Sunday, November 23, 2014

No taxpayer is going to want to pay

Although I agree with Tom King that higher education should be free (and free maintenance grants, and unlimited number of years you can stay at university), I am appalled at some of the behaviour on this demonstration:

"Somewhere amid the ‘black bloc’ of masked, balaclava-wearing anarchists, a red smoke bomb was let off and minutes later a small group had charged at the barriers fencing off the green at the centre of Parliament Square and torn them down.  A throng of people flooded in, dancing and chanting with a samba band, while the remaining demonstrators marched on to the rally, as planned. As student activists and politicians addressed the assembled crowd, a few dozen broke away to converge on the offices of the Department for Business, Industry and Skills, which is responsible for universities, and paint was thrown at its glass façade.  It was among this minority of breakaways that arrests took place in running scuffles with the police."

No taxpayer is going to want to pay to educate people like this.

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