Friday, November 21, 2014

Labour and the working class

This article in the New Statesman by James Bloodworth on Labour and the working class is very good:

“…it isn’t representative of working class opinion in the sense it once was.”

“…the values of the traditional working class are increasingly at odds with those of the liberal or 'progressive' left.”

“…migration is all too often interpreted as meaning stiffer competition for wages and the loss of the sense of community in the places where one grew up.”

“…white working class men, however much they are struggling financially, absurdly register as 'privileged' on the identity politics totem due to their whiteness and what is between their legs.”

“…thanks to identity politics, many progressives appear willing to dismiss the white working class as socially backwards and not worth listening to…”

“…the left is comfortable becoming a movement of upper middle class liberals and ethnic minorities (no shame in that of course).”

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