Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Glorious front cover to The Sun

Glorious front cover to The Sun today - David Mellor's words thrown back in his own face.

David Mellor is a sort of male Emily Thornberry - just as fat, just as arrogant, just as smug.

And please don't tell me he's a Tory.  He's no more a Tory than Heseltine or Major or any of that group of self-serving second-rate turncoats who brought down Margaret.  Treachery with a smile on its face.

Back to basics indeed!

Yes of course we know who you are Mr Mellor.  You are the hypocrite who paraded your family at the garden gate to try and convince us you were a wholesome father and husband and son-in-law.  Instead of a disgusting cheat and hypocrite.


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