm between the generations has only been deepened." - the thing about young voters is that they eventually become old voters, and as they accumulate assets they will change how they feel about politics.

The leadership candidate that offers this programme will receive my support

Lots of speculation about who will be the new leader of the Conservative party:

I am less concerned with personalities than with the vision the various candidates are going to offer.

Speaking personally, now we are a nation once again I want to see:

1  A Royal state - which means The Queen in Parliament is genuinely supreme.

2  A Christian (and Established Anglican) state - which means that within an overall acceptance of tolerance, United Kingdom laws should be explicitly based on Christian principles, and the country should return to a symbolic (and actual) recognition that officially society is Christian.

3  A One-Nation state - which means that everyone feels included, no-one is "left behind" (and I am open to policies of redistribution), and that immigrants who are already here are gently but firmly encouraged to assimilate.

The leadership candidate that offers this programme will receive my support and I will campaign and vote for them.

The Leave result

This morning at Holy Communion, as I knelt at the Communion rail, I thanked God for the Leave result.

And in one of the hymns we sang:

Spirit of our God, descending,
fill our hearts with heavenly joy;
love with every passion blending
pleasure that can never cloy;
thus provided, pardoned, guided,
nothing can our peace destroy.

The consolations of British nationalism

It is far too early to assess the impact of Brexit on the SNP.

Previously nationalism in Scotland had an advantage because it was countered by a blergh pan-EU nothingness.

Fine for the people who did well out of the EU but offering nothing to those left behind.

Into that cultural vacuum the SNP poured the consolations of Scottish nationalism and exceptionalism.

What few people have realised since last Thursday is that the United Kingdom is a nation once again.

A rival nationalism is now on offer to Scottish people.

And if handled correctly, the consolations of British nationalism will prove to be far stronger than localist Scottish nationalism.

It is time to beat the SNP at their own game.

And we should do this by strengthening and refinancing British institutions.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

They have also, absentmindedly, taken back control of southern Ireland

It is not possible for the Irish Republic to have a economic destiny distinct from the United Kingdom.

The geographic facts insist on this.

Therefore the people of the United Kingdom have not just taken back control of their own country, they have also, absentmindedly, taken back control of southern Ireland.

Of course, anti-English bigots like Fintan O'Toole are spluttering on their bile as they realise this fact.

But unless the EU is going to grant the Irish Republic the modern equivalent of a Berlin airlift, the southern Irish will have to accept the status of a client state.

Possibly a fig-leaf formula will be found where the Irish republic can be simultaneously in the EU and economically subservient to the United Kingdom.

And possibly the same formula can apply to Scotland.

But no-one should be in any doubt over where the economic power will be located.

Friday, June 24, 2016

That fifth column

Of course, one must resist recriminations and retaliations.

One must be magnanimous in victory.

But one aspect of the referendum is that it has flushed out all the pro-EU cheerleaders in the parliamentary Tory party:

They will all have to go.

Quietly one hopes, and without public bloodletting.

But we cannot tolerate that fifth column in our midst any longer. 

Nationalism is the only ideology on offer

The Labour Party proclaims that it is an internationalist party, but there will have to be some serious rethinking following the referendum:

Unless Labour is going to espouse rejoining the EU as a policy, they have no option but to become a nationalist party.

Nationalism is the only ideology on offer.

Same goes for the Conservatives.

They might be able to maintain a wishy-washy sort of genuflection to the United Nations, but that is not going anywhere.

And a battle with intransigent EU negotiators is only likely to inflame nationalist sentiment in the United Kingdom.

So we now need to start asking: what will Conservative nationalism look like, and what will Labour nationalism look like?

The first party to answer that question will win the 2020 election.
It would be very difficult for Nicola Sturgeon to fight a second independence campaign against the backdrop of an EU that was falling apart:

And we are at least two years away from the political situation being stable enough for the SNP to risk it.

Therefore there will be no second referendum in Scotland in the short, or indeed medium term.
I agree that Angela Leadsom would make a fine leader of the Conservative Party:

The difficulty with "Boris" is that he wants it too much.

We are a nation once again

Mission accomplished:

Now we will see all sorts of deleterious experiences that have occurred over the last forty years go into reverse.

And tired (indeed, exhausted) as we must all feel, the real work begins NOW.

We are a nation once again.

Monday, May 09, 2016

David Cameron should not be perverting the sacrifice of past generations

Disgusting and disgraceful use of the war dead by David Cameron in his latest Project Fear speech on the EU:

Three of my family died in the First World War - their deaths are sacred and should not be used by Cameron as pawns in his political manipulations.

I can tell you with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that they did not die for the cause of European unity, they died to protect their family and their country from European hegemony.

David Cameron should not be perverting the sacrifice of past generations.

Let me speak directly to the Prime Minister:  David Cameron you are a disgusting person to misuse the war dead in your political prancing and shenanigans.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

MI5 and MI6 cannot protect the United Kingdom without foreign help

What are we to make of the claims of Former MI6 boss Sir John Sawers and ex-MI5 chief Lord Evans who have claimed that leaving the EU would make the United Kingdom less safe?

Effectively these two former civil servants are saying loudly and openly that their former organisations are not fit for purpose.

That MI5 and MI6 cannot protect the United Kingdom without foreign help.

Why can the Australian security services protect Australia, and the Canadian security services project Canada, and yet the British security services cannot protect the United Kingdom?

Is it because individuals in MI5 and MI6 are incompetent?

For that is the logical implication of what Sir John Sawers and ex-MI5 chief Lord Evans.

And does it not match what we know of the rest of the Home Office, incompetent and badly run.

And look at this please:

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The EU ideal (sic) has a much darker legacy

Very shallow and intellectually light-weight "historical" analysis of the EU by Gabriel Gatehouse on Newsnight this evening:

If he had bothered to read When Nazi Dreams Come True by Robert Edwin Herzstein he would realise that the EU ideal (sic) has a much darker legacy.

Is there anything in current EU ideology that is not consistent with the long-term post-war plans for a greater Germany, even down to fanatical insistence on a common currency, a common legal framework and even annexation of Ukraine and Croatia?

Ignore the wartime violence and horror.

Look at the long-term German plans for Europe.

EU army

Expose in the Daily Express of a German white paper proposing an EU army:

If we remain in the EU it is inevitable that we will lose all the institutions that define the United Kingdom as a nation.

If we remain in the EU we will be effectively dead.

"Liar liar pants on fire" is a phrase one might legitimately direct towards the Remain campaign

On Channel 4 News this evening an expose of Remain side lies - the claim that everyone is £450 better off as a result of remaining in the EU was based on statistics that applied to America!

"Liar liar pants on fire" is a phrase one might legitimately direct towards the Remain campaign.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Laws should not be passed nor taxes raised except by our own elected representatives

The Spectator on the EU debate:

It’s not just the financial price of EU membership – it’s the democratic price. We fought a civil war in this country to establish the principle that laws should not be passed nor taxes raised except by our own elected representatives.

It is no use the Home Secretary Theresa May wittering on about our power in theory

Andrew Neil on Twitter:  European Commission to propose visa liberalisation for Turkey even though it's failed to meet significant benchmarks it was meant to meet.

Does the United Kingdom have sufficient border controls in place to reject the inevitable attempts by these Turkish people to get to London?

We know that there is a total of about 500,000 people of Turkish origin in the UK, made up of approximately 150,000 Turkish nationals and about 300,000 Turkish Cypriots.

We know that established minority communities will attract similar migrants who in turn will attract "family reunions" and "marriage" partners in a continuing cycle - perhaps doubling every ten years.

It is no use the Home Secretary Theresa May wittering on about our power in theory to stop anyone at our borders.

The concern is that no-one at the Home Office or the border control agency has the strength of personality or necessary leadership skills to be able to make the theoretical power to stop people actually work in practice.

Is it not the case that within a few months we will have a de facto open border with Turkey?

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Leaked TTIP documents confirm major risks for climate, environment and consumer safety | Greenpeace International

The Single Market is over-sold

Very interesting and important paper on why the Single Market is over-sold:

The cosy futility of life in the EU

Is there anything you could disagree with in Nigel Farage's vision of the future:  “Self-governing, self-confident and much more global in outlook,” he said.  “We have become too obsessed with Europe. It’s an important market place but there is a big world out there.”

One of the objections I have to the EU is the way in which it has encouraged dependency.  The way in which British national life has relapsed into self-indulgent apathy, the irksome disciplines of running our own nation replaced by ostensibly pleasing trivialities.  It is the cosy futility of life in the EU that makes it so noisome.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Very thoughtful and interesting piece by Helen Lewis in The New Statesman about TTIP:

Everyone should be concerned.


I hope that Labour's enquiry into anti-antisemitism within the party looks at the disgraceful campaign waged against Michael Howard in 2005 - with Fagin and Flying Pig posters.

A second referendum would be justified

ENGLAND 41% to 43% to OUT
WALES 35% to 42% to OUT
SCOTLAND 51% to 34% IN
OVERALL 42% to 41% to IN

If Scotland forces the rest of the United Kingdom to stay in the EU a second referendum would be justified.

The Remain side is relying on Labour voters getting them over the line

Interesting too speculate what effect the current in-fighting in the Labour party will have on the EU referendum.

If the Remain side is relying on Labour voters getting them over the line this may well have been the week that nixed their chances.

Friday, April 29, 2016

John Major has a vested interest in the United Kingdom remaining in the EU

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but John Major has a vested interest in the United Kingdom remaining in the EU.

If we leave (as we must) the cornerstone of his premiership record is immediately undermined.

There will be no Major legacy of any kind (even the Cones Hotline was a flop).

Already seen as one of the shittiest Prime Minister's ever, his reputation will fall even further.

They are losing the intellectual argument

What to make of this incredible accusation by John Major that the Leave campaign wants to turn the United Kingdom into North Korea?

Most people of course will just ignore him.

This is the Prime Minister whose greatest legacy was the Cones Hotline.

But when the Remain campaign resorts to abuse does it not indicate that they are losing the intellectual argument? (they've already lost the emotional argument).
As Daniel Hannan MEP has just pointed out on Twitter:  Today EFTA signed a free trade agreement with the Philippines. The talks took less than one year.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

"There is an institutional ganging-up against the British voter".

Wonderful interview with Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom talking about the EU on Newsnight this evening:

She was calm and rational and told us "there is an institutional ganging-up against the British voter".

"Crisis, what crisis"

Do you remember all those smug lefties who said they were enjoying watching the Tory party tear itself apart over Europe?

Well now it's our turn:

And I LOVE Jeremy Corbyn's reprise of "Crisis, what crisis" - he is truly a 1970s man.

If the EU protects workers rights, what do we need trade unions for?

Rather obtuse article by Kam Gill on the Left Foot Foward website:

If the EU protects workers rights, what do we need trade unions for?

One rather thinks Kam Gill has just talked himself out of a job.

And he rather overlooks the fact that the TUC would have NO INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER on the EU high panjandrums.

A “Social Europe” is in practise impossible to achieve.

Candid and realistic assessment by Danny Nicol (Professor of Public Law at the University of Westminster) of the implausibility of a "social Europe" on Left Futures website:

It should be required reading for all those lefties who are thinking of voting Remain.

Particularly pay attention to the paragraph:  EU Treaties provide no means of discarding the TTIP; and the other reforms would require a complete absence of neoliberal governments throughout the EU.  Sadly these policies are so heavily protected against repeal that a “Social Europe” is in practise impossible to achieve.  No doubt “another Europe is possible” – but outside the European Union.

The SNP has been taking money from Vladimir Putin

Interesting comment on last night's Newsnight by David Frum (Senior Editor, The Atlantic) that the SNP has been taking money from Vladimir Putin.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dry as dust and dull as ditchwater

Pro-Remain article by Andrew Dismore for Progress:

Dry as dust and dull as ditchwater.

A succession of highly-selective stats that might be half-true or might be entirely spurious - it depends on your point of view.

But nothing that addresses the sense of bewilderment ordinary people (including ordinary Londoners) feel that their country has become an alien place where they are no longer safe or cared for.  That impersonal forces are making unaccountable decisions beyond any suggestion of democratic control.  That their country is being taken from them.

Doubt on the accuracy of George Osborne

Niamh-ni-Mhaoileoin, writing for Left Foot Forward, casts doubt on the accuracy of George Osborne in claiming the Leave campaign was causing economic slowdown:

Significant quote:

Lee Hopley, chief economist at the manufacturer’s organisation EEF commented that ‘’The extent to which this across the board weakening can be attributed to political uncertainty ahead of the referendum is open to question.’
While acknowledging that ‘referendum wobbles could make themselves felt in the coming months, she suggested that ‘global financial market volatility, stuttering world trade growth and challenges on the high street feel like more obvious explanations for the slowdown’

The moral corruption of British politics

on this evening's Channel 4 News Michael Crick revealed that the main unions have done a deal with Tory Remainers - David Cameron will drop key areas of union reform in return for the unions backing the Remain campaign:

Never was the moral corruption of British politics exposed so nakedly.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It’s people’s jobs, prices in the shops and the proper funding of public services

With astonishing mendacity Lord Mandelson froths about the Leave campaign, accusing them of every vice he can think of.

But in one passage the prince of cats is absolutely right.

"“The economy is not something that can be opted into or out of in this debate – it is the future of this country that is at stake. It’s people’s jobs, prices in the shops and the proper funding of public services that are on the ballot paper in June" he tells LabourList.

We can agree with him on that:

  • The EU has swamped the United Kingdom with cheapo migrants that have taken the jobs from British men and women by pricing them out of the Labour market.  
  • In 1974 the entry of the United Kingdom into the then EEC was accompanied by a stratospheric spike in food prices as we were forced to buy food from French farmers with expensive socially-constructed framing models rather than from Commonwealth producers where economies of scale are able to deliver very low cost and high quality food - food prices that are still available if we will only free ourselves from the EU.
  • The millions of eastern Europeans that have flooded into the country in the last 15 years have imposed an intolerable burden on public services, and effectively stolen the assets paid for by British taxpayers over the past five decades.
So thank you Lord Mandelson for drawing attention to these issues.

Voting REMAIN in the EU referendum is more important than the election of a reforming Labour government in 1945

Hilarious, laugh out loud speech by Alan Johnson MP earlier today in which he claimed that voting REMAIN in the EU referendum is more important than the election of a reforming Labour government in 1945.

Will Ken Loach be making a film entitled Spirit of '16 ?

Will luvvies sat on Andrew Marr's sofa tell us that the EU referendum inspired them to express their inner socialist in the latest production of Aladdin?

What a ridiculous man Alan Johnson is.

The Labour Party is split THREE ways over the EU referendum

On the Today programme this morning was a report on the split in the Labour party over the EU referendum.

The Conservative Party is of course split over the issue.

But the Labour Party is split THREE ways over the EU referendum.

The Parliamentary Party does not represent the Labour activists or the Labour voters.

The Labour activists do not represent the Parliamentary Party or the Labour voters.

The Labour voters are threatening to stay at home or indeed defect to UKIP (Frank Field MP, interviewed on the programme, revealed that up to 40% of Labour voters could vote Leave in the referendum).

What a shambles!

Monday, April 25, 2016

"The Brexit camp is charging ahead"

In Grimsby the Leave side is doing well.

"The Brexit camp is charging ahead".

Of course the metropolitan elite do not get as far as Grimsby.

Most of them will not even know where it is.

But to me it is part of the real England.

David Cameron is our Harold Wilson

Channel 4 News this evening reported the use of the phrase "notoriously slippery" with reference to Harold Wilson and the 1975 referendum.

With the implication that David Cameron is our Harold Wilson.

The Leave side are the underdogs

Betfair shows a lead for the Remain side.

Which means the Leave side are the underdogs.

And we know how the British favour the underdogs.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Greater regard for their fellow countrymen and women

We are told endlessly (on and on the nagging goes) that the NHS is almost entirely staffed by immigrants.

We are also told that sections of the NHS (the junior doctors) are going on strike.

Is it possible that there is a connection between the immigrant composition of the NHS and the willingness of NHS employees to go on strike (with all that that implies for patients)?

If the NHS is made up of mercenaries, is it any wonder that they have no regard for their patients.

That their primary interest is money.

If we paid a bit more and had an NHS in England and Wales entirely staffed by English and Welsh people is it not more likely that they would have greater regard for their fellow countrymen and women?

The Home Secretary seemed more interested in semantics than in properly answering questions

Disappointing interview with Home Secretary Theresa May on the Andrew Marr Show this morning.

The Home Secretary seemed more interested in semantics than in properly answering questions.

She seemed to think that by deconstructing phrases and de-linking concepts she could prove that the problems around immigration that people complain of do not really exist.

And yet the problems are manifest for all to see.

For instance, one of the consequences of the massive influx of single young men has been the appearance of sleazy red light areas in almost every town and suburb where the immigrants congregate, indeed sometimes in villages.

I know of one sleepy rural market town where there is a narrow ally way from the market place down to a picturesque, recently renovated cobbled square.  The ally way is lined with antique shops, cafes, ladies hair salons.  A little way down the ally is a large Victorian pub, recently renovated.

The pub has applied for a "sexual entertainment" licence.

At the other end of the alley an informal house of ill repute, staffed by eastern European women, has opened (unofficially) above an estate agents.

It is inevitable that in the hours of darkness the alley will become an open-air brothel with prostitutes using the deep doorways to entertain their clients, throwing their filthy detritus on the pavement.  And it is also inevitable that there will be the associated criminal activity that always attends the emergence of red light areas (drugs, people trafficking, pimping etc).  Not to mention the public health implications with increased rates of venereal disease in the town that will have to be dealt with by the NHS.

But the Home Secretary does nothing except play words games with Andrew Marr.

One thinks that the Home Secretary has been too long in her post - that she has been subsumed by the culture of her department and become a civil servant writ large.

Theresa May, you have been a disappointment.

When "Dave" finally goes (roll on the day) I would like you to go too.

The degradation Obama has imposed on the British people

Barack Obama has done a great deal of damage to long-term Anglo-American relations with his cack-handed interventions into the British EU referendum debate.

Perhaps he is not bothered by this?

Perhaps he hates his own country as much as he hates the United Kingdom?

Let us look at what he has done.

By so publicly humiliating the United Kingdom with his "back of the queue" comments (containing the subtext that the United Kingdom is of no real economic importance to the USA) he has made us a laughing stock in the capitals of the world.  From Berlin to Pyongyang foreign leaders will be guffawing with pleasure at the degradation Obama has imposed on the British people.  In the Kremlin Vladimir Putin will no doubt be delighted at the crack that has emerged in Anglo-American relations.

And let us take the implications of all this one logical step forward.

The facade of British world power status, already brittle and wafer thin, has with the Obama intervention been finally shattered.

What many people already knew has now been conveyed publicly to the world - the United Kingdom is a tiny island of no real importance to anyone.

Therefore why do we need the expensive trappings of world power status?

Certainly we do not need to spend billions and billions of pounds on the (American) Trident weapons system.  As a Conservative who is against Trident I have kept quiet because I thought possession of the system was required to maintain our "parade" in the world.  But if even our so-called ally is scornful of our efforts then what on earth is the point of giving the Americans all that money?

It would be interesting for the British media to report some of the coverage and cartoons about the Obama intervention that are appearing in the foreign media.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A quick and dirty TTIP deal

In Left Foot Forward Labour MEP Jude Kirton-Darling suggests that "Obama’s visit is a charm offensive, intended to secure a quick and dirty TTIP deal in the sunset of the President’s administration":

Hypocrisy exhibited by Hillary Clinton intervening in the EU referendum

Stinking hypocrisy exhibited by Hillary Clinton intervening in the EU referendum:

In 1992 the Clintons responded with fury when Conservative Central Office in London (presumably under the direction of John Major) helped George Bush senior's re-election campaign by researching the behaviour of Bill Clinton (draft-dodging, pot smoking etc) while a student at Oxford.

Why is British intervention in the USA political process bad, but American intervention in the British political process supposedly legitimate?

Odd that none of these youth leaders wanted to ask him about his intervention in the EU referendum debate

Aisha Gani in the Guardian reports Obama's question and answer session with 500 "youth leaders" earlier today:

Is it not odd that none of these youth leaders wanted to ask him about his intervention in the EU referendum debate?

How was the audience selected and what criteria did they use?

It is almost as if these 500 "youth leaders" were handpicked to conform with a particular ideological stance.

Being "leaders" their views on a whole range of issues will presumably be in the public domain and so it would be easy for an organiser of the meeting to check and select.

And it appears from Ms Gani's article that no-one of English ethnicity was present at the gathering - is this a true reflection of the event or evidence that Aisha Gani is unthinkingly racist?

So ignorant of current affairs that she thinks Canada is a republic

Did Nesrine Malik really claim, during today's Dateline London, that no-one can remember who the President of Canada is?

Is she really so ignorant of current affairs that she thinks Canada is a republic?

And no-one on the panel corrected her.

Which left me thinking:  these people are all self-important idiots.

Bigoted, in the most unpleasant way

It would be outrageous if it were not predictable that Dateline London should be so blatantly biased in favour of the Remain party.  And that it should also be bigoted, in the most unpleasant way, against the Leave party.  One rather loses all trust in the BBC when this sort of thing happens (and perhaps we should be noting this sort of thing for the BBC charter renewal process).

The Remain party's use of taxpayers' money to send a propaganda leaflet to every household in the United Kingdom supposedly representing the government's position (obviously a false claim since the government is split on the issue).  The behaviour of supposedly impartial institutions such as the BBC in supporting, in an undisguised way, the Remain party.  The connived intervention of foreign leaders to bully and cajole the British people into voting for the Remain party.

All these incidents will not do the Remain side any good.  If they manage (against the odds in my opinion) to win the referendum, immediately these incidents will be presented as evidence that the referendum result was "stolen".  And that will not bode well for politicians who have associated themselves with the Remain argument.

Friday, April 22, 2016

There is no special relationship between the United Kingdom and the USA

Diane Abbott was unconvincing when challenged on Channel 4 News to come up with reasons why the United Kingdom should stay in the EU.

Although she was quite right to say that there is no special relationship between the United Kingdom and the USA.

If the Obama visit has done nothing else, it has at least opened the eyes of many British people to that fact.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

"The US president hit back at the suggestion that he was not an admirer of Britain's wartime leader, saying he had a bust of Churchill outside the Treaty Room - his private office on the second floor of his official residence.  'It's there voluntarily because I can do anything on the second floor. I love the guy,' he said."
Does Obama "love" Winston Churchill?
Can the Radio 4 PM show and Channel 4 News, both of which have fact-checking departments, check the veracity of that statement?
If Obama genuinely loves Winston Churchill we would expect to see references to Winston Churchill in his public statements over the last thirty years or so.
I don't just mean rebuttals to the criticism following the removal of the bust from the Oval Office.
I mean genuine admiration that reflects his claim "I love the guy".
For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.
And if nothing can be found Obama will be revealed as a liar.  Indeed a liar across two continents and a liar at the highest level of diplomatic intercourse.  And the journalist who proves this will have a story that will be remembered.

"What kind of people do they think we are"

Does Barack Obama think he can threaten the British people?

He would not be the first foreign leader who made that mistake.

As his "hero" (as he not very convincingly claimed today) Winston Churchill would say:  "What kind of people do they think we are".

Friday, March 04, 2016

Labour's policy is to remain in the EU but negotiate a better reform package

On BBC Question Time yesterday Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said that Labour's policy is to remain in the EU but negotiate a better reform package than David Cameron.

Admittedly the David Cameron package was a dud.

But the idea that the Labour party would get anything better is not credible.

In reality, Jeremy Corbyn is stuck with a parliamentary party that does not represent the membership and yet will not allow the leadership to campaign for LEAVE.

Therefore we have this wholly ignominious situation where Jeremy Corbyn pretends to be in favour of staying in, and his parliamentary party pretends to support him.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

David Cameron's Dodgy Dossier on relations with the EU

The publication of David Cameron's Dodgy Dossier on relations with the EU should the United Kingdom leave makes assumptions that are not credible:

The assumption made in the Dodgy Dossier is that there would be severe implications for British trade should the EU choose to get nasty.

In reality we have a very attractive trade relationship with the EU, our imports vastly greater than our exports.

If for some insane reason the EU decides it does not want to maintain that trading relationship with the United Kingdom all we have to do is say to the other trading blocs in the world "hey rest of the world, there are billions and billions of pounds worth of trade for you - all you have to do is match the current arrangements we have with the EU and the trade is yours - oh and the first bloc to get the trade arrangements in place gets the deal".

Don't you think the other blocs in the world will fall over themselves to take the EU's place?

Danny Finkelstein on the Daily Politics was indulging chav-hate

On Daily Politics this lunchtime non-Conservative Conservative peer Danny Finkelstein claimed that tolerance, cohesion and international peace depend on prosperity:

The remarks went unchallenged.

And yet they are incredible.

Is he really saying that only comfortably-off middle class people are tolerant, cohesive and peaceful?

My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents (and so on back into the past at least as far as the mid-eighteenth century) lived in the East End in conditions that were poor and without significant economic assets.

And yet they were a respectable law-abiding family, among similar respectable law-abiding families, and they formed a cohesive society that was completely at ease with their patriotic self-identity.

Danny Finkelstein on the Daily Politics was indulging chav-hate in making a link between economic wealth and civilised behaviour.

How dare the French president threaten the British people with "consequences"

Why are we giving £17 million to sort out problems in France?

Is France some kind of shitty third world country that cannot manage its own affairs and needs financial handouts?

And how dare the French president threaten the British people with "consequences" if the EU referendum does not produce the result he wants.

And what sort of pathetic Chamberlain-like prime minister is Cameron that he just stands there while the United Kingdom is threatened.

The people in the "jungle" near Calais have nothing to do with the United Kingdom - they are entirely (ENTIRELY) a French problem.

Any attempt to "weaponise" these people and send them into our territory will be a hostile act by France against the United Kingdom and should be met with a proportionate reaction against France.

Did Hollande learn from Putin the idea of weaponising migrants?

Agnes Poirier tells us it is "obvious" that the border with France is in Kent.

Actually Ms Poirier the border is half-way along the Channel Tunnel - you need to ponder the consequences for the tunnel if your country continues to weaponise the migrants in your territory.

And can you please explain Ms Poirier why the migrants in Calais do not want to remain in France?

Is it possible that your country poses as a tolerant and welcoming and humane country but in reality is just as nasty and zenophobic and cruel as it was under Marshal Pétain? 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

If Philip Hammond does not apologise to Bill Cash I think his constituency should turn him out:

Epping will not put up with this.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

This article by Janice Turner in The Times is

Increasingly we will hear more and more voices from the left insist on being heard.

This conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power

Wednesday I attended a campaign briefing meeting. 

It was the first time I had been back at the Institute since my contract came to an end.  I was surprised how everything seemed changed and yet nothing seemed changed.  I was officially there as a "volunteer" but Alec Nussbaum assured me that I would have a senior role in his plans.

It was a typical Nussbaum event.  Seminar room in complete darkness except for the projector light.  Rows of seats gradually filling up with people one seldom saw, about fifty people in all.  Rock music bellowing out to supposedly get us "uplifted" - Starship's Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now which went on and on and then repeated so that I thought my eardrums might be perforated.

Alec Nussbaum talked for nearly two hours and such was the force of his enthusiasm that one hardly noticed the time.

He was particularly scathing about the Labour party (of course) and listed the ways in which their abdication from the EU debate would not only back fire on them but positively blow up in their face.

He described the Labour party as currently being in a "Dutch oven" - a phrase of such staggering vulgarity that I cannot write its meaning but if you go to this link there is a definition:

Anyway, the analogy is that the Labour party is all in bed together but only Jeremy Corbyn and one or two others have their heads out.  The rest are under the covers and suffering the effects of the Dutch Oven.  Eventually they are going to burst out gasping for breath and insisting on having their say.

Effectively this conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power.  We saw this before with the unholy alliances that ushered in Blair.  And we know how bad that was for the Labour party. 

David Cameron's joshing of Jeremy Corbyn

"Horrible, nasty, pathetic" is Owen Jones's verdict on David Cameron's joshing of Jeremy Corbyn's sartorial style:

And yet on Dateline London this morning Polly Toynbee jeered at Donald Trump's messy hair: (12.10 intothe programme where she is saying his policies were "as terrifying as his hair looks").

And has Owen Jones forgotten the 2008 Crewe & Nantwich by-election where official Labour individuals pranced around in top hats and tails to imply that dressing formally should be a bar to holding a parliamentary seat?

Horrible, nasty and pathetic indeed Owen Jones, but your side started it.

Friday, February 26, 2016

We are not a democracy

Jonathan Freedland is finessing the argument about sovereignty:

There is a simple test one can apply to the issue of democracy.

In every single post war survey of public opinion the majority have said they want immigration to stop.

And yet it does not stop.

It continues at an ever-accelerating rate.

Therefore we are not a democracy.

Therefore we live in a tyranny.

And it matters little that the tyranny is currently benign.

That state of affairs can flip as easily as anything.

If you care about animal welfare you should vote LEAVE in the EU referendum

Another example of how the EU is driving standards ever lower instead of raising them:

If you care about animal welfare you should vote LEAVE in the EU referendum.

Otherwise these cheap cruelty-max meat products will flood the United Kingdom driving out ethical producers and making extreme cruelty in meat production the norm.

If you vote LEAVE the much higher welfare standards in the United Kingdom will be maintained.