Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Home Secretary seemed more interested in semantics than in properly answering questions

Disappointing interview with Home Secretary Theresa May on the Andrew Marr Show this morning.

The Home Secretary seemed more interested in semantics than in properly answering questions.

She seemed to think that by deconstructing phrases and de-linking concepts she could prove that the problems around immigration that people complain of do not really exist.

And yet the problems are manifest for all to see.

For instance, one of the consequences of the massive influx of single young men has been the appearance of sleazy red light areas in almost every town and suburb where the immigrants congregate, indeed sometimes in villages.

I know of one sleepy rural market town where there is a narrow ally way from the market place down to a picturesque, recently renovated cobbled square.  The ally way is lined with antique shops, cafes, ladies hair salons.  A little way down the ally is a large Victorian pub, recently renovated.

The pub has applied for a "sexual entertainment" licence.

At the other end of the alley an informal house of ill repute, staffed by eastern European women, has opened (unofficially) above an estate agents.

It is inevitable that in the hours of darkness the alley will become an open-air brothel with prostitutes using the deep doorways to entertain their clients, throwing their filthy detritus on the pavement.  And it is also inevitable that there will be the associated criminal activity that always attends the emergence of red light areas (drugs, people trafficking, pimping etc).  Not to mention the public health implications with increased rates of venereal disease in the town that will have to be dealt with by the NHS.

But the Home Secretary does nothing except play words games with Andrew Marr.

One thinks that the Home Secretary has been too long in her post - that she has been subsumed by the culture of her department and become a civil servant writ large.

Theresa May, you have been a disappointment.

When "Dave" finally goes (roll on the day) I would like you to go too.

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