Saturday, February 06, 2016

The “emergency brake” will not reduce immigration

In this article in The Economist the hollowness of the "emergency brake" on immigration is exposed:

"...the “emergency brake” will not reduce immigration, that is because EU nationals come to Britain to work, not scrounge. The brake is unlikely to be renewed in the future because Britain will struggle to show that its migrants constitute an 'emergency'..."

Therefore immigration will not stop.

Therefore gross immigration will continue at its present excessive and outrageous rate until enough constituencies are tipped over into alien control and our country is taken from us.

No doubt the pro-immigration pro-EU lobby believes this will usher in a nirvana of pluralism, diversity and perpetual multiculturalism.

In reality we will get the same sullen communal violence (think Fiji, Syria, Rwanda) that characterises other states where the population is divided into rival interest groups.

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