Sunday, August 17, 2014

Showing off

There is an episode in EM Forster's Howard's End where Helen Schlegel finds Leonard and Jackie Bast starving in London and instead of immediately helping them she transports them all the way to Shropshire so they could feed at her sister's extravagant wedding breakfast.

Helen Schlegel's compassion for the Basts is bogus - if she really wanted to help them she could have fed them in London easily and cheaply.

Instead Helen Schlegel was more interested in showing off her compassionate credentials, in making her sister feel guilty, in upsetting the Wilcox family for no other reason than spite.

I was reminded of this literary incident when I read Fraser Nelson's article in the Sunday Telegraph arguing that Iraqi Christians should be transported half-way across the world to the United Kingdom instead of being looked after in the locality.

One rather suspects that Mr Nelson is preening his liberal sensitivities, presumably to try to offset the "nasty Tory" image he has been smeared with.

Is there ANY problem in the modern world that is not met with the excited call: we must let more BME immigrants into the United Kingdom?

There is plenty of room in Poland (we know there is, as millions of Poles have come here) - I am willing for the United Kingdom to pay for the relocation of the Iraqi Christians to Poland.

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