Thursday, August 07, 2014

I felt obliged to accept

Shouted down at a public meeting!

Not often that happens.

There was an unsettling sense that "they" were ready for us.

Which raises all sorts of uncomfortable questions.

But not everyone was against us. 

In the time after the meeting when everyone was milling around the hall talking Alec Nussbaum asked me to hold a packet of his menthol cigarettes while he answered questions. 

While I was doing so a man aged about twenty came up to me, cropped hair, t-shirt, tatty jeans - socio-economic class D (non working casual or lowest grade worker depending on the state for his income).

Offering me an open packet of cigarettes he said to me in a friendly manner:  "D'ya want a real fag instead of puffin' on that shit".

Although I do not smoke I felt obliged to accept one.

I think he wanted to give something, and a cigarette was all he had to offer.

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