Thursday, March 03, 2016

How dare the French president threaten the British people with "consequences"

Why are we giving £17 million to sort out problems in France?

Is France some kind of shitty third world country that cannot manage its own affairs and needs financial handouts?

And how dare the French president threaten the British people with "consequences" if the EU referendum does not produce the result he wants.

And what sort of pathetic Chamberlain-like prime minister is Cameron that he just stands there while the United Kingdom is threatened.

The people in the "jungle" near Calais have nothing to do with the United Kingdom - they are entirely (ENTIRELY) a French problem.

Any attempt to "weaponise" these people and send them into our territory will be a hostile act by France against the United Kingdom and should be met with a proportionate reaction against France.

Did Hollande learn from Putin the idea of weaponising migrants?

Agnes Poirier tells us it is "obvious" that the border with France is in Kent.

Actually Ms Poirier the border is half-way along the Channel Tunnel - you need to ponder the consequences for the tunnel if your country continues to weaponise the migrants in your territory.

And can you please explain Ms Poirier why the migrants in Calais do not want to remain in France?

Is it possible that your country poses as a tolerant and welcoming and humane country but in reality is just as nasty and zenophobic and cruel as it was under Marshal Pétain? 

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