Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Labour is not coming back any time soon

What a bad-tempered bitter article by George Monbiot in the Guardian today!

He is basically saying that the British electorate is "too stupid" to vote for the right kind of representatives (ie ones that agree with George Monbiot).

The reason the electorate did not support the Labour party at the 2010 election and does not support it now is because of the record of the last Labour government.  Far from being too stupid to vote Labour, the electorate is too wise to trust a party that consistently, over thirteen years, betrayed our trust.  I cannot see Labour winning the next election in 2015, which is why Ed Miliband is right to plan for the long-term (the 2020 election).

Presumably George Monbiot's anger is because he also realises that Labour is not coming back any time soon.

All the tainted generation of Labour "big names" needs to pass away (in the Lords as well as the Commons) before the party will be re-electable.  And then it will depend on having innovative new policies.  Plus a positive outlook (negative campaigning will just backfire).

After one of Margaret Thatcher's election victories in the 1980s (I think it must have been 1987) Labour MP Tony Benn was so enraged he said the Left would "take to the streets".  Commentators responded to this revolutionary call with laughter.  For the good of democracy I think we need to laugh at George Monbiot now - for all his intelligence and public-school education (and comfy family wealth which allowed him the luxury of being a "writer") the man is a fool.


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