Saturday, July 09, 2016

Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life

Conservative leadership candidate Andrea Leadsom has asserted the primacy of family life over all other forms of social organisation:

It has been a long wait for Conservative members to hear this welcome message.

As a single person with no children (but nieces and nephews!) I nevertheless realise the fundamental importance of the family in creating and sustaining the sort of society I, and so many millions, wish to live in.

Society has been sick for so long that perversion (in its widest sense) has become the new normal.

But with Andrea Leadsom as Prime Minister things will change.

Let us look how far we have come since the Referendum:

  • Post Brexit the United Kingdom has become a nation state once again.
  • With Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom as the two leadership candidates we are assured that Protestant Anglican Christianity will be governing the development of policy.
  • And if Andrea Leadsom becomes leader we know that the family will be at the centre of society.

Andrea Leadsom is supposed to have been "naive" in allowing her comments to slip out.

And yet if she had planned this disclosure it could not have done her more good among the Conservative membership.

Perhaps she did plan this?

And note the sneering has begun...

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