Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nasty racist trash by Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics Bristol University)

In this article by Simon Burgess on London schools the argument is advanced that migrants do better than white pupils because they are more motivated:

This is nasty racist trash by Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics Bristol University) - who as a recipient of public money has a legal duty under Equalities legislation to put a positive spin on "diversity".

The main element on whether a child does well at school is self-esteem.

High self-esteem and the child will do well.

Low self-esteem and the child will do badly.

Why then should migrant children have high self-esteem and white English children have low self-esteem?

Is it because EVERYONE involved in state education in London (politicians, teachers, volunteers) is telling migrant BME children how wonderful they are and white English children how rubbish they are.

Oh of course they do not do it in an overt way.

They are far too clever for that.

But white English children in London are getting the treatment and told they don't matter.

The people doing this are evil beyond belief and should be cursed by the entire country.

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