Monday, February 08, 2016

Empty threats that mean nothing

Despicable behaviour by the Prime Minister David Cameron who earlier today was fear-mongering to tell us that the "Jungle" camp of migrants in north France would move into the United Kingdom were we to leave the EU.

The implicit threat in his statement is that if the United Kingdom dares to leave the EU there will be recriminations and retaliations by the French.

This is bullying behaviour from an Old Etonian toff the Guardian openly mocks as "Flashman".

The only possible response to bullying is to face up to the bullies and make them back off.

So let us look at the threat made by David Cameron.

Personally I believe in the sovereignty of nations, and I do not want a British border "somehow" administered in a foreign country.  I have every confidence in our ability to police our own borders.  And I am also unimpressed by the efforts to date of the French to control the Jungle or stop illegal attempts to enter the United Kingdom.

The threat of having to administer the border ourselves is no threat at all - we would do it much better than the French, and without all the European Court garbage the illegal migrants would be much easier to process.

And in any case, were we to leave the EU the numbers of cheapo predatory haulage companies pouring into England each day would be dramatically reduced, so far less lorries for the illegal migrants to jump onto.

And to address the underlying nastiness in Cameron's argument that the French would retaliate against the English, he overlooks the fact that there are approximately half a million French living in England.

Of course, there are also hundreds of thousands of English living in France, but these are mostly retired people - if the French were to retaliate against them they would simply move back to England taking their retirement wealth with them and France would be the poorer.

The French who live in England on the other hand are mostly working professionals.  I hope there would be no "retaliation" against them, but in the unpleasant world threatened by David Cameron it is possible they would be asked to leave.  In which case France would have a big surge in unemployment.

So you see the nasty negativity of David Cameron is nothing more than empty threats that mean nothing.

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