Saturday, February 27, 2016

This conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power

Wednesday I attended a campaign briefing meeting. 

It was the first time I had been back at the Institute since my contract came to an end.  I was surprised how everything seemed changed and yet nothing seemed changed.  I was officially there as a "volunteer" but Alec Nussbaum assured me that I would have a senior role in his plans.

It was a typical Nussbaum event.  Seminar room in complete darkness except for the projector light.  Rows of seats gradually filling up with people one seldom saw, about fifty people in all.  Rock music bellowing out to supposedly get us "uplifted" - Starship's Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now which went on and on and then repeated so that I thought my eardrums might be perforated.

Alec Nussbaum talked for nearly two hours and such was the force of his enthusiasm that one hardly noticed the time.

He was particularly scathing about the Labour party (of course) and listed the ways in which their abdication from the EU debate would not only back fire on them but positively blow up in their face.

He described the Labour party as currently being in a "Dutch oven" - a phrase of such staggering vulgarity that I cannot write its meaning but if you go to this link there is a definition:

Anyway, the analogy is that the Labour party is all in bed together but only Jeremy Corbyn and one or two others have their heads out.  The rest are under the covers and suffering the effects of the Dutch Oven.  Eventually they are going to burst out gasping for breath and insisting on having their say.

Effectively this conspiracy of silence about the EU referendum is about the Labour party's lust for power.  We saw this before with the unholy alliances that ushered in Blair.  And we know how bad that was for the Labour party. 

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