Sunday, April 24, 2016

The degradation Obama has imposed on the British people

Barack Obama has done a great deal of damage to long-term Anglo-American relations with his cack-handed interventions into the British EU referendum debate.

Perhaps he is not bothered by this?

Perhaps he hates his own country as much as he hates the United Kingdom?

Let us look at what he has done.

By so publicly humiliating the United Kingdom with his "back of the queue" comments (containing the subtext that the United Kingdom is of no real economic importance to the USA) he has made us a laughing stock in the capitals of the world.  From Berlin to Pyongyang foreign leaders will be guffawing with pleasure at the degradation Obama has imposed on the British people.  In the Kremlin Vladimir Putin will no doubt be delighted at the crack that has emerged in Anglo-American relations.

And let us take the implications of all this one logical step forward.

The facade of British world power status, already brittle and wafer thin, has with the Obama intervention been finally shattered.

What many people already knew has now been conveyed publicly to the world - the United Kingdom is a tiny island of no real importance to anyone.

Therefore why do we need the expensive trappings of world power status?

Certainly we do not need to spend billions and billions of pounds on the (American) Trident weapons system.  As a Conservative who is against Trident I have kept quiet because I thought possession of the system was required to maintain our "parade" in the world.  But if even our so-called ally is scornful of our efforts then what on earth is the point of giving the Americans all that money?

It would be interesting for the British media to report some of the coverage and cartoons about the Obama intervention that are appearing in the foreign media.

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