Thursday, November 06, 2014

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian writes about Ed Miliband's difficulties

Et tu Brutus...

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian writes about Ed Miliband's difficulties:

"...a growing fear that Miliband does not have the ability to connect with voters."

"...the reshuffle undertaken on Wednesday had been prompted by the possibility that he was about to receive a letter from backbenchers calling on him to stand down."

"...a fear that Labour’s already declining support could be hit even further during the election campaign."

"Damian McBride said Labour was whistling in the wind if it thought it could make Miliband more popular by putting him out on the doorstep."

"...the paranoia that comes out of the Miliband camp is so rank that they will invent plots even when there are none."

"Since party conference the mood has got blacker and these are wild times.”

Of course, there is one policy area where Labour could still out-flank the Tories and even UKIP.

It would immediately connect with the ordinary people.

A complete five-year moratorium on immigration - defying the EU on the subject.

There would be howls of rage from activists, threats from the EU Commission, a great deal of flouncing from Diane Abbott.

But the election would be in the bag.

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