Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The speech so many of us have been longing to hear

After a long and tiring drive I am finally home.

There is no question that the outstanding speech this week came from Theresa May.

It was the speech so many of us have been longing to hear.

Perhaps, looking ahead, under a Theresa May premiership we will finally see an end to high-handed social engineering and a re-establishment of democratic control over how fast society is changed, how the change is effected, and who is given voting rights in the United Kingdom (and thus given rights to decide the allocation of resources).

Perhaps under Theresa May as leader we will finally get a chance to say "no" to globalisation (or at least a chance to say "this model of globalisation is not good enough, go away and come back with a more acceptable version").

For all who truly care about democracy Theresa May's speech was a courageous, inspiring and ground-breaking blueprint for the future.

Just as Mrs May has shown her courage, I want all of us to show equal courage in making sure she is protected in the party, and that her cause is advanced.

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