Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We just have to take John Major's word for it?

Forgive me for being sceptical, but I find this statement by John Major about BME people rather difficult to believe:  "They shared my house.  They were my neighbours.  I played with them as boys"

Is there any photographic evidence of this happily-integrated "vibrantly diverse" inter-ethnic fraternisation in 1950s Brixton?

A picture of BME people sharing the Major house perhaps?  Or one of the Majors and their BME neighbours chatting over the garden fence?  Or perhaps a heart-warming snap of John Major as a lad playing with BME boys?

What, not even one photo?

We just have to take John Major's word for it?

Thank you, but I would rather not take John Major's word as a guarantee of the truth.  I'm afraid that John Major's word is worth nothing.  Less than nothing.

Unavailable because of a dental appointment indeed!

There are some people for whom the c-word must be reserved.

John Major is one of those people.

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