Friday, November 28, 2014

So much for lefty internationalism!

James Bloodworth says "our welfare state is primarily for those who’ve paid into it – it isn’t a global pot".

So much for lefty internationalism!

And "too often multiculturalism has been used as an excuse for the creation of monocultural ghettos based on a lack of integration".

When Labourites start attacking multiculturalism we know we are making progress.

"The rental market is overheating in many areas because not enough houses are being built. Immigration is exacerbating the problem" - well that is a welcome admission of reality.

And this is astonishing:  "Britain no longer feels like Britain when they can’t have a conversation with their neighbours and when they travel on a bus or a train and everybody is speaking in a foreign language".

This is a big step forward. 

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