Friday, August 29, 2014

Collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham

Jonathan Freedland, quoting Hugh Muir, deliberately misses the point when discussing political correctness saying "If fear of the accusation of discrimination is so potent, how come it’s not inhibiting discrimination in the rest of our national life?"

Political correctness is not used to inhibit those who do not care for BME people.  You can scream "racist" at Nick Griffin as much as you like it will not have the least effect.  He will just laugh roguishly and nod at you and give you the thumbs-up sign.

Political correctness is used by bullying lefties to control and manipulate those who believe in political correctness (or those who have cause to fear the clauses in laws and contracts and mission statements that give the malign ideology its force).

Jonathan Freedland is a clever person.  He must know this is how the bullying works.  Therefore he has deliberately chosen to defend the ideology of political correctness because he prefers a world where bullying lefties have a stick to police society even if that means collateral damage on the margins in places like Rotherham.

Which means that he, and people who agree with him, must accept some responsibility for what happened in Rotherham.

And that is why political correctness must be eradicated from society.

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