Saturday, November 08, 2014

He knows Labour never stood any chance of winning

Daniel Boffey (see article) rather misinterprets Ed Miliband's strategy.

He KNOWS Labour will not win in 2015.

He knows Labour never stood any chance of winning.

He realises that if by some fluke Labour did win it would be wrong for the Labour party and wrong for the country.

Ed Miliband is working for Labour victory in 2020.  He is putting in place the policies and processes that will make that possible.  He is selflessly sacrificing his chance for glory and power and working for the good of others who will inherit his work.

Oh if only WE had someone as selfless back in 1992, we could have been spared the Major years that did such damage (to everyone) and coasted back into power in 1997 (and the country would have been spared Blair!).

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