Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No more immigration of any kind, ever

The whole argument over immigration is getting nonsensical - see this ignorant article on Conservative Home:

To listen to these pro-immigration apologists you would think that immigration had never been tried in the United Kingdom.  That we were still at the first tentative dipping-toe-in-the-water stages.  That we needed just suspend our fears for a little and see how delightful immigration can be.

The reality is that we have had WAVES of immigrants since the Second World War.  We have had MILLIONS and MILLIONS of immigrants coming into the country.  We have had so many immigrants we are drowning in them.

Mr Goodman, you have had your immigration.

It hasn't worked.

The economy has not been transformed.

The majority of people in the country do not like the social results of immigration.

The Conservative Party as we know it is becoming unelectable because of immigration into key marginals.

It's time to say no more.

No more immigration of any kind, ever.

If you want immigrants there are millions here already - go and be "vibrantly diverse" with the ones already here.

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