Friday, December 30, 2016

A significant point is being conceded

Very little comment in the news about the Pakistani planned expulsions of millions of migrants:

And absolute silence from all the usual pontificators.

Nothing from Sundar Katwala (British Future sic), usually so keen to give an opinion on these matters.

Nothing from Shami Chakrabarti (former head of Amnesty International and now Corbyn toady in the House of Lords).

Nothing from Yasmin Alibhai Brown (Independent writer).

And little evidence of Hope Not Hate no-platforming Pakistani academics at British universities.

Of course all these people (and many others) are master exponents of Molierean Tartuffery.

Nevertheless, a point is being conceded here.

That it is possible for a nation state (one with a huge diaspora population in the United Kingdom) to expel millions of migrants and nobody says a word.  They look the other way.  They pretend it isn't happening.

Of course, it would be unthinkable for the United Kingdom to forcibly expel millions of migrants.

But we could usefully expel a hundred thousand or so (and we more or less know the ones we don't want).

Therefore I repeat - a significant point is being conceded here.

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