Saturday, February 04, 2012

John Terry

By a process and logic I do not understand John Terry has lost the England captaincy.

The decision was taken by the Football Association, which routinely makes stupid decisions (David Bernstein being particularly stupid, venal and ignorant).

Nevertheless one has to ask why John Terry has lost his public position for unproven racial abuse (and one complaint to the police) whereas Diane Abbott MP kept her public position after obvious and flagrant racial abuse that is wholly in the public domain and resulted in forty or so complaints to the police.

It would appear that the police and Crown Prosecution Service are afraid to prosecute Dianne Abbott and afraid not to prosecute John Terry, despite obvious absurdities in both cases.

Therefore one has to assume that the ideology of multiculturalism (with its vested interests and well organised claque) has corrupted the administration of the law.

A bad law administered corruptly.

One person is punished despite "apologising" another person gets off because she "apologised" (actually ordered, on camera and while giving an interview to Sky News, to apologise).

Where is the logic?

John Terry is being hounded to appease a lobby that is unappeasable (because it is politically driven and does not care who is damaged in pursuit of its political objectives).

Who in government and the media is going to stand up to this lobby?

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