Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bigoted, in the most unpleasant way

It would be outrageous if it were not predictable that Dateline London should be so blatantly biased in favour of the Remain party.  And that it should also be bigoted, in the most unpleasant way, against the Leave party.  One rather loses all trust in the BBC when this sort of thing happens (and perhaps we should be noting this sort of thing for the BBC charter renewal process).

The Remain party's use of taxpayers' money to send a propaganda leaflet to every household in the United Kingdom supposedly representing the government's position (obviously a false claim since the government is split on the issue).  The behaviour of supposedly impartial institutions such as the BBC in supporting, in an undisguised way, the Remain party.  The connived intervention of foreign leaders to bully and cajole the British people into voting for the Remain party.

All these incidents will not do the Remain side any good.  If they manage (against the odds in my opinion) to win the referendum, immediately these incidents will be presented as evidence that the referendum result was "stolen".  And that will not bode well for politicians who have associated themselves with the Remain argument.

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