Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All the lefty outrage over Mark Reckless today

This is of course tendentious, and entirely at variance with what Sundar Katwala (British Future) told us on Newsnight last night:

But it does chime with my experience of unprompted and unmediated vox populi on the subject of immigration.

Note the comment “Asians and Africans are causing most of the problems, not the EU ones” - perhaps this should be brought to Mr Katwala's attention.

It would be ironic if all the lefty outrage over Mark Reckless today should actually lead to more people contemplating UKIP as an option in elections.

The only sensible answer to the problem we are in is:  Stop new immigration > Integrate completely immigrant communities that are here > Assimilate completely individuals from post-war immigrant communities so that they effectively "disappear".

But to do this would mean Labour giving up its rotten-borough scam of tame elder-led immigrant communities voting as a bloc in return for community bribes.

And I can't see that happening anytime soon - they are too dependent on the bloc votes.

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