Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A mainstream politician is talking about repatriation

At last a mainstream politician is talking about repatriation:

Is it such an unreasonable proposal?

Are the pro-immigration lobby seriously telling us that no mistakes have been made in the post-war period and nothing needs reversing?

And was it not a key aspect of Labour's whoopie cushion rollercoaster anything-goes style of government 1997-2010 that there were no sacred cows, that everything was up for "modernisation" (which is code for a government trashing institutions and conventions).

Let's "modernise" immigration, so that it is no longer a one-way process.

In any case, the implied threat of repatriation is a massive bargaining advantage in negotiations with the EU.

If countries such as Poland do not adopt a conciliatory attitude towards the United Kingdom they will have the prospect of millions of unemployed people returning in the event of Britain leaving the EU.

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