Friday, October 16, 2015

Momentum is a reaction against "entrenched Blairism"

Interesting and candid explanation of Momentum:

As I understand it from this article by Martin Thomas, Momentum is a reaction against "entrenched Blairism" which is thought to be planning a coup against Corbyn.

Momentum represents the deep party element in Labour.  Perhaps one could call them the dark party in Labour.  Activists who will wage implacable war against entrenched Blairism while the leadership denies all knowledge and serenely appears to be above all the in-fighting.

Conservatives have also had to grapple with entrenched Blairism (which has taken over leading charity Save The Children for instance, and instead of saving children pumps out anti-Conservative propaganda) so the Momentum obsession with the Blairites is more than just paranoia.

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