Sunday, August 17, 2014

Get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country

Discussing the immigrants-in-container tragedy, a smart-alec immigration lawyer was arguing on BBC News 24 that they should be given admission to the United Kingdom because they were Sikhs (Afghanistan Sikhs actually) and Sikhs "fought for Britain" in the First World War and therefore there was an obligation to let them in.

Was it not obvious that this scam was going to be tried, ever since Sunder Katwala and others started banging on about how much is "owed" to BME people because of their "sacrifice" during the First World War.

The fact that Afghanistan was neutral during the First World War is neither here nor there.

It's another excuse to get more Labour-voting BME immigrants into the country.

Immigration is a gigantic electoral fraud being practised against the people of the United Kingdom.

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