Thursday, March 03, 2016

David Cameron's Dodgy Dossier on relations with the EU

The publication of David Cameron's Dodgy Dossier on relations with the EU should the United Kingdom leave makes assumptions that are not credible:

The assumption made in the Dodgy Dossier is that there would be severe implications for British trade should the EU choose to get nasty.

In reality we have a very attractive trade relationship with the EU, our imports vastly greater than our exports.

If for some insane reason the EU decides it does not want to maintain that trading relationship with the United Kingdom all we have to do is say to the other trading blocs in the world "hey rest of the world, there are billions and billions of pounds worth of trade for you - all you have to do is match the current arrangements we have with the EU and the trade is yours - oh and the first bloc to get the trade arrangements in place gets the deal".

Don't you think the other blocs in the world will fall over themselves to take the EU's place?

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