Saturday, February 18, 2012

"I feel a lot better about my targets" - the past week at work


Director Vijay Singh returned from holiday and called a meeting of the managers in which we had to update him on everything that had happened while he had been away - the meeting took up the whole day and finished late.


I was one of the first in. 

All of the morning I worked on the Communication Plan for Private Individuals.  I was pleased with the way it fell into shape.  In the late afternoon a meeting with Vijay Singh and Surveys Manager Abi Reed to discuss the plan.  We were in the meeting four hours, and all my suggestions were accepted.  "I feel a lot better about my targets now we have this plan" said Abi Reed.  7.29 by the time I got home.


A lot of the day spent consolidating notes made at various meetings and translating them into action points on my To Do list (which is vast).

In the afternoon admin assistant Denise Cavandish retired.  The send off performed by Vijay Singh with various presents.  Denise Cavandish cackled her mirthless laugh and made snide comments right to the last.


Most of the morning talking to list brokers about various databases we may purchase - areas of the population the Institute wants to research.


Another of the presentations - this time not entailing an overnight stay.

Looking back over the week it seems so banal that it is hardly worth keeping up this work diary.

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